Is An Eclipse Harmful During Pregnancy?

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The journey of giving birth to a child is the most exciting one for any woman. It is rightly considered the most blessed time in one’s life. Every mother takes immense pleasure and pride in being the nurturer of a tiny life being fostered inside her womb.

Pregnancy is a period of utmost importance. As a result of this, the moment you conceive, a bunch of instructions start pouring in from everywhere. This leaves you confused, especially if it is your first pregnancy.

Eclipse during pregnancy truly holds a confusion. For years, there has been a conflict about whether or not an eclipse affects a pregnant woman, and if yes, then how?

Trying to understand if it is really an omen or just a simple science-based logic will help you decide if there is really an effect of eclipse on pregnancy.

What Is An Eclipse?

An eclipse is just as natural a phenomenon as is sunrise or sunset or even weather and climate change for that matter.

  • An eclipse occurs when the sun, the moon and the earth, all three come in one single line.
  • When the moon comes between the sun and the earth, it is called solar eclipse.
  • When the earth comes in between the sun and the moon, it is termed as lunar eclipse.

Eclipse During Pregnancy – Is It Really Bad?

Various cultures across the world have various takes on this.

  • While some consider eclipse as a bad omen for pregnant women, there are others who don’t agree with it.
  • Scientifically, there has been no evidence to prove that eclipse (both lunar and solar) can be harmful during pregnancy.

However, more than myths and following traditions blindly, it is important to look at things logically.

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Myth Or Science?

Let’s have a look at whether eclipse can harm one only during pregnancy or if it can be harmful in general as well:

1. Don’t Look At The Sun And Stay Indoors:

Yes, this is true, but this rule doesn’t apply only when you are pregnant. Rather, you should avoid looking at the sun directly during solar eclipse even when you are not pregnant. The reason:

  • Sun’s radiation can be harmful when looked at directly. You must take proper precautions if you are planning to watch it.
  • Watching the eclipse with naked eye can actually affect the exposure that your retina will have to the intense visible light of the sun.
  • It can even result in retinal burns due to the damage done to the light-sensitive cone cells and rod.
  • So whether you are pregnant or not, you should avoid staring at the sun directly during an eclipse as it can damage your eyes and develop what is known as ‘eclipse blindness’.
  • Hence proven this has a scientific logic.

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2. Do Not Eat, Drink Or Cook During An Eclipse:

You must have heard a thousand different things about eclipse from many people in your family. One such instruction is to avoid eating, drinking or cooking completely during an eclipse. Even this holds true. Here is how and why:

  • It is a known fact that the sun rays are very important and are the reason for our survival.
  • Without these rays, the earth might be just another place with lots of harmful microbes and germs. This is what happens during eclipses.
  • Due to the sun being blocked, its rays too get blocked.
  • As a result, there is a sudden drop in temperature.
  • This temperature drop and missing sun rays cause microbes, bacteria and harmful germs to rise.
  • This is said to affect food items and almost every perishable item for that matter.
  • Hence it is advised to avoid eating, drinking or even cooking during an eclipse.
  • The sun rays kill all the harmful bacteria and germs, which otherwise might prove dangerous for humans.
  • Hence proven this has a scientific logic.

Most people throw away all the food items prepared before the eclipse. This is just to avoid any kind of contamination or damage that the increased bacteria and microbes might have on food during an eclipse.

These were the major myths and beliefs regarding eclipse during pregnancy. It is highly advised that you visit your doctor and clarify every doubt that you might have. An eclipse is the most spectacular phenomenon of nature. It should not be looked upon as an omen.

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Having said that, when your elders warn you against eclipses, realize that it is only for you and your baby’s safety. They might be warning you out of their beliefs and myths. However, you know that these myths are born out of science and have simply been given a new face in the name of culture, tradition and myths.

We hope this article helped you clear your doubts regarding eclipse and pregnancy. We love to hear from you about your opinion on pregnancy and eclipses. Do you think eclipses are bad omen for pregnant women? Please leave your comments below and share your thoughts with us.

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