10 Easy And Simple Halloween Crafts For Toddlers

Halloween crafts and activities for toddlers can double the fun at this deliciously spooky time! Trick-or-treating and eating creepy-looking delicacies are all part of the Halloween experience.

Encourage your child to participate in Halloween crafts and activities if you want to make your home particularly frightful this season. These crafts are also ideal if you are hosting a party this Halloween.

Funky Halloween Crafts For Toddlers

So who said Halloween is only for those who trick or treat? These 7 Halloween activities for toddlers discussed below shall be great fun for your little one. Take a look:

1. Bat Costume:

Your toddler will surely love wearing this costume:

You Need:

  • Long sleeved black T shirt
  • Leggings or black pants
  • Ribbon or elastic for mask
  • Lightweight or polyester material
  • Glue
  • Pins


  • You can use bat wing templates and attach to his sweatshirt using pins along the neck line. To keep it under control, you can also put another pin at the bottom of his shirt.
  • For the bat ear, you need to cut out a template and put them on his shirt with pins.
  • For the bat mask, cut out a template from the black card. Cut out the bat’s eyes.
  • Punch two holes on two sides and tie a thin elastic or ribbon.

Your toddler is now ready for the party!

2. Wooden Spoon Cat Puppet:

Wooden spoon cat puppet, Halloween crafts for toddlers

Image: Via Pinterest

A wooden spoon cat can be your toddler’s great companion.

You Need:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Black wool
  • Black paint
  • Eyes
  • Pink gem, button
  • Black craft foam
  • White fabric paint


  • Paint the wooden spoon black. On the dish of the spoon glue the two eyes.
  • To make the ears, cut triangular shapes from the black foam. Attach ears on the top of the dish.
  • To make the tail, glue ribbon at the handle. Cut 3 lengths of wool and glue under eyes.
  • To make the nose you can attach a button. Draw the mouth with fabric paint.
  • Your toddler’s companion is ready, the easy halloween craft for toddlers!

3. Toy Ghost:

Toy Ghost Halloween crafts for toddlers

Image: etsy.com

Your toddler can have fun with his own ghost this Halloween:

You Need:

  • White felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Embroidery thread and needle
  • Gems for eyes, button
  • Fabric paint to decorate your toy


  • You can use a bat template to cut out bat shapes from the felt.
  • Sew around the edges.
  • Leave gap at the bottom to stuff the toy. Sew it up once it is full.
  • Glue the gems to make the eyes and nose.
  • Use a big sized button to make the spooky mouth. This halloween activity for toddlers looks simply great now!

4. Ghost Craft:

You can easily come up with this craft with the bits and pieces in your home.

You Need:

  • Drinking cups
  • Wool for hanging
  • Paper fastener
  • Black pen
  • White tissue paper


  • Cut squares measuring 12X12 inches from 2 tissue papers. Put them cross wise.
  • Push a fastener through the middle of the square tissues and at bottom of the cup.
  • Open it up inside the cup.
  • Draw face and attach a thread on the paper fastener.
  • You can now hang your paper ghost.

5. Skeleton Craft:

Skeleton Halloween crafts for toddlers

Image: Via Source

You can transform a simple bag to a skeleton this Halloween:

You Need:

  • Black bag
  • Skeleton picture
  • Chalk
  • White sticky tape


Take a black colored bag and cut holes on the two sides for the arm and on the top for the skull.

  • Draw a skeleton with white chalk.
  • Use white tape to cover the lines drawn.
  • Cut out the arms and skull from a skeleton picture and paste them on respective areas on the bag.
  • Your skeleton is ready to celebrate Halloween with you.

6. Spooky Spider Craft:

The cutting, folding and painting involved, can be a great fun for your toddler this Halloween:

You Need:

  • Paper plates
  • Glue
  • Black paint
  • Black pen
  • Black paper


  • Paint a sheet black. Fold a sheet of paper half ways and then again into another half.
  • Cut along the folds to get 8 strips. Pleat the strips you get.
  • Glue the strips on the paper plate to make the legs.
  • Cut two circles from the white paper to make the eyes.
  • Draw the pupils and stick on your spider.

You have a new companion ready!

7. Broomstick Bookmark:

This bookmark is just perfect for your Halloween party:

You Need:

  • String or cord
  • Brown color craft foam
  • Glue


  • Cut out the shape of a broom brush from the craft foam.
  • Keep the nips wider to form bristles of your broomstick.
  • Stick the foam to craft stick to help bristles stick out at the end.
  • Attach a string at the narrow part of the foam.

Spooky bookmark is ready! Try this easy halloween crafts for toddlers.

Halloween toddler crafts and activities need not always be too spooky. There are activities you can play with your toddlers to make the creepy celebration all the more kid-friendly.

8. Have Fun With Pumpkins: 

Your toddlers must surely love the orange gourds. You can enjoy designing the jack-o’-lanterns and enjoy games like a pumpkin hunt. You can also make pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake and pumpkin candy, for an extra ‘punkin’ kick!

9. Halloween Activity Book:

It is the best time to enjoy some activities in Halloween books. Your toddler will spend some amazing time solving the boo brain teasers, creepy puzzles and spooky mazes. It is surely a creative way to get your toddler in the Halloween spirit.

10. Guess The Ghost:

All you need is a white bed sheet and put on some music. A child will be covered in a white cloth and move around in circles when the music is playing. He shall let out a ghostly scream when the music stops. Every toddler can take turns and do the same.

Indulging in Halloween crafts and activities for toddlers is a great way to add more zeal to the celebration. Halloween is when children wear spooky costumes and involve themselves in ghostly activities. Toddlers may not completely understand the celebration, but involving them in Halloween activities will help them be more aware of it. Crafts such as wooden spoon, cat puppet, and toy ghost and activities including guess the ghost and fun with pumpkins are interesting and engaging. So, don’t let your toddlers miss the fun of Halloween just because they are young. Instead, involve them in unique activities and games and let them enjoy the festival.

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