30 Cheerful And Amazing Ideas For 90th Birthday Party

Cheerful And Amazing Ideas For 90th Birthday Party

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Birthday parties are always fun, and when you are planning for someone dear, it can get uber exciting. But, when it comes to planning for the 90-year-old, it becomes quite tricky as they have already passed the rocking, over-the-hill, and fun parties. Hence, you have to consider a lot of other factors while planning.

While planning a party for a 90-year-old, you have to ensure everyone feels comfortable without missing out on the fun aspect. Confused? Fret not! Here are some amazing ideas for the 90th birthday celebrations of your mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma.

30 Amazing Ideas For A 90th Birthday Party

Here you will find ideas for an epic party, food, invitations, games, and more. Keep reading.

90th birthday ideas for dad

Is your dad turning 90, make his day a memorable one by picking one of these birthday ideas.

1. Casino night

Bring the excitement of the casino to the party and make your dad feel young again. You may include fun and challenging card games, spin the wheel, roulette, and more.

2. Champagne brunch

Host a champagne brunch for your super cool dad to create a festive atmosphere in his 90s. It is a traditional way of relaxing and enjoying delicious foods. Pick a soothing color scheme for the tabletop, napkins, and dishes.

3. ’50s party

Take your dad back to his youth with the idea of a 50s party. Include decor ideas from the 50s era, have burgers and milkshakes, and tune into some rock and roll music. You may also ask your guests to come dressed in their 50s costumes.

90th birthday ideas for mom

Celebrate the nine decades of your mom with these popular 90-year-old birthday party ideas.

4. Hollywood evening

Host a Hollywood evening party where your mom and her friends would come dressed in the outfits of their favorite Hollywood actress. Don’t forget to incorporate red carpet, gold stars, movie posters, popcorn buckets, and more.

5. Dinner party

Want to make your mom feel relaxed? The dinner party theme offers a comfortable environment for spending quality time with family members and guests while enjoying delicious food.

6. Concert party

If your family is a music-lover, then what could be better than this? Host a musical birthday party for that special lady of your life and get a chance to sing her favorite songs.

90th birthday ideas for grandpa

Is your grandpa turning 90? Use these fabulous ideas to make him feel as young as a child, to celebrate his birthday.

7. Lunch at a golf course

This birthday theme is ideal for golf lovers. Arrange a lunch party for your grandpa at a golf course. Decorate the entire setup and maybe hit a few balls while savoring yummy food.

8. The year you were born

This party is a fun way of celebrating his birthday as it feels like a trip down the memory lane. Decorate the venue with your grandpa’s childhood toys, pictures, or other antique items used in that era.

9. Favorite sports party

Host your grandpa’s birthday party by decorating the venue using colors, décor, and props from his favorite sport and team. You may also ask him to tell stories about some of the most memorable matches of his favorite team.

90th birthday ideas for grandma

Honor the old lady of your family as she steps into her 90s through these awesome birthday ideas.

10. Picnic in the park

Picnics are a fun way to hang out and spend quality time with everyone. Decorate the park with a few balloons and banners in due respect of your granny. Organize a few games and activities along with delicious food.

11. Afternoon high tea

This is a simple yet versatile idea that can be organized anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. You only need to have your near and dear ones, snacks and of course, nice tea.

12. Backyard BBQ

Recreate the treasured moments of her life by hosting a BBQ party in your backyard. It is a perfect way to bring everyone together. Set up the grill. And, cook some traditional delicacies that your grandma may enjoy.

Party decorations for 90th birthday

Add some charm and elegance to the party with these cheerful 90th birthday decorations.

13. Centerpiece decorations

A marvelous centerpiece adds style and grace to the party. You may include a candy bouquet, huge flower vase, number 90 as the centerpiece, black and gold honeycomb, or something customized to suit the celebrant’s interests.

14. Balloons

Balloons are great for any birthday party. Put some extra-large Mylar 90 balloons, or you can also go for bunches of latex balloons. And, to make it more memorable, attach photos to the strings. Finally, have a balloon arch at the entrance for a grand welcome.

15. Vintage collection decorations

Give an antique touch to your celebration through vintage collections. Cover the walls with Polaroid pictures and decorate the venue using antique cars, rotary telephones, music cassettes, vinyl records, and other antique items.

16. Photo decorations

Celebrate this milestone birthday party by displaying the celebrant’s photos from all phases of life. You can include their family, accomplishments, and pictures from childhood to 90 years of life’s journey.

Ideas for 90th birthday themes

If you are looking at something epic and grand, pick a birthday theme to celebrate this 90th birthday.

17. Flashback party theme

A flashback theme helps you look back at the celebrant’s 90 years of life journey by creating a slideshow presentation and sharing it with family members and friends. Relive the old memories with postcards, old letters, and awards.

18. Twenties party theme

Decorate the tables with ostrich feathers in antique vases paired with candlestick holders for this exciting party theme. Play jazz music on an antique vinyl record player and add other details from the 1920s. You may also use cocktail glasses, flapper feathers, and pearl necklaces.

19. Garden party theme

For a garden party theme, you need to have decorated tables with a few props around. You may also opt for a picnic-style theme with blankets and pillows. Finally, decorate the garden with hanging lights, streamers, paper fans, and flowers.

Games for 90th birthday party

Double the fun of the 90th birthday party with some exciting games and fun activities. Here are a few options that you may want to try.

20. Arts and crafts

Make arrangements for all kinds of art and craft supplies, from origami to painting. Let everyone make some cute artwork for the celebrant. These artworks can be displayed and later taken back home as gifts for the celebrant.

21. Photo-shoot contest

Conduct a photo-shoot contest for the 90th birthday person and all the aged guests. Use classic backdrops and let everyone pose to give their best shot. This is one of the best games to partake in, where every captured shot will become a beautiful memory.

22. Quiz

Host a quiz with the questions related to the person celebrating their nine decades. Let everyone join the game, be it kids or oldies. The participant with the most correct answers, wins and gets a prize.

23. Board games

There are several board games that people of all ages can play. These include Scrabble, Monopoly, Bingo, Pictionary, and many more. Pick a game that everyone would enjoy.

Invitations for 90th birthday party

Birthday invitations are considered as the first look of the party. Choose the best one from the options listed here.

24. Funny birthday party invitation

Give your birthday invitation a humorous touch by including caricatures, jokes, silly one-liners, or funny details from the upcoming party.

25. 90th birthday photo invitation

Make your party memorable by setting up a gorgeous photo invitation for the 90th birthday. You may use a single photo of the celebrant or an entire album built over the decades.

26. Elegant birthday invitation

Add a tone of elegance to the party invitation by including glitters and sparkles to the card with black, gold, or silver detailing.

90th birthday party food ideas

No party is complete without delicious food. Do you agree? Have a look at these yummy food options that you may serve at the party.

27. Finger sandwiches

These sandwiches can be served at tea parties or as a side dish for casino nights to satiate your cravings.

28. Charcuterie board

A charcuterie board is a wholesome platter that can be enjoyed by all ages and contains food items that are easy to grab.

29. Dark chocolate strawberries

It’s a sweet treat that can be enjoyed as a snack or as dessert after dinner.

30. Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are popular for a dinner party and are also a favorite of many.

Whichever idea you choose for the 90th birthday celebration, ensure it goes well with the celebrant’s personality. After all, it’s a huge milestone to celebrate, and they deserve nothing but the absolute best.

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