60+ Cheerful And Amazing Ideas For 90th Birthday Party

Planning a 90th birthday party can be pretty tricky as the birthday boy or girl is long past the rocking, over-the-top, and fun parties, and you have to consider several factors. Thus, we bring you some amazing 90th birthday party ideas that you could incorporate to make it an amazing event.

Birthday parties are fun, and when you are planning one for a 90-year-old, whether it is your mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma, you should ensure everyone feels comfortable without missing out on the fun. So, try the exciting birthday party ideas given below.

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60+ Amazing Ideas For A 90th Birthday Party

Here you will find ideas for an epic party, food, invitations, games, and more. Keep reading.

90th birthday ideas for dad

Is your dad turning 90, make his day a memorable one by picking one of these birthday ideas.

1. Casino night

Bring the excitement of the casino to the party and make your dad feel young again. You may include fun and challenging card games, spin the wheel, roulette, and more.

2. Champagne brunch

Champagne brunch, 90th birthday party ideas for dad

Image: IStock

Host a champagne brunch for your super cool dad to create a festive atmosphere in his 90s. It is a traditional way of relaxing and enjoying delicious foods. Pick a soothing color scheme for the tabletop, napkins, and dishes.

3. ’50s party

Take your dad back to his youth with the idea of a 50s party. Include decor ideas from the 50s era, have burgers and milkshakes, tune into some rock and roll music and break into a dance. You may also ask your guests to gather together dressed in their 50s costumes.

protip_icon Point to consider
If your father enjoys watching movies, book a private theater and invite his friends to re-watch an old classic movie of his time.

4. Book Reading Event

If your dad loves books, organize a reading event with his favorite novels or books. Since reading might be difficult for him at this age, a book reading event will let him enjoy listening to his beloved stories again.

5. Gramophone Playlist

Surprise your father with a gramophone playlist, including classic jazz, instrumental tunes, and some old country music. It will bring back memories of his younger days on his special day.

6. Chess Event

If your father loves playing chess, hosting a chess event with his friends at home would be a great idea since it could be difficult for him to step out. Include some tasty snacks and soft drinks to make the occasion more enjoyable.

90th birthday ideas for mom

Celebrate the nine decades of your mom with these popular 90-year-old birthday party ideas.

7. Hollywood evening

Host a Hollywood evening party where your mom and her friends would come dressed in the outfits of their favorite Hollywood actress. Don’t forget to incorporate red carpet, gold stars, movie posters, popcorn buckets, and more.

protip_icon Quick tip
Arrange for an accessories box containing some funny caps, colorful spectacles, shiny furry stoles, and similar ones for the guests to wear and click pictures.

8. Dinner party

Want to make your mom feel relaxed? The dinner party theme offers a comfortable environment for spending quality time with family members and guests who will toast to the birthday girl while enjoying delicious food.

9. Concert party

If your family is a music-lover, then what could be better than this? Host a surprise musical birthday party for that special lady of your life and get a chance to sing her favorite songs.

10. Family Vacation

What better could it be for a mother to see her family enjoying together? So, to celebrate her 90th birthday, plan a surprise family vacation at the nearby resort or holiday spot. Make sure your mother is in good health and comfortable with the travel arrangements.

11. Breakfast In Bed

No matter how old she is, a mother always enjoys making food for her children. But how about surprising her with her favorite breakfast on her 90th birthday? Make a nutritious and tasty breakfast for her and serve it in her bed.

12. Letter Of Love

A letter can sometimes convey more of our feelings and emotions than words. So, for your mom’s 90th birthday celebration, have all the family members write a letter to her, expressing their gratitude and appreciation towards her.

90th birthday ideas for grandpa

Honor and congratulate the old lady of your family as she steps into her 90s through these awesome birthday ideas.

13. Lunch at a golf course

This birthday theme is ideal for golf lovers. Arrange a lunch party for your grandpa at a golf course. Decorate the entire setup and maybe hit a few balls while savoring yummy food.

14. The year you were born

This party is a fun way of celebrating his birthday as it feels like a trip down the memory lane. Decorate the venue with your grandpa’s childhood toys, pictures, or other antique items used in that era.

15. Favorite sports party

Host your grandpa’s birthday party by decorating the venue using colors, décor, and props from his favorite sport and team. You may also ask him to tell stories about some of the most memorable matches of his favorite team.

16. Special Tribute Video

Even if all the close ones can not attend your grandpa’s 90th birthday celebration, they can still send him their warm wishes and gratitude through a video. Compile all these video clips and make a special movie-like video to make his day unforgettable.

17. Charity Event

If your grandpa always supported a good cause, consider organizing a charity event for his 90th birthday. It is a meaningful way to celebrate his birthday while contributing to a noble cause.

18. Cowboy Bash

Celebrate your grandpa’s 90th birthday in style with this theme. Decorate the place with Western decor and have a delicious BBQ party. Make sure to provide cowboy hats for the guests.

90th birthday ideas for grandma

Honor the wisest lady of your family as she steps into her 90s through these awesome birthday ideas.

19. Picnic in the park

Picnic with grandma, 90th birthday party ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Picnics are a fun way to hang out and spend quality time with everyone. Decorate the park with a few balloons and banners in due respect of your granny. Organize a few games and activities along with delicious food and a big fat cake.

20. Afternoon high tea

This is a simple yet versatile idea that can be organized anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. You only need to have your near and dear ones, snacks and of course, nice tea.

21. Backyard BBQ

Recreate the treasured moments of her life by hosting a BBQ party in your backyard. It is a perfect way to bring everyone together. Set up the grill. And, cook some traditional delicacies that your grandma may enjoy.

22. Virtual Talent Show

Have all the grandchildren and other family members prepare a dance, song, or artwork to showcase their talent to the grandma on her birthday over a video call. Plan this event as a unique and pleasant surprise for her; it will undoubtedly make her happy and emotional.

23. Family Reunion

Gather your family near and far to celebrate Grandma’s 90th birthday and enjoy quality time together. Share your childhood memories, play your favorite games, savor a fulfilling family meal, and reminisce about those special moments with your grandma.

24. Tribute Speeches

Ask your family members to prepare tribute speeches for your grandmother, stating all the teachings she taught, the knowledge she imparted, and her unconditional love and support for all. Listening to these speeches will surely make her feel loved and happy.

Party decorations for 90th birthday

Add some charm and elegance to the party with these cheerful 90th birthday decorations.

25. Centerpiece decorations

A marvelous centerpiece adds style and grace to the party. You may include a candy bouquet, huge flower vase, number 90 as the centerpiece, black and gold honeycomb, or something customized to suit the celebrant’s interests.

26. Balloons

Balloons are great for any birthday party. Put some extra-large Mylar 90 balloons, or you can also go for bunches of latex balloons. And, to make it more memorable, attach photos to the strings. Finally, have a balloon arch at the entrance for a grand welcome.

27. Vintage collection decorations

Give an antique touch to your celebration through vintage collections. For the concept of a memory wall, cover the walls with Polaroid pictures and decorate the venue using antique cars, rotary telephones, music cassettes, vinyl records, and other antique items.

28. Photo decorations

Photo decorations for birthday party

Image: IStock

Celebrate this milestone birthday party by displaying the celebrant’s photos from all phases of life. You can include their family, accomplishments, and pictures from childhood to 90 years of life’s journey. Set up a photo booth so that guests can take photos marking the occasion.

protip_icon Quick tip
If the guest of honor likes flowers, you can arrange for a big chair decorated with flowers for them to sit on. You can even arrange for a crown of flowers that the birthday boy or girl can wear.

29. Family Tree Display

Create a family tree with pictures of the person celebrating, their ancestors, and descendants. You may also design it creatively and print it like a banner to make it the highlight of the party.

30. Art Gallery

If the celebrant is an art lover, you can display their own paintings, arts, and crafts as a part of the party decorations. Alternatively, you may also pick some famous art pieces or paintings from their favorite artist to give them a pleasant surprise.

31. Confetti And Streamers

Give a pop look to the birthday venue by decorating it with vibrant confetti and streamers. This will give a lively and festive look to the celebration.

32. Handmade Crafts

Create or order handmade crafts, such as origami, knitted scarves, paper lanterns, or candles, to decorate the venue beautifully. This will undoubtedly add a personal and unique touch to the celebration.

Ideas for 90th birthday themes

If you are looking at something epic and grand, pick a birthday theme to celebrate this 90th birthday.

33. Flashback party theme

A flashback theme helps you look back at the celebrant’s 90 years of life journey by creating a video montage and sharing it with family members and friends. Relive the old memories with postcards, old letters, and awards, and even conduct a memory quiz to hear memorable stories from the birthday boy or girl and their guests.

34. Twenties party theme

Decorate the tables with ostrich feathers in antique vases paired with candlestick holders for this exciting party theme. Play jazz music on an antique vinyl record player and add other details from the 1920s. You may also use cocktail glasses, flapper feathers, and pearl necklaces.

35. Garden party theme

For a garden party theme, you need to have decorated tables with a few props around. You may also opt for a picnic-style theme with blankets and pillows. Finally, decorate the biggest tree in the garden as a memory tree with hanging lights, streamers, paper fans, and flowers.

36. Masquerade

Organize a masquerade ball party for the 90th birthday celebration, where the guests have to come in elegant formal attires, and provide them with some mysteriously beautiful face masks. Deck up the party space with some colorful balloons and dazzling lights to create a stunning vibe.

37. Golden Glam

Since the birthday person will soon be entering their double golden-jubilee phase, a golden-glam theme would be perfect, where everything, from the invitation card and party decorations to the dress code, will be golden.

38. Carnival

A carnival-themed party with cotton candy, joker wigs, popcorn, and exciting games would be a fantastic idea for a fun celebration. You can also take reference to old times carnival for the decorations.

39. Traveler Theme

A travel-inspired 90th birthday party would be an awesome idea for a travel enthusiast birthday person. You can decorate the venue with a globe, maps, and pictures of destinations the celebrant has visited or wished to visit. You can also serve some international cuisine to complement the theme.

Games for 90th birthday party

Double the fun of the 90th birthday party with some exciting games and fun activities. Here are a few options that you may want to try.

40. Arts and crafts

Make arrangements for all kinds of art and craft supplies, from origami to painting. Let everyone make some cute artwork for the celebrant. These artworks can be displayed and later taken back home as gifts for the celebrant.

41. Photo-shoot contest

Conduct a photo-shoot contest for the 90th birthday person and all the aged guests. Use classic backdrops and let everyone pose to give their best shot. This is one of the best games to partake in, where every captured shot will be added to a beautiful memory book.

42. Quiz

Host a quiz with the questions related to the person celebrating their nine decades. Let everyone join the game, be it kids or oldies. The participant with the most correct answers, wins and gets a prize.

43. Board games

Board games for 90th birthday party

Image: IStock

There are several board games that people of all ages can play. These include Scrabble, Monopoly, Bingo, Pictionary, and many more. Pick a game that everyone would enjoy.

44. Storytelling

In this meaningful activity, you can encourage close ones to share their favorite memories and stories about the birthday person for a heartwarming and memorable celebration.

45. Two Truths And A Lie

Share two truths and one lie statement regarding the birthday person, and have the guests guess which statement is false. You may also discover who knows the celebrant the best!

46. Historical Events

The 90-year-old birthday person would have witnessed several historical events in their life to date. So, in this fun game, read out a specific year or duration of years, and the guests will guess which historical event happened during that time in the celebrant’s life.

Invitations for 90th birthday party

Birthday invitations are considered as the first look of the party. Choose the best one from the options listed here.

47. Funny birthday party invitation

Give your birthday invitation a humorous touch by including caricatures, jokes, silly one-liners, or funny details from the upcoming party.

48. 90th birthday photo invitation

Make your party memorable by setting up a gorgeous photo invitation for the 90th birthday. You may use a single photo of the celebrant or an entire album built over the decades.

49. Elegant birthday invitation

Add a tone of elegance to the party invitation by including glitters and sparkles to the card with black, gold, or silver detailing.

50. Handmade Invitation

If you invite only your close friends to the 90th birthday party, you can make personalized invitations by hand. Incorporate creative elements such as calligraphy, sketches, and hand-painted designs to make the cards look beautiful.

Linda Stienstra, a blogger, shares how she created the birthday invitations for her mother’s 90th birthday party. She narrates, “I looked online for various samples so I could order one, and nothing I found quite fit with what I had in mind. I finally decided I would create my own with my own theme. . . Mother! This was easy to create on my Mac. This picture of my mother was taken next to a pond when she was in Junior High School, and I thought the picture would be beautiful on the front of the invitation. Then came the chore of printing them. The price for having them printed was astronomical, so I decided to print the invitations myself. Might as well have had them printed! By the time I bought ink, card stock, and more ink, the cost was pretty well up there! I did save since my costs included envelopes and enclosures, which a printing company would not have included… I enjoyed every minute of the creation process and the satisfaction of knowing I had done it myself (i).”

51. Invitation With Hampers

Since turning 90 is a significant milestone, invite your guests to the birthday party through invitation cards with dazzling hampers. From candies, chocolates, to some personalized gifts, you can include anything in the hamper, depending on your budget.

52. Digital Invite

In this digitized era, ditch the traditional paper invitations and create an artistic digital invitation for the birthday party, based on the birthday person’s likes and preferences.

53. Scroll Invitation

Print the invitation on old-style parchment paper, roll it like a scroll, and use ribbon to tie it together to create vintage-style invitation cards.

90th birthday party food ideas

No party is complete without delicious food. Do you agree? Have a look at these yummy food options that you may serve at the party.

54. Finger sandwiches

These sandwiches can be served at tea parties or as a side dish for casino nights to satiate your cravings.

55. Charcuterie board

Charcuterie Board, 90th birthday party food idea

Image: IStock

A charcuterie board is a wholesome platter that can be enjoyed by all ages and contains food items that are easy to grab.

56. Dark chocolate strawberries

It’s a sweet treat that can be enjoyed as a snack or as dessert after dinner.

57. Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are popular for a dinner party and are also a favorite of many.

58. Stuffed Mushrooms

Prepare this healthy dish, suitable for older people by mixing the mushrooms with some creamy cheese, herbs, garlic, and breadcrumbs.

59. Mashed Potatoes Bites

Prepare this easy-to-make dish where you have to mash the potatoes, season them with butter and fresh herbs, bake them, and serve with a creamy dipping sauce.

60. Pureed Vegetables

To create a delicious and easily digestible meal for the party, roast a variety of soft vegetables with herbs and olive oil. This will be a tasty and healthy option for your senior friend.

61. Pasta

Choose soft varieties of pasta, like macaroni and penne, and include finely chopped veggies and serve it with creamy alfredo or mild tomato sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the color for the 90th birthday?

The color options for the 90th birthday include white, purple, and silver. So, if you are planning to have a theme party, you may pick any of these colors.

2. What is a 90 year birthday called?

The 90th birthday is known as nonagintennial or nonagenarian. It is a milestone occasion in a person’s life and calls for celebrations.

3. What is the stone for the 90th birthday?

Diamond is the stone signifying the 90th birth anniversary. Diamond symbolizes prosperity, endurance, and royalty.

With these creative and fun 90th birthday party ideas, you can ring in your loved one’s special day in style. Your 90-year-old has seen it all, and it’s time to celebrate all their hard work, love, and success. Let them feel your love and gratitude for all they have done for you over the years. So start planning the birthday party with the help of friends and family and pick the ideas that you think will best fit their personality.

Infographic: Amazing Ideas For A 90th Birthday Party

Being able to celebrate one’s 90th birthday is a big feat and needs to be marked with a great party. If you are planning to throw a grand party for your loved one’s 90th, we have party ideas that can be helpful. So, give the following infographic a read and make the arrangements accordingly.

90th birthday Party (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Make your dad’s 90th special with casino night and for your mom, you can go with a Hollywood Evening party.
  • If it’s your grandpa’s 90th, nothing beats a lunch get-together at his favorite golf course and for your grandma, a sweet picnic in the park or afternoon high tea fits perfectly well.
  • Don’t forget to serve some delicious food and prepare to arrange games like photoshoot contests, quizzes and board games.
  • Ensure to decorate the venue with balloons, pictures and flowers, and try to make the invitations elegant yet catchy.
90th birthday party ideas_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

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