DIY Halloween Party Games For Kids In 2021

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Halloween is around the corner and we’re sure that you have already started with your preparations. Playing trick or treat and dressing up as your favorite spooky character are the main attractions of Halloween. But once those are done and all the family and friends sit together in the house, you do need some games to keep the excitement going. This is where party games are the best thing to get started with. Party games are a brilliant way to keep kids entertained and get them in the mood for the spookiest festival of the year. The whole idea of any festival, Halloween included, is to bring the whole family together and ensure that everyone has a great time. With a bunch of exciting games, you’re sure to have all that covered!

What’s best about these games is that they are easy to conduct! All you need are readily available items, such as pumpkins, ping pong balls, and balloons, to name a few. And you can, of course, add your personal touch to make them more exciting, scary, or outright hilarious. So, without waiting any longer, let’s get started with a bunch of super DIY Halloween Party Games:

1. Ring Toss With Witch Hats

Ring Toss With Witch Hats

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Witches go hand in hand with Halloween, so it’s a great idea to incorporate the elements of witches into a ring toss game. All you have to do is use witch hats as cones for the game to play this one. Arrange them in a straight line, and hand out the rings to the kids. Whoever gets the most number of rings on the hats wins! You can make your own witch hats with cardboard paper.

2. Eating Donuts Without Hands

Eating Donuts Without Hands

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Kids love to play, and they all love donuts (well, most of them do), so how about bringing them together to make the best of both worlds? For this game, you’ll have to tie a string across and hang a bunch of donuts. The kids will have to eat the donuts without using their hands; the first one to finish their donuts wins! The string has to be hung at an optimal length so your child will be able to eat from it easily. No matter who wins, one thing is for sure — you’ll have a gallery of funny pictures to look back on!

3. Stomping On The Pumpkin Patch

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This is a fun game that the kids will absolutely love! Imagine your little giants stomping across a pumpkin patch and destroying all those evil Jack-O’Lanterns! The kid who destroys the most is the strongest and the winner of this game! Don’t freak out — the kids won’t have to stomp on real pumpkins. We know how messy that can get. Plus, it’s such a waste! Instead of pumpkins, use bright orange balloons. Draw the face of Jack-O’Lantern on them, or stick pieces of foam to make it look like it. Let the stomping begin! Be prepared for a lot of noise, courtesy of bursting balloons.

4. Ping Pong, The Eyeball Version!

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Ping pong is a fun game, but guess what’s better? Eyeball Pong! Instead of using the conventional ping pong balls, use a sharpie to make them look like eyeballs. Sounds morbid? Maybe, but that’s what Halloween is all about! You can also turn it into a game of beer pong — without the alcohol, since it is for kids, after all. Use the ping pong balls to bounce them across the table and into a cup. For added gore effects, ensure that the drink is red in color. Play make pretend that the drink is actually the blood of humans and the one drinking turns into a vampire. The players have to get the ping pong balls into the cup, and the one who gets the most dunks is the winner! It’s a fun game, and everyone will love it!

5. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

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This one is an absolute favorite, and for a good reason — it’s one of the best Halloween games, and scavenger hunts are a hard-to-miss this festive holiday. For this game, you will have to make a skeleton with foam or cardboard. Once done, gently cut it into several pieces. Hide each part of the skeleton in different places. The idea is to give the kids a bunch of clues so they can hunt for all the different parts of the skeleton and find them!

6. Pumpkin Bowling Alley

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What we love about this game the most is that it’s suitable for people of all ages! Give bowling a touch of Halloween by using a bunch of skittles and a pumpkin for the ball. If a pumpkin is too much for the kids to handle, get them turnips instead. Don’t forget to draw a Jack-O’Lantern on the pumpkin or turnip!

7. Pin The Spider On The Web?

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Remember the game “Pin a tail on the donkey”? This is the Halloween version of the same! Spiders and cobwebs are all synonymous with Halloween, so why not? Draw a cobweb on cardboard or chart, and make tiny spiders. The kids will have to be blindfolded for this game. Turn them around a couple of times, and they’re all set. They have to pin the spider safely in the middle of the web, much like hitting the bull’s eye.

Whether it is during the day while getting the preparations underway or later at night after wrapping up the shenanigans, party games are a great way to engage friends and family. For kids, these games get their enthusiasm and energy in the high. With the variety of do-it-yourself games we suggested in this article, we’re sure you’d have no worry about finding one that fits your surroundings and situation. And while these games are great for kids, there’s no denying that adults will enjoy them too. Get every member of your family to participate, and they’ll all have a ball of a time! Do you have any fun DIY Halloween party games for kids? Share them with us in the comments below!

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