Hair & Foot Spa: Dos & Don’ts During Pregnancy

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Getting a hair and foot spa for pregnant women can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It can also help relieve some pregnancy symptoms, such as back pains, inflammation, and pain in the feet, caused by variations in hormones.

A good foot spa can relieve the stress on your feet and make your skin softer. Similarly, a hair spa can help you deal with dandruff and dryness. It may also boost the growth of new hair. However, before making an appointment for a hair and foot spa, consult your doctor. Moreover, you should also take some precautions to ensure you stay safe and healthy during this time.

Read this post about hair and foot spa benefits and some do’s and don’ts.

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Why Visit A Foot and Hair Spa During Pregnancy?

When you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, occasional visits to the spa would help you through the transition phase of your second and third trimesters. This would aid in rejuvenation, help you stay relaxed, cope up with challenges and enjoy the stage of expecting your baby. Generally foot and hair spa during pregnancy can de-stress you and make you feel beautiful at the same time!

Foot Spa When Pregnant

When you are pregnant, your feet will begin to ache and swell as you advance towards your final trimester. This is mainly because you tend to gain weight during each month of pregnancy. A foot spa aids in pain relief and is highly helpful because:

  • It will help reduce the swelling of your feet that might be caused due to hormonal changes and increased blood pressure (1).
  • It offers enough attention to your feet, which you tend to neglect when you are pregnant.
  • The foot spa treatment is designed to offer immense relief to your sore feet, as it is a gentle and soothing procedure.
  • Foot spa and prenatal massage treatments also alleviate the signs of edemaiSwelling caused by an excess of fluid retained in the body's tissues. and improve the circulation of blood (2).
protip_icon Research finds
Studies show that massage treatments during pregnancy reduce stress hormones and enhance happy hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin. These positive changes may help reduce birth complications (1).
  • The foot spa treatment comprises soaking and scrubbing the feet that help improve the oxygenationiThe process of boosting oxygen levels. of the soft tissues and muscles (1).
Soaking and scrubbing the feet

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Hair Spa When Pregnant

Hair spa for pregnant woman

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You might be really tired during the second and third trimesters, when you may not feel like before to take good care of your hair. This would lead to hair related issues including dandruff, lackluster hair, etc. Hair spa treatments can be therapeutic and are highly beneficial for you as:

  • Hair spa would help you feel stress free with a relaxing head massage.
  • The spa treatments available for treating hair issues and dandruff would make your tresses look shiny and healthy.
  • Your hair stylist would recommend a new hair style to suit your appearance during pregnancy, which would make you feel much more confident.

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Make sure the spa where you get your hair treatment is well-ventilated (7).

Dos And Don’ts Of Hair And Foot Spa Treatments During Pregnancy

Go to tried and tested spas

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It’s true that you will have a radiant glow whilst you are pregnant. However, treating yourself to some pampering at a spa can further enhance relaxation and unwinding. When you are visiting the hair and foot spa during pregnancy, you have to remember a few important points.


  • Make sure that you avail the services of a reputed spa. Ask about the way the services are performed by the spa professional.
  • Before you go to the spa, seek the advice of your doctor before opting for certain spa treatments.
Seek the advice of the doctor

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  • When you wish to highlight your mane, make sure that you choose ammonia free ones or natural ones with vegetable dyes.
  • If you opt for aromatherapy, remember all aromatic oils are not beneficial for you when you are pregnant. Go for jasmine, chamomile, and spearmint to get good relief from stress and relax your stresses.

protip_icon Be watchful
Always wipe all the oils from the feet after a foot spa before stepping on the floor. This will prevent accidental falls (3).


  • Never ask the professional to cut short the services for lack of time as the main purpose of availing spa service is to relax.
  • Stay away from a new spa in your locality as it might not offer good services. Only go to tried and tested ones.
  • Do not choose chemical-based dyes for coloring your hair.
  • Ask your spa professional to refrain from reflexologyiA foot massage that applies pressure to specific points in the foot to heal other organs and parts of the body. while massaging your feet. Reflexology is not recommended for pregnant women.

Can A Foot Massage Cause Miscarriage?

A foot massage done by a trained prenatal therapist may be safe and is not believed to be a cause of miscarriage. However, when going to a spa, reflexology techniques are best avoided. The pressure points related to the pituitary and reproductive glands in the feet and ankles might cause uterine contractions and are not recommended for pregnant women (3).

Can I Use An Electric Foot Massager During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your legs could be at an increased risk of developing blood clots. Therefore, using an electric massager could possibly dislodge the clot, which may then travel towards your heart or lungs. It is recommended that pregnant women should not use electric massagers during the first trimester as the current available evidence is not enough to ensure their safety in the initial weeks of pregnancy. Moreover, women with high-risk pregnancies, or those at risk of preeclampsia, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, deep-vein thrombosis, and other pregnancy complications, should also refrain from using electric foot massagers during pregnancy (4). Therefore, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before the purchase, and if given a go-ahead sign, choose an appropriate device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a pregnant woman soak her feet in Epsom salt?

Yes. Pregnant women can submerge their feet in water with dissolved Epsom salt to relieve swollen feet (5).

2. Where should I not massage my feet during pregnancy?

While massaging your feet or receiving a massage, avoid the ankle reflex points connected to the uterus and ovaries as they may cause preterm labor (6).

3. Can a foot massage help induce labor?

Yes, massaging the areas of the ankle called the ankle reflex points may help in inducing labor (6). However, do not try doing it on your own but take the help of a professional to stay safe.

Going to a hair and foot spa during pregnancy can help you relax and de-stress. Besides, it can help alleviate pregnancy-related issues, such as edema, foot pain, and headache. Thus, most pregnant women can go to a hair and foot spa unless directed otherwise by the doctor. To ensure safety, go to a licensed spa therapist and ensure they use pregnancy-safe and high-quality products. Go to a spa near your home or book an at-home spa service to avoid strain during traveling. Before the professional starts the service, enquire about the procedure and take necessary precautions to enjoy a safe spa session.

Infographic: Dos And Don’ts Of Hair And Foot Spa Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnant women can safely receive spa treatments, but it is important to consult a doctor first. Some treatments, such as hot tubs and saunas, can raise a woman’s body temperature and pose a risk to the baby. The following infographic lists dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Do give it a read.

what to do and what not to do for spa during pregnancy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Hair and foot spas are helpful for relieving pregnancy symptoms like back pain, inflammation, and foot pain.
  • Foot spas can reduce swelling and relieve sore feet, while hair spas can provide stress relief with a relaxing head massage and help address dandruff.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using hair dyes that contain ammonia.
  • Before choosing a spa treatment, it is important to consult with a doctor to ensure its safety and suitability for an individual’s health.
foot spa for pregnant_illustration

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