8 Fabulous Hairstyles For Pregnant Women

Typical hair styling products and cosmetics such as hair sprays, hair setting gels are usually not recommended during pregnancy. This is because they may cause some harmful or untoward effects. However, that should not stop you from looking out for pregnancy hairstyles. Pretty and elegant hairstyles are possible without the use of chemical products and sophisticated tools such as curlers or heating tongs. We are here to help you find some simple hairstyles sure to give you a fresh, new look even during pregnancy. Plunge into this post as we present some easy yet beautiful hairstyles for pregnant women to make you feel like a star.

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Best Pregnancy Hairstyles You Can Try

1. Layered Bob:

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Short hairstyles are easy-to-maintain, fuss-free, yet stylish. With the layered bob hairstyle, you look great while expecting. The layers add volume to your hairstyle. The uneven layers with choppy ends look amazing. To make this hairstyle for pregnant woman look extra special, use some hair gel on your palms and tousle your hair slowly when you head to the mall.

Hayley, a mother from Minnesota, shares her experience of confidently sporting short hair during her pregnancy. She says, “I found out I was pregnant with Skyler only four months after my pixie cut made its debut. I am blessed to know the most amazing woman who cuts and styles hair in her home, and I never would have done the pixie cut if it weren’t for her. She started talking about growing out my hair depending on how and where I gained weight during my pregnancy. It made me nervous. I thought I would be pregnant and bloated all over while trying to grow out my hair, but luckily, all my weight was in my belly, and I got to enjoy my pixie cut throughout my pregnancy (i).”

protip_icon Quick tip
Instead of using a comb, detangle and style your bobbed hair with your fingers. This allows the natural oil to spread evenly through the hair and prevents breakage.

2. Wraparound Ponytail:

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The wraparound ponytail is one of the most comfortable maternity hairdos to prevent your hair from getting in your way, and it looks great at the same time. The hairstyle is quick and easy to do during pregnancy. Get your hair into a pony and leave some hair strands loose on one side of your head. Wrap the loose section around your pony and fasten with a bobby pin.

3. Tousled Waves:

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The tousled waves hairstyle can help you have a stylish appearance for expecting mothers. All you need to do is comb your hair, apply some hair gel on your palms, and run your fingers through your combed hair, fluffing your hair as you move the fingers through your hair.

protip_icon Quick tip
When your waves are dry, resist the urge to touch them. Touching or brushing dry tousled waves can lead to frizz.

4. Donut Topknot:

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Donut buns can help you look gorgeous and can be one of the go to hairdos for expecting mothers. Donut topknot hairstyle during pregnancy makes your hair appear fuller in its neat and easy topknot. Also, the donut knot prevents your hair from entangling and fuss for a long time as your hair remains tied up in the donut bun.

5. Straight And Sleek Hairstyle:

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If you have straight, non-wavy hair, then flaunting your straight can be a great hairstyle while you are expecting. Go for an easy Bob, in which your hair falls just below your chin. You need not worry about hair knots and fuss with this kind of straight and sleek hairstyles during pregnancy.

6. Fringes With Side Parting:

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Pregnancy tends to make your face look round and fuller than normal. Fringes look great on a fuller face than normal. So go for a side parting short hairstyle and layer your fringes to a length that is about two-third down your face. The hairstyle will be a stylish one during pregnancy.

7. Milkmaid:

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The Milkmaid hairstyle is the classic look while expecting. You simply need to have milkmaid plaits and some bobby pins to flaunt the exquisite hairstyle. The hairstyle is an easy DIY hairstyle and one of the bump-friendly hairdos that requires just about 15 to 20 minutes.

protip_icon Quick tip
The Milkmaid hairstyle is a casual hairdo that may easily be glammed up with the addition of flowers or other hair accessories.

8. Messy Side Bun:

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The Messy side bun is one of the easiest, less time-consuming hairstyles for pregnant women maintaining long hair. All you need to do is get all your hair to one side of your head and tie-up a loose ponytail using an elastic band. Hold your pony at the top with one of your hands and work your ponytail around your hand twisting your hair in a circular motion as you go along. Deck your hair with an adorable bejeweled clip to add a glamorous look. This is one of the many bump-friendly updos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can pregnant women do braids?

Hair braiding during pregnancy is not believed to harm the mother and baby. But you can choose to braid or not braid depending on your hair quality and prevent potential hair loss from the tight braiding hairstyles during pregnancy (1).

2. Can I go to a hair salon while pregnant?

You may go to the hair salon while pregnant but remember to avoid prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals by taking appropriate precautions. It is generally safe for pregnant women if you are considering a hair treatment. But try to wait until after the first trimester and use non-toxic hair dyes or hair coloring such as pure vegetable dyes (2).

3. Is it safe to have a haircut while pregnant?

Having a haircut during pregnancy is generally considered safe. There’s no evidence that getting maternity haircuts has any adverse effects on your and your baby’s health. Yet, you may let your hairstylist know that you are pregnant, especially in the initial months of gestation when the risk of miscarriage is higher. It will help ensure they use only pregnancy-safe products for you.

4. How should I wear my hair during labor?

There are no strict rules regarding tying your hair during labor. Ideally, wearing your hair in comfortable and easy-to-manage styles, such as a messy bun, topknot, or side or back braid, is best to keep your hair away from your face and neck during labor. Irrespective of the style, remember not to tie your hair too tight, as it may cause discomfort.

5. Can tight hairstyles affect my pregnancy?

Tight hairstyles don’t affect pregnancy. However, they can put strain on the roots and cause headaches. Women experiencing unusual hair loss during pregnancy should not make tight hairstyles, as it can result in increased hair fall and breakage. To prevent this you can follow one of the above mentioned maternity hair trends.

Infographic: Simple Hairstyles To Try During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women may notice the decreased hair fall due to increased estrogen levels in the body. However, with all the other pregnancy-related symptoms and discomforts, it may be difficult to take adequate care of your hair, resulting in messy hair and clothes. Look through the infographic below for some simple and easy-to-do hairstyles for pregnant women.

easy hairstyles that pregnant women can try (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

During pregnancy, you should not use many styling agents for safety concerns. However, this should not stop you from experimenting with your hair and creating interesting looks. The hairstyles for pregnant women provided here are simple yet elegant. You may try all of them or choose the ones you love. Creating a new hairstyle will enhance your personality and give you more confidence. So, if you are someone who loves short hair, try layered bobs for a modern look, and if you have long tresses, try a wraparound ponytail for a clean, mess-free look. No matter what hairstyle you sport, don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile.

Key Pointers

  • Choosing elegant hairstyles, such as wraparound ponytails and fringes, can make a pregnant woman feel confident and fresh.
  • Short and layered hairstyles, such as bobs and tousled waves, are easy to maintain and give the hair a voluminous look and feel.
  • DIY styles, including donut topknot, messy side bun, and milkmaid, are quick to make and can prevent the hair from tangling.
  • However, caution must be taken when using cosmetic hair products such as hair sprays, gels, chemicals, and hair appliances to avoid unnecessary complications.
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