18 Stylish Haircuts And Trendy Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

When girls grow older and reach puberty, they tend to get more conscious about how they look. In this post, we have combined some amazing hairstyles and haircuts for teenage girls. Since a teenage girl’s physical appearance goes through so many changes, it may be difficult for them to choose a new look that suits their face. So, here we have curated a number of pretty hairstyles that any teenage girl could rock. Read on to find out what would be the most suitable haircut for your teen.

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Hairstyles And Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Here are a few different types of haircuts and hairstyle tips that will make your teen daughter look beautiful and stylish in equal measure:

1. Short And Simple Androgynous Cut

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  • Androgynous hair styles have been in vogue for some time now. Not only are they easy to sport, but they look stylish and modern, sweet and innocent as well.
  • For this particular haircut for teenage girl, make sure the hair is cut rather short at the side and back in layers. Keep a little more volume at the crown and top so that it can be layered and played around with parting.
  • Your daughter can wear it easily with a side-swept and keep it simple and neat by using a styling gel. To make it look more fashionable or give it more volume, she can also style it with styling sprays and such.

2. Short And Spiky Haircut

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  • Short hairstyles are popular with teens, as it allows them to create their style in a little amount of time. Also, a short hair style is convenient as it takes little maintenance.
  • For this particular style of teen girl haircut, the hair has to be cut short, it seems it has been mowed down, at the sides and the nape. Cut the hair little above the ears on the sides, while the parting at the neck should be close-cropped. Leave just a little volume at the front and crown so that you can make spikes out of some of them.
  • Your teen can wear it neat and simple by keeping it flat using a styling gel, or make it spikey and puffed up using another styling option.

3. Straightened Hair Style To Highlight Angular Bangs

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  • If your teen daughter has angular bangs at the front, this particular hairstyle will be perfect for her.
  • For this look, your daughter will need to use a headband of her choice that will help to hold the hair in place. If she has short hair or if she wants a shorter hair style than normal, she can cut it close to the nape. Cut the hair short at the back and the sides, while keeping the bangs in place. Alternatively, she can also wear this style with long hair.
  • Before styling the hair using the headband, your daughter will have to straighten out the hair, as this particular hair style will look best with straightened hair. Make sure she also straightens out the bangs.
  • Once she has straightened her hair, ask her to comb out her hair in such a way that it has a clear parting, and most of the hair is combed towards one side. Ask her to comb her bangs in such a way that they stand out prominently on her forehead or fall towards her eyes and cheeks.

4. Styling Hair By Braiding In A Bow

  • For this easy and cute hairstyles for teenage girls, all your teen girl needs is a bow and a few hair ties to hold her hair in place.
  • Ask your daughter to comb out her hair in such a way that there are no tangles at all. Once she has done that, ask her to take a few handfuls of hair from the front part and tie it into a ponytail. Now ask her to take the hair from both sides from the top of the ears and start braiding them in two braids. The hair strands should not be too thick and should, in fact, be thin.
  • Your daughter has to make the braids till they reach the middle part of her entire hair length. Once that is done, ask her to hold the two braids together at the center by using a hair tie.
  • Now comb the remaining hair that has been left loose and ask her to add the bow at the point where she used the hair tie to tie the two braids together.
protip_icon Did you know?
To safeguard the scalp and ends, braid your hair. It also helps in maintaining the health of your hair.

5. The Cool Top Knot Hair Style

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  • A type of hair buns also known as a top knot is a great way to keep most of the hair out of your teen girl’s face while also making her look chic, stylish and young.
  • Ask your daughter to comb her hair and remove all the tangles. The best part about this style is that she can wear the top knot hairstyle with curly hair, wavy hair as well as with straight hair.
  • To get the look, your daughter should take the center part of the hair at the front and the crown area. Using a comb, she has to comb it backward towards the crown. Once she bunches up all the hair there, ask her to start twisting it and making it into a tight knot that she can secure in place using a hair tie.
  • Ask her to comb the remaining hair to complete the hair style.

6. Wavy Hair With Side Bow Hair Style

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  • Here is a rather feminine and cute way to style your daughter’s hair, which will be perfect for your teen girl and is easy to achieve.
  • Ask your daughter to comb her hair and remove any tangles. She can choose to keep curls, wavy, or even straight hair.
  • Next, your teen has to part her hair in such a way that it is not completely at the center but is just a little way to the side of it. Once she parts her hair, she should place the bow on the side that has less hair.
  • Your daughter can choose to wear a readymade clip-on bow or make one using a printed ribbon and loop it in her hair. Whatever the style she chooses, ask her to use a big, styled bow as it will help to show off her open hair.

7. Long Side Bangs Haircut And Colored Hair Style

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  • All teenage girls love hair color and highlights, so if your daughter loves it too, this hairstyle will let her sport some colors.
  • Ask your daughter to get her hair cut to a length where it falls on her shoulders. It is also a good idea to leave the hair from sides a little asymmetrical. For the front and bangs, your daughter can keep the length quite long, so that it cuts through to the side of her face and reaches almost to her ears.
  • To show off the hair style, your daughter can choose from about three to four different combinations of hair color that are bright and that will complement each other. But instead of coloring a lot of the hair, your daughter only has to color a little part of the hair on both the sides each. It will mostly be the portion that gets tucked away behind the ears.

8. Braided Bun Hair Style

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  • The braided bun hairstyle is one of the perfect teenage girl hairstyles to carry off if your daughter has long hair and often needs to keep it off her face. It is also a great way to show off the face and neck while wearing a chic and trendy updos hairstyle too.
  • The idea behind this hair style is that your teen can leave the hair a little wild and roughly worn instead of combing it out too much or straightening out.
  • Ask her to part her hair in the middle so that she has two same portions of hair on each side. Your teen has to take the hair from the front area next to the parting on each side and start braiding it. For the style, your teen can make a normal braid on each side, or make a singular double braid on both sides.
  • Ask her to keep braiding her hair till she reaches the nape area. Once there, your daughter has to take the remaining length of hair and bring it all together as if she is about to tie it into a ponytail. Ask her to twist the hair and scrunch it up a bit before tying it into a bun.

9. Sleek Bob Haircut With Full Front Bangs

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  • A Bob can never go out of fashion, and if your teen gets the right style, she can be sure to get an effortless yet super chic and stylish look.
  • In this hair style, your teen should keep the length of the hair till the neck. The ideal cut for this style is to keep the length asymmetrical so that it is a little longer at the front and side and a little shorter towards the back. The bangs in the front will have to cover the entire forehead to give a full and voluminous look. Your teen can also choose to keep the bangs a little asymmetric in length in order to give it a more edgy and dramatic look.
  • Your daughter will also have to make sure that the hair texture is straight, as only then it will set off the hairstyle perfectly with an amazing fringe.

10. A High And Messy Bun Hair Style

  • Here is a severe form of bun hairstyle that is a perfect way for your teen to bunch up her hair while she is busy with her studies and assignments, and yet keep that look stylish and effortless.
  • To get the look, all your teen has to do is to pull all her hair to the top of her crown. The hair bun has to be rather tight. She should be sure to take hair from the sides as well as all the hair on the back too. Once she has gathered all the hair up there, she has to keep twisting and knotting it in such a way that she can create a messy bun out of it.
  • Ask your teen to use a stretchy hair tie that will be able to hold all the hair in place.

11. Half Up Half Down Hair Style With Long Bangs

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  • The half up and a half down hairstyle is a classic one that never goes out of fashion. Your teen can wear to a regular school day as well as accessorize and wear to a special do.
  • The look will work best if your daughter has medium to long hair length hair. Before styling the hair, your teen has to straighten her hair, as it will work best with straight hair. Once she has straightened her hair, your teen has to pull back the hair from the front and take it towards the back in a loose way. It should not be too tight or too loose that it starts to fall out.
  • At the back, your teen can hold it in place with a bow, with a pin or even with a hair tie. The bangs at the front should be cut in such a way that they are quite long and come down to almost the end of the cheeks. Make sure that your teen also straightens the bangs and lets them be loose and playful in the front.

12. Tie Up Hair Style In A Bow

  • Tying up all the hair is a great way to keep your teen at ease while she carries on with her studies and assignments, but doing it in style will let her feel happy about removing the hair out of the way too.
  • For this particular cute hairstyles for teen girls, your teen can choose to keep her hair fully curly, naturally wavy or even straighten it out before she begins. All she needs in terms of hair accessories is a hair tie and a nice printed and colorful ribbon that will be long and wide enough so that your teen can tie it into a bow.
  • Ask your teen to comb her hair in such a way that it adds an extra bounce and volume to it. If she wants, your teen can also do a back comb as it adds more bounce and volume to the hair and does not let it look dull or limp.
  • Once your teen has combed out her hair, ask her to pull it all up at the crown area and twist or roll it around to form a big bun. She then has to use the hair tie to secure the bun in place. Once that is done, your teen can take the ribbon and place it on her head in such a way that it comes to meet at the front. Once she has wrapped the ribbon around her head, ask her to take it towards the crown area and tie it into a lovely bow that will be big and bright.

13. Elongated Pixie Haircut

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  • A pixie haircut is always a very stylish way to show off your hair as well as define your facial features and structure. Such haircuts are fun and chic, and if managed properly, they never go out of style.
  • For this particular style of hair, your daughter has to get her hair cut to a short length, where the back portion of hair should only come down till the nape of her neck. For the sides, your teen can choose to go a little asymmetrical, with the cut a little edgy and coming down till about the mid-part of her ears. For the front, your daughter can keep the length in such a way that she can comb her hair in a side parting but the bangs should not be too long.
  • To style this look, your daughter can best go with the grunge style that will look a little shaggy and relaxed, yet classy and fun.

14. Funky Front To Crown Braid With Top Knot Hair Style

  • Here is another fun hair style that will not only let your teen keep the hair out of her face, but will also be rather trendy. The hairstyle combines to show off a braid and a top knot, both popular hair styles in their right.
  • To get this look right, your teen can first comb out her hair by creating three parting, one main center area, and two side portions. The main area that your teen will use to create the look will be the center area, so make sure she keeps a bigger portion there.
  • Once your teen has secured the center portion, she has to start braiding it from the front to the back, right till her crown portion. Once she reaches the crown part with the braid, ask her to start rolling the hair in a twisted bun and secure it tightly with a hair tie.

15. Extra Short Bowl Haircut

  • The extra short bowl haircut is a very bold hair style that may seem a little difficult to pull off at the first instance but if your teen girl is confident enough, let her go for it. The style may initially look a little flat, but with some styling your teen will be able to give it a lot of oomph.
  • In the extra short version of the bowl haircut, your teen will get her bangs cut till almost the start of her forehead, and very near her hairline. At the sides, ask your teen to keep the cut very short and only till above the ears. For the back, the length of the hair should again be kept very short, cut above the nape and cut very short and very close to the scalp.
  • Your teen can play around with this hair by either keeping it very severe and sharp or giving it a girly twist by adding spikes and a few bows and small hair accessories here and there.

Tammy, a blogger, reminisces about her first time getting a bowl haircut when she was 15. She says, “Mary (the hair stylist) sectioned off a v-shape for my bangs and combed the straight forward over my face. She pinned the sides back over my shoulder out of the way. She reached for a large pair of barber scissors from the counter and brought them towards me. I closed my eyes tight…I opened my eyes to see a newly exposed face looking back at me. My bangs were cut straight across my forehead just above my eyebrows. My eyes popped open wide looking at my reflection.

After the haircut, she says, “I don’t know why I liked it but it felt so amazing. It felt almost liberating to be without my long hair and short hair felt better for some reason (i).”

protip_icon Did you know?
Legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon invented the bowl haircut back in the 1970s. The style returned to the forefront of the fashion industry as everything circles back around.

16. Braided One-Sided Headband Hair Style

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  • Braiding the hair and making it style the entire length of the hair is a fun way to create a hairband look without actually wearing a real hairband. It is also a nice and very convenient hair style if your teen girl has long hair and wants to keep it off her face while making sure it also looks stylish.
  • To get the braided one-sided headband look, your teen has to comb out her hair first and make sure there are no tangles at all. Once she has done that, ask her to make a partition in her on the side, and keep the partitioned side portion very less. The main area will be the one that has the maximum volume of hair.
  • Now ask your teen to take the hair from the front part of her head and start twisting it into a braid. As she does so, she should keep taking more and more hair strands from the loose and open hair and add them in the braid. The effect will be to create a weaved-in look that combines well with the braid.
  • Once she reaches the side of the hair till the end of the ear, ask her to tie in the braid using a hair tie. Your teen should then comb out all the open hair to make it look seamless and neat.

17. The Short And Long Asymmetric Hair Style

  • Here is a real favorite hair style that most teens will love to wear! It will perfectly accentuate and highlight your teen’s face and add that extra quotient of glam too.
  • For this particular hairstyles for teen girls, they have to keep one side of the hair rather short, while the other side will be long. The hair can come down to the jawline but in an asymmetrical pattern. Make sure the hair at the back is also very short.
  • Your teen can keep the flicks or bangs short that reach just above the eye.

18. Space Bun Hair Style

Space Bun Hair Style

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  • Space bun is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn in multiple ways to give your teen a boho-chic or sleek look.
  • For creating the basic version, your teen needs to evenly part her hair evenly from the center and tie pigtails from both the sections. Each pigtail then needs to be twisted and folded into a bun and secured with bobby pins.
  • She may create variations of the hair style by wearing the buns low, using ribbons, giant scrunchies, or other hair accessories to style each bun, wearing half her hair into a bun and leaving half down, fanning out the buns, and braiding hair before making the bun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to keep teenage girls’ hair healthy?

Teenage girls can keep their hair healthy by washing hair regularly, having nutrient-rich food, using the right haircare products, and going for regular trims.

2. How can teenage girls prevent their hair from getting damaged?

Using a gentle shampoo, brushing the hair gently, protecting it from the sun, and not styling the hair in tight hairstyles are a few ways to prevent hair damage in teenage girls.

3. Are there any hairstyles suitable for girls with glasses?

There are numerous hairstyles suitable for girls with glasses, such as a pixie cut, side swept bangs, up-dos, layered haircuts, half-up hairstyles, long waves or curls, and side parting.

4. How can I achieve beachy waves without using heat tools?

You can use alternative methods to achieve the effect of beachy curls without heat tools. You can apply hair wax or other styling gel suitable for your hair type. Divide the hair into sections and braid it. Repeat the braiding step for each section and let your hair dry. Once your hair is dry, undo the braids, run your fingers through your hair, and scrunch it to maintain the curls. Now for the final step, you can set your hair with a lightweight sea salt hairspray.

5. What are some tips for colored or dyed hair care?

When you color your hair, make sure to take good care of it. Some steps that you can follow are to use gentle color-safe shampoos and conditioners, wash hair less frequently, wash your hair with cold water, protect your hair from UV rays, minimize heat styling, condition regularly, avoid chlorine and saltwater, limit exposure to harsh chemicals, schedule regular touch-ups, and cover your hair while you sleep.

You may choose trendy yet good-looking hairstyles and haircuts for teenage girls. They may want to experiment with new hairstyles and haircuts influenced by celebs. It is always better to go for styles and cuts that suit the hair type and the facial features. Short and simple hairstyles, short and spiky hairstyles, straightened long hair with angular bangs, top knot hairstyles, braiding, colored hairstyles such as ombre or balayage, and sleek bob haircuts are some of the popular hairstyles for teens. It’s also essential to decide on long or short hairstyles and the amount of time they can invest in maintaining them.

Infographic: How To Pick The Best Hairstyle For Girls

A hairstyle should be such that it complements your looks and personality. This infographic will help you with some pointers on choosing the right hairstyle from the above list to make you appear flattering with your hair makeover.

stylish haircuts and trendy hairstyles for teenage girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Girls become conscious of their appearance during puberty.
  • There are various haircuts and hairstyles for teenage girls.
  • Choose styles that suit your hair type and facial features.
  • Popular hairstyles include short and simple cuts, braids, and sleek bobs.
  • Maintenance should be considered when choosing between long and short hairstyles.
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