Scary And Cute Halloween Songs, Quotes, Wishes & Poems

Scary And Cute Halooween Songs, Quotes, Wishes & Poems

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Imagine a silent Halloween. It would be really dreary and creepy, wouldn’t it?

Halloween is supposed to be a scary, freaky holiday, but definitely not a quiet one. And hey, who says you can’t be scared and have a little fun at the same time? Add some rhythm, music and words to the fun and it would be a perfect Halloween time. MomJunction comes with a list of peppy and scary songs for kids, along with spooky poems, funny wishes & greetings, creepy quotes and sayings that you and your children would love to hear.

Halloween Quotes for Kids

Halloween is a holiday that warrants a lot of activity. From decorating the house to making costumes and greeting cards, and completing school Halloween projects, kids can do a lot. Use these freaky quotes on small placards and drop them amidst your Halloween decorations as spooky notes from the unseen.

You could pin them to your Halloween party invitations, or stick them on your kids’ Halloween costumes. Wherever they go, these scary Halloween quotes and sayings remind you about what is it all about!

Quote 1

John Kendrick Bangs was a 19th-century writer and satirist from America. The quote is from one of Bangs’ poem called Halloween, in which the poet asks people to set aside their woes and celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with costumes, pumpkins, pranks, and treats.

Quote 1

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Quote 2

A rather grim line taken from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this quote just gives you the creeps. The quote is not about Halloween, but it captures the holiday spirit so well that we couldn’t keep it out of our top list.

Quote 2

Quote 3

Arthur Cleveland Coxe describes Halloween so well in just two short lines – a night celebrated by the dead! The lines have been taken from a book called Halloween, A Romaunt by Coxe, who was an Episcopal bishop from New York.

Quote 3

Quote 4

Think of Halloween and what do you see? Little kids dressed as elves, fairies, ghosts, and the like running around from one house to another to get their share of treats before the night ends. That is exactly what Joel Benton, an American writer, wanted his readers to picture when they read these lines.

Quote 4

Quote 5

William Motherwell was a Scottish poet and author. This quote by him, possibly an extract from his works, is perhaps one of the creepiest Halloween quotes out there. Think about spirits floating in the sky, and moving as they like using magic, which is said to be at its strongest on Halloween! Creepy!

Quote 5

Quote 6

While the others focused on spirits, Nicholas Gordon talks about how we innocently turn our fear into something better. Amazingly true, isn’t it? In their own innocent way, kids replace their fear with excitement that the holiday brings.

Quote 6

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Quote 7

This quote by Dexter Kozen announces the arrival of Halloween, in a rather scary way. Yeah, talk about hearing voices from the woods and trees on All Hallow’s Eve!

Quote 7

Quote 8

Taken from Canadian poet and author Virna Sheard’s poem called Halloween, this quote describes what many people in Europe believe All Souls Day to be – a day when the spirits are back from the other world. Spooky!

Quote 8

Quote 9

Robert Brault, a famous opera tenor from America, had this to say about Halloween, enough to make everyone look at the others in suspicion!

Quote 9

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Halloween Wishes And Greetings

Happy Halloween!

That’s an excellent way to greet all your friends and family you meet in person. But when you cannot be with your loved ones, you may want to use better words to express your feelings. Here is our list of inspiring lines to put in the Halloween greetings for kids!

1. Spooktacular it is!

What’s better than a spooky Halloween? Wish your loved ones just that with this excellent one liner for a greeting card. Send this to kids, and we guarantee you’ll get giggles in return.

Spooktacular it is!

2. Hear ye, hear ye!

Announcing the arrival of Halloween in style, this line goes well on your Halloween party invitations or even a class project by your kids.

Hear ye, hear ye!

3. The Best Fright?

Fear is not good. So how can it be best? Well, if it is Halloween, all fear is welcome. Wish your loved ones the best kind of fear, the fun-type, with this greeting.

The Best Fright

4. Treats or Hecklers

This is a fun way of telling your neighbors to give you treats or else, get heckled! But hey, don’t let your kids take this seriously.

Treats or Hecklers

5. The Signs Are Here

How do you know it’s time for Halloween? Just look for black cats, witches flying on their broomsticks.

The Signs Are Here

6. Rhyme It!

Rhymes are easy to remember. And kids love them. So why not use a fun rhyme to wish your family and friends a happy Halloween?

Rhyme It!

7. Look Around

What do you see around you on Halloween night? Goblins, witches, magicians, wizards, Elvis and what not! This greeting only asks you to be aware of all things scary, and of houses that don’t give away good candy (who wants half a bar of candy?).

Look Around

8. Be Whoever You Want

The best part about Halloween is you can be anyone or anything you want. And so can the others. Regardless of the costume, everybody deserves to have fun, don’t they?

Be Whoever You Want

9. Happiness For You

Halloween is about magic. With this greeting, ask the good witches to cook up some happiness potion to keep your loved ones happy on this day.

Happiness For You

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Top Three Halloween Songs for Kids

Throwing a Halloween party at home? Then you need music that makes your guests dance. Here is our list of three popular songs to play at a Halloween party that fit right into the mood.

1. Thriller by Michael Jackson

Released in 1982, Thriller by Michael Jackson is by far the best-selling album in the world, with over 65 million copies sold. The song Thriller is popular for its amazing choreography with the artists dressed as zombies, fresh out of their graves. No doubt that this is one of the best halloween songs of all time. The lyrics are just as creepy as the video.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

2. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett

Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash is one of the favorite Halloween themed songs you can find. Originally released as a single, the track was later a part of a complete monster-themed album called The Original Monster Mash, released in 1962. The song has a creepy, Halloween-ey touch, with Bobby’s base voice singing about Dracula, zombies, and everything else Halloween!

Play this, and your guests can’t help but dance the twist to it.

Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett

3. This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s movies have an eerie feel as it, with creepy-looking characters with big eyes and pale skin. Add to it a song like “This is Halloween,” and you have yourself a hit. It is a cool song that you can play at a kids’ Halloween party. Or better, you can use it for a school play.

This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas

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Halloween Poems for Kids

Poems are short and easy to learn by heart. Wouldn’t it be fun if your kids could go trick-or-treating singing these cute songs together? If you just nodded ‘yes’, this list of poems about Halloween for kids is for you.

1. Three Little Ghostesses by Kamil Fra

A simple poem with silly word rhymes, the Three Little Ghostesses is a short poem for younger kids. The poem only brings to mind three little naughty imps sloppily eating their buttered toasts! How scary can that be?

Three Little Ghostesses by Kamil Fra

2. The Skeleton Parade by Jack Prelutsky

Halloween is one night when all the skeletons come out of the closet without hesitation! So here is a poem dedicated to the bony ones.

The Skeleton Parade by Jack Prelutsky

3. Oh Boy! It’s Halloween Night… by Cissy Ramirez

Kids are excited about Halloween. There are no two ways about it. Your kids may not talk about their feelings, but this poem tells you exactly how they feel on Halloween night.

Oh Boy! It's Halloween Night... by Cissy Ramirez

Imagine your kid reciting this poem! I bet he’d be as cute as a goofy Daffy Duck!

4. Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe

Nobody writes the macabre better than Poe. Remember the Raven? It was certainly his best but not the only notable one. If you are looking for a few grim lines that your kids can recite when they’re out trick-or-treating, Spirits of the Dead poem has a few good lines for you. The poem has five stanzas. We picked one that best represents the Halloween spirit.

Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe

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Halloween brings up a mixed bag of emotions in kids: excitement, joy, fear, and gluttony (blame it on the candy!). The songs, poems, quotes and greetings are just a reflection of that, what your kids feel and think about the holiday. Use them any way you want but most of all, have fun when you do.

Does your kid have a favorite Halloween song or poem? Tell us about it here.

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