32 Best And Spooky Kids Halloween Costumes For 2024

Halloween is a magical holiday. It’s a time when everyone comes together to celebrate the occasion, and Halloween costumes for kids can make it uber exciting. Children enjoy the most on this holiday for obvious reasons – sweets and dressing up! They can dress up as anything they want – a witch, a green goblin, a devil, a ghost, a black cat, a bat, a superstar, an actor, a magician, a car, a fruit, a scarecrow, or even a vegetable.

If you and your child enjoy Halloween, you may want to make this year’s celebration a lot more unique and enjoyable than last year’s. Here is a compiled list of the best kid’s Halloween costumes for you to choose from and have a fun time with family and friends.

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32 Scary Halloween Costumes For Girls And Boys

What good is Halloween without a little fright? Dress up your little ones in scary costumes for a freaky fun All Hallows Evening!

1. Witch

Image: Shutterstock

When you think of Halloween and magic, you think of witches. You can dress your little girls as good witches, or wicked witches with a pointy hat and a broomstick to fly on. Won’t that be fun? A witch costume usually consists of a long black gown or a black pantsuit with a cape, a pointy hat, and black heels. The costume can be anything, as long as it is black or a combination of black and purple.

You can buy the outfit, or convert a black dress into a costume for trick-or-treating!

2. Zombie

Image: Shutterstock

The dead come back alive on Halloween, or so they say. While that may not be true, your little ones can have some scary fun by dressing up as zombies, or the walking dead. A Zombie costume is easy to make if you are willing to rip up your kid’s old jeans a little.

You could also make your kids’ halloween costumes by using dance wear, camouflage prints, old flannel shirts, t-shirts, and jackets. Your son not only gets to be a zombie, but he also gets to be any zombie he or she wants: a soldier zombie, a musical zombie, and a ballerina, dancer, or singer zombie.

3. Skeleton

Image: Shutterstock

The skeleton costume fits right into the Halloween mood, and it is one of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes you can make for your kids. The dress is cool and can be created with black pants and t-shirt, combined with a roll of white duct tape. Use the duct tape to create bone-like stripes on the black t-shirt and the pants.

You will have to make bones in the front and the back. Also, the t-shirt you choose should have full sleeves.

4. Werewolf

Image: Shutterstock

Wolverine has made the werewolf a very cool mythical being. Almost every teen boy wants to be one. Creating a werewolf costume need not be as complicated as it seems. You can create a simple wolf-man costume using a pair of jeans, a full sleeves t-shirt, a flannel shirt, boots, and a lot of wool or synthetic fur. You could buy the werewolf ears from a costume shop. Oh, and make sure to punch a few holes here and there in the flannel shirt for that authentic look.

Face paint can be used to create the wolf’s nose and hairy face. You can also use gloves to cover the hands.

protip_icon Point to consider
Ensure that your child’s costume is comfortable and is not too loose or tight. They should not feel suffocated in the outfit because of lousy fitting or poor material.

5. Vampire

Image: IStock

Vampires have become rather popular among youth, thanks to movie franchises that put them at the top. Vampires may be bloodsucking monsters, but to those who are fans of The Vampire Diaries or the Twilight series, they are plain cool.

Halloween is not complete without a Vampire in the house. Vampire costumes are available in several local stores. To add to that, just do a paint job on the face to make the child look pale and rather gory. And don’t worry, people will treat your vampire with goodies. Otherwise, they just end up in their bad books. Remember what happened to Lucy Westenra in Dracula!

6. Mummy

Image: IStock

Use toilet paper or bandage to roll around your kid in random ways. Use Kohl to smear the bandage and also the exposed skin to make him seem like a mummy. Use striped cloth for the headgear. Tie it on his head in a manner that resembles a Pharaoh. Ha, now he will look like a walking Tutankhamun! It is a scary Halloween costume idea for kids.

Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is a yearly affair, but you cannot use the same costume every year, especially with growing kids.

Mom to a baby boy, Joanne Marie Babalis shares how she made a costume for her little one from scratch. She writes, “I still knew that somehow he needed to be Sebastian the crab for his first Halloween…After searching high and low without any luck at all, I decided that the only way left was to hand-make it myself.”

She procured all the required materials to make the costume. After seeing the results, she says, “My Sebastian the crab actually turned out better than I had anticipated, which does tend to happen with these creative processes! This is the first Halloween costume that I have ever made, and I enjoyed the experience very much (i).”

So, here are a few costumes that you can make at home, no sewing required, to create budget-friendly, cool Halloween costumes for children.

7. Nerd

Image: IStock

Okay, nerds are not weird or anything. But they are different, which makes them characters that people want to imitate sometimes. The good news is that a nerd costume is very easy to make if you get the right kind of clothes for your little one. That said, this dress is ideal for babies and toddlers because young kids and preteens may not want to be one.

To create the costume, you’d need a white shirt, pants with suspenders, and big nerdy glasses and your costume is ready. A nerd outfit is also a great last minute Halloween costume idea for kids.

8. Katy Perry

Image: Harmony Gerber / Shutterstock

Who doesn’t want to be Katy Perry? She is stylish, sings amazingly well, and has a unique (or shall we say weird) dressing sense. There are several Katy Perry costumes you can try on your little girl. But the Candy Cotton swimsuit that Katy wore at a concert is an easy DIY Halloween costume for kids.

You will need a plain white swimsuit, colorful disco balls and fabric glue to stick them to the swimsuit. The disco balls should be lightweight and no bigger than a tennis ball.

  • Cut the disco balls in half and apply glue to the flatter side. Stick the balls in different places on the front and back of the swimsuit.
  • Let it dry before using it.

You could always replace the swimsuit with a pant suit or a full-length body suit as well.

protip_icon Quick tip
If your child likes K-pop, then they can dress as one of their favorite Korean artists too.

9. Frankenstein Monster

Image: IStock

Frankenstein monster is yet another all-time Halloween favorite, with stitches all over his body and green colored skin. Your little monster need not be scary. You can make him cute too. All you would need is a black pant, black shirt, and green jacket with patches. For the head, you will need green felt, red felt (just a scrap), fabric glue, and faux fur.

  • Cut a sheet of green felt, big enough to wrap around your child’s head. The cloth should be 12 to 15 inches wide.
  • Fold the fabric vertically to make a hat that is between six and eight inches long. Make a cylinder from this cloth and glue at the ends to secure it.
  • Create the neck piece by cutting another piece of felt, around six to eight inches long. Create two such pieces.
  • Glue one piece to one side of the hat and the second one to the other side. Join the open ends of the neck pieces using glue, under the chin. You can tuck the remaining cloth inside the t-shirt.
  • Use the scarp red felt to cut out a scar and stick it on the head.
  • Top the head with the faux fur and your Frankenstein monster is ready to roar.

10. 80s Rocker

Image: IStock

Guns ‘n’ Roses, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake… the list of 80s rockers is a pretty long one. If your kid likes music and wants a cool outfit for Halloween, then why not pick an 80s rocker costume?

A rocker costume is easy to make with basic clothes. You will need dark blue jeans, or you could get leather pants with a black printed T-shirt, long-haired wig, and shoes. To complete this unusual kids’ Halloween costume, you can use black nail polish and eyeliner. For accessories, a plastic cord necklace should do. Add a guitar and you have an 80s rocker ready.

11. Flapper

Image: IStock

A flapper costume is a stylish option for the rebellious little girl in the house. Here is how to make it at home.

You will need a white ribbed top (two sizes bigger), bright colored fringe strips, two-inch wide satin ribbon, feather, faux fur boa, and hair gel.

  • Use the hot glue gun to stick the fringes in rows, from top to bottom on the front side of the top. Make sure that the entire front portion is covered, but leave the back of the tunic plain.
  • Take a large feather and glue it to the satin ribbon. The ribbon should be long enough to be wrapped around your girl’s head.
  • Accessorize the costume with a faux fur boa and you little flapper is ready.

12. Ladybug

Image: Shutterstock

Little kids look cutest when they dress up as cuddly animals and insects. The ladybug costume is one such you can consider for your little girl. This kind of halloween costumes for girls is ideal for those aged six or less. You can make the costume at home with cardboard, paints, black duct tape, pipe cleaners, and glue.

  • Cut the cardboard in the shape of wings and paint it red or pink. On that, add black circles cut from black paper.
  • You can also paint these black circles on the cardboard. Then join the wings using duct tape or glue and use strings for shoulder straps.
  • You can also use a black t-shirt with red stripes or red polka dots as top, black leggings or tights, red boots, and face paint to complete the look.
  • For the antennae, use a headband and cover it in matching the red paper. Attach the two pipe cleaners with red balls on top, and your antennae are ready.

Cute Halloween Costumes

It need not always be about the freaky, creepy stuff. When it comes to Halloween costumes, you can choose anything that looks cute and chipper even. Here is a list of cute costumes that your toddlers or younger kids can try.

13. Little devil

Image: IStock

The devil is the protagonist of All Hallows Eve. That makes the little devil costume a very good idea for your son or even daughter. You can buy the little devil costume for your baby from a store or make it on your own if you have the time and interest. The dress is easy to handle and keeps the child comfortable when he or she goes trick-or-treating.

14. Bunny

Image: IStock

A bunny is the cutest little animal that your child can get dressed as for Halloween. The bunny suit is usually a full body suit with a zipper, and is very comfortable to be in. You can rent a bunny costume, or buy one if you think your kid will use it again. Bunny costumes also keep your kids warm when they go out trick-or-treating.

protip_icon Point to consider
If you cannot find a bunny costume, look for a penguin or a teddy bear costume, which is also cute and comfortable for kids.

15. Bumblebee

Image: IStock

Bumblebees aren’t cute in reality. If any, they are dangerous and can put you in the hospital. But a kid dressed as a bumblebee? Now, that is cute! Making a bumblebee costume at home is not easy unless you are an expert costume maker. Bumblebee costumes are available in different sizes for kids of different ages.

16. Pumpkin

Image: IStock

If Halloween had a logo, pumpkins would surely be on it. That is what makes it a cute costume for kids. You can use cardboard or cloth to make a pumpkin costume for your toddler. Or, you could buy a ready-made pumpkin suit with a soft cushion or padding to make a cuddly pumpkin. You can also dress your kid in a jack-o-lantern-themed costume.

Pet and Animal Halloween Kids’ Costumes

From a furry bear, cool cat to a winged bird, there are many animal costumes that you can pick. Here is a list of animal costumes you can try for your children this year. Animal costumes are ideal for younger ones.

17. Cool cat

Image: Shutterstock

A cat is a witch’s best friend. And making a cat’s costume at home is easy too. That makes a cool cat costume just the right animal costume for your kids. Here is how you can make a cool cat costume for your children.

You will need a black oversized black sweater (preferably), full sleeved black t-shirt or shirt, black pants, fabric glue, black ribbon, black headband, black marabou, and straightened clothes hangers.

  • Use the black pants, black sleeveless sweater, and t-shirt, to make the body.
  • For the tail, cut a black sweatshirt sleeve to the desired length. Glue the sleeve to the straightened hanger and top it with the black marabou. You can shape the tail by bending the clothes hanger.
  • You can cut triangles from the remaining sweatshirt sleeve or a similar piece of cloth. Attach the triangles to the headband to make the ears. You can add a bit of marabou to the tips of the ears to complete it.
  • Use face paint to draw whiskers and nose using washable black paint. You can also use thin, white wires made of plastic and glue them under the nose for whiskers. You can also use a black pompom for a nose, and your cool cat is ready.

18. Dog costume

Image: Shutterstock

A dog costume may not seem as appealing for Halloween, but if you are going for an animal theme this year, why not have a canine in the family? You can buy a dog costume for your baby. But if you want to make it at home, you will have to settle for a dalmatian. Here is one such easy way to make Halloween costumes for kids – the Dalmatian costume.

You will need a full-body suit, or white pants and a long, white t-shirt or top, a black fuzzy, velvety cloth, black mittens and socks, headband, and fabric glue.

  • Cut out small ‘spots’ from the black fuzzy fabric. You can make spots of different sizes, big or small. Leave some part of the black cloth for the ears.
  • Use the fabric glue to stick these spots to the white t-shirt or top and to the white pants. Give sufficient gap between each black patch to make them look like natural spots.
  • For the ears, cut out two three-inch wide and six-inch long strips. Stick each ear to one side of the headband.
  • You can use face paint to draw a nose and spots on the face.
  • Your homemade Dalmatian costume is ready!

19. Tiger

Image: IStock

If your kid is not into cats and dogs, you can get him or her to go a little wild with a tiger costume. The tiger is a beautiful animal and has an appeal that no other beast has. Hire or buy a complete tiger outfit kit with face masks and accessories. You could also get just the suit and use face paints to draw whiskers and the rest of the tiger’s fierce face.

20. Peacock

Image: Shutterstock

The peacock is one of the most colorful and beautiful creations of God. The peacock is an ideal costume for young girls who want to stand out in the crowd. You can create a peacock costume if you can get your hands on faux peacock feathers and a green body suit. Otherwise, it is best to get a complete peacock costume, although it is not easily available.

Fun Halloween Costumes For Kids

How about a cool costume that lets you have a little fun as well? Halloween is not just about wearing a dress. It is about becoming someone or something else for that short time for some real fun. Here are some fun Halloween costume ideas for kids.

21. Native American Indian

Image: Shutterstock

One of the coolest Halloween costumes for little kids is that of a Native American Indian chief. Here is a very easy way to make an American Indian costume for your girl. You will, however, need to stitch or sew a little to complete the outfit.

What do you need: one tan or brown colored t-shirts, one men’s long sleeved t-shirt of the same color, or of a contrasting brown color; scissors

  • One of the t-shirts will serve as the skirt, such that the neck becomes the waistband.
  • Cut the sleeves of the men’s t-shirt to half and slit along the length of the remaining sleeves. Cut it just up to the shoulder of the t-shirt.
  • Cut slits along the bottom of the t-shirt. The tunic or top is ready.
  • For the skirt, cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt and slice off one inch on the sides, diagonally. Stitch or sew the sides of the t-shirt.
  • Create slits along the bottom of the skirt (t-shirt) to complete the Indian look.

If you want to make a boy’s Native American costume, replace the t-shirt with tan colored pants and slit the bottom part. You can also create frills or fringes using the cloth from the t-shirt and add them to the sides of the skirt or the trouser.

Use a tan or dark brown colored cloth to create a headband, the one that goes around the head and put a feather in it. A little face paint can also be used to add detail to the look.

22. Ballerina

Image: IStock

Imagine your little girl prancing around on her toes in the living room, in her pink ballerina gown. It is a sight that can make you smile!

Make your little one a fine dancer with a simple ballerina costume. The costume is not easy to make, unless you have the right sewing machine, materials, and most importantly, the know-how to sew. Thankfully, most costume stores have this outfit in stock, in different sizes.

23. Mime artist

Image: Shutterstock

A mine artist is a unique choice for a Halloween costume. The costume is easy to make as well, and needs little effort. If you get it right, your child can stand out as a mime artist. You will need black pants with suspenders, a white t-shirt or a striped t-shirt, face paints, and a black hat.

All you need to make your kid a mime is to paint his face all white, a red lipstick to accentuate the color of his lips, and black eyeshadow. You can also try to emphasize the necessary features with relevant colored body paint. The fun part is that your ‘mime’ cannot shout ‘trick or treat’. Instead, he will mime the expression in the most cajoling ways to grab his treat.

24. Mary Poppins

Image: IStock

Mary Poppins is the world’s favorite nanny. She is adored by kids and wanted by parents all over the world. Turn your kid into a magical nanny who descends from the skies (with an umbrella no less!). Our lives will be a lot easier with someone like Mary Poppins around, after all!

Dressing up your kid like Mary Poppins is simple. All you need is a white dress with a black coat, a black hat with flowers tucked in, black boots, a color scarf, and the flying umbrella! Don’t forget to get your little one to carry her umbrella as she meets her friends! Isn’t it an easy Halloween costume to make for your kids?

25. Rainbow costume

Image: Shutterstock

Halloween is not a time for rainbows, but a little color amongst the dark colored costumes doesn’t hurt. Also, this is a Halloween costume you can make with little effort.

You will need a colorful tutu, multi-colored ribbons, rainbow striped pajamas, and rainbow or candy-colored striped tank-top, pink full-sleeved T-shirt, a paper bucket, and white shoes.

  • Get your kid to wear the striped pajamas with the full-sleeved pink top. Put the rainbow colored tank top over it. Then, put on the tutu skirt on top.
  • Create a headband using the rainbow-colored ribbons. Cut an eight-inch strip of colored chart paper or cardboard. Glue the rainbow colored ribbon to it, leaving at least five-inches of the ribbon dangling on either side, for straps.
  • Create a bucket using yellow colored paper and use the rainbow colored ribbon to make a handle for it.
  • You can take white canvas shoes and use washable paint to make rainbow colored shoes as well, instead of buying them.

You could accessorize with colorful wristbands to complete the rainbow costume.

Unique Kids Halloween Costumes

Why dress up like everyone else when you can be different? Here are some unique Halloween costume ideas for children.

26. Spy kid

Image: Shutterstock

Remember the movie Spy Kids? The children dressed in sleek black outfits and used cool gadgets to defeat the bad guys. A spy costume is one of the coolest options for preteens, sans the devices of course. You can buy a Spy Kids movie costume, or you can make a spy/detective costume for your children at home.

A typical spy costume is an all-black attire, with black pants, black shirt and long black coat, and a black hat. A magnifying glass, goggles, binoculars, and gloves can be used as accessories to go with the character.

You can also try costumes of famous detectives like Sherlock Holmes, the Pink Panther, and Hercule Poirot.

27. Crystal Gazer

Image: IStock

Halloween nights are the time for divination games in a few cultures. Why don’t you dress your kid up as a crystal-gazer? Get her to wear dark clothes with a hat (pointed like that of a witch) and carry the crystal ball along. She may not be an accurate soothsayer, but she can indeed predict getting lots of candy at the visits!

28. Gypsy Queen

Image: Shutterstock

Time to get your girl decked up in some Bohemian clothes and accessories. Perhaps a little cardboard or paper cut-out crown will complete the look of a Gypsy Queen. Give her a rucksack to collect her treats and she will look like a gypsy setting off on a long trail.

Make your gypsy queen costume at home with a long frilled skirt, a white top, a bandana for the head, long dangling earrings, finger rings, bracelets, and necklaces made of beads.

29. Naruto – The Ninja

Image: Shutterstock

Who is your kid’s favorite ninja? Be it Naruto or Ninja Hatori, being a ninja is a sign of being powerful. For a Naruto costume, a neck-high black jacket with an oyster like orange color paper or cardboard mask with an eyehole should do. So people out there, freeze! Here arrives our ninja this Halloween.

30. The Martian

Image: Shutterstock

Get your kid to look like a Martian this Halloween. Get him to wear an all-scarlet or brick red outfit – perhaps a tight-fitting polo-neck t-shirt with matching colored tights will complete the look. Make a skirt out of stripes of color papers stuck on a string.

Tie the string around the waist. He could also wear a mask and a helmet to enhance the look. Stick a broom brush on the top of the helmet. Color the exposed part of the skin in white to give a mysterious look. How about some giant-size shoes, a pair of white gloves, and a wallet to dangle around the belt? He will look like an alien just descended from Mars!

31. Garden Gnome

Image: Shutterstock

Garden gnomes are figurines used to decorate gardens. The dolls represent dwarf-like humanoids that live in gardens. A garden gnome can be male or female. You can turn your little one into a cute garden gnome with the right outfit and accessories.

A jacket, a pointed hat, and a beard will add some real effects. Get your child to sit in with a Halloween pumpkin and welcome the guests into the garden. They will be amused at the ‘puniness’ of the charming host.

32. The little mermaid

Make your little one look like a Disney character with this delightful Halloween costume. A mermaid costume is a classic and timeless choice for younger children that will grab people’s attention. This costume prioritizes simplicity and comfort and requires a purple top, green scarves for the skirt, and a charming shell necklace. To elevate the look, add a hair scarf as a belt or go all out with a wig. To truly enchant, apply sparkly makeup, transforming the mermaid costume into a captivating and magical creation perfect for a night of Halloween festivities. Don’t forget to add some mesmerizing face painting to give the underwater look.

Halloween Costumes For Kids_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make sure my child’s Halloween costume is safe and comfortable?

Avoid costumes and accessories with sharp edges, such as swords and canes, to keep your child’s Halloween costume safe and comfortable. You should also never use decorative contact lenses because they could increase the risk of eye infections. Moreover, use caution if using face paint for your child, as it may cause an allergic reaction.

2. How can I involve my child in choosing their Halloween costume?

Ask your child what they prefer if you are choosing a costume for them. Your child will be interested in choosing the costume they most connect with because every child is unique and has particular preferences. Include your children in additional Halloween-related activities, such as games, stories, and decorations, to spark their interest.

3. How early should I start looking for Halloween costumes for my child?

Preparing for Halloween costumes 2-4 weeks before the Halloween activities begin would be a good idea to avoid last-minute delays and confusion.

4. Are there any eco-friendly Halloween costumes for children?

You can create eco-friendly Halloween costumes using old shirts, pants, and socks. Instead of buying new, you may shop at yard sales, consignment shops, and thrift stores.

Our list of Halloween costumes for kids would cater to the needs of every child. We have listed ideas ranging from adorable animals to spooky vampires and other scary creatures. Since Halloween is not restricted to the only characters mentioned above, you could also try other ideas around the themes of famous personalities, superheroes, and other mythological creatures. You could either rent out or purchase these costumes. But if you have enough time to spare, we suggest you prepare these costumes from scratch and customize them as per the child’s taste. That way, your child gets to pick the accessories and be the proud owner of a unique Halloween costume.

Infographic: Perfect Costume Ideas For Children To Celebrate Halloween

At the end of October month, along with the winter breeze, comes the season of Halloween. While even adults are excited about this festival, for children, it is the time to get in their spooky looks and collect their trick-or-treats. The following infographic includes a list of costume ideas perfect for dressing up your child this Halloween season.

cute halloween costume ideas for children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Let this Halloween be memorable fpr your child with a unique costume. Check out our video for awesome Halloween costume ideas for kids! We’ve got something for everyone, from Marvel superheroes to princesses!

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