10 Creative Group Activities For Teenagers

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You are having trouble dealing with one teenager. Imagine dealing with a group of them! A scene out of a horror movie? Not really. Just the reality of your life!

Whether it is a party you are organizing or a group activity to keep your teen and her friends busy during the summers, you need to keep things fun. The last thing you need is a group of grumpy teenagers!

So, how can you help teenagers have fun without leaving broken bones and egos behind? Well, what you need are activity ideas that are both competitive yet safe. Take a look at the our amazing and fun group games and activities for teenagers listed here in this article and start planning!

10 Fun Group Activities For Teens

1. Who Am I?

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This is a great way to break the ice. If you are looking for a group activity among teenagers who don’t know each other that well, this one will fit the bill. Get all the members in the group to write down a few things about themselves. Now read out the list and have the crowd guess the writer. Do encourage the teens to get creative and list things that are fun.

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2. Team Architect:

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A fun game to get their creative juice flowing! Divide the group into teams and give them offbeat materials to build something creative. Material suggestion: sticky tape, newspaper, string, eggs, blocks, etc. The most creative design wins the game!

3. Apple Tag:

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You’ll need two volunteers for this game. These teenagers will need to tip everyone else by touching them with an apple. The catch here is that they must do this without lifting one leg off the ground. If they need to move, they have to take a bite off the apple. The tippers can throw the apple between themselves to tip people. If the apple is all eaten before everyone in the group is tipped, the volunteers lose. A fun way to pass a lazy afternoon!

4. Speed Dating With A Twist:

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This is a dating game, but with a twist! Set up chairs facing each other. Now start speed dating! Every teenager needs to sit across another. The fun part is the conversation! Give them a set of questions or tasks that will totally gross them out. Question/task suggestions:

  • Smell the other person’s shoes
  • Tell the grossest thing you have done
  • Ask the other person to pick their nose
  • Share a poop story

The options are endless. Get creative!

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5. Ultimate Soccer:

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Divide the group into two teams. Each team will need to select a goalie. Next, set up two platforms that the goalies will stand on. Now, it is up to the teenagers to get the ball to the goalie. The catch? The ball can only be moved by passing, dribbling, or kicking. At no point must the teams run or walk with the ball in their hand. You can make rules, or you can just leave it as it is.
This game is sure to get the teenagers interested.

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6. Slippery Limbo:

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Who doesn’t love to limbo? But here’s a limbo idea that’s a little slippery, literally! All you need to do is lay a tarp down on the floor. Now pour some soapy water on it. You have the stage set for some hilarious limbo moves!

7. Living Sculpture:

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Here’s another activity that will get your group of teenagers going! Fun yet creative – this idea is sure to be a hit. Provide the group with fun materials like toilet paper, aluminum wrap, leafs, rags, etc. and ask them to get creative. The task is to turn one person from each team into a living sculpture using these fun materials.

8. Obstacle Courses:

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This is an activity that needs space, right? No! You can set up an obstacle course in your living room. Yes, you’ll have a messy house to deal with but the group will have the time of their lives. You don’t need to follow the classic obstacle course format. Think out of the box and create obstacles out of your sofa, lampshade, etc. Tip: Make sure there’s nothing too expensive lying around! If you have a garden, you can set up an obstacle course outside too.

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9. Bucket Swimming Relay:

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Divide the group into teams of two. Now head to the swimming pool! The point of this activity is to collect things from the other end. Don’t forget to make them swim with a bucket. As the water enters the bucket, it will become heavier and make swimming more difficult. Just the challenge your teenagers need!

10. Chair Racing:

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You do need space for this activity. Chair racing is fun as well as challenging. Divide the group into teams of two. Now ask one member of the team to sit on a chair while the other carries it to the finish line!

Group activities for teenagers are a lot more than just passing time. It is a great time to interact, learn and socialize. And today, when obesity among the young has become a real health issue, these activities can keep them healthy too! (1)

Just remember: The teenagers you are dealing with need stimulation along with rules. So, don’t forget to set some boundaries while they enjoy these teenage group activities. This will teach them respect for authority as well.

Ready for some action? Get, set, go!

Which group activity for teenagers is your favorite? Do you have any more suggestions for some more group activity ideas for teenagers? Share with us in the comments section below!

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