15 Best Charming And Magical Harry Potter Baby Names

Harry Potter movies, books, and characters have fascinated adults and children alike for years now. If you want to name your newborn after the famous characters, this post presents the Harry Potter baby names that your child would love as they grow up. Many names of Harry Potter characters have their origin from Latin, French, and British. However, these names are known to have a touch of fantasy flair. You can perhaps call your little girl Hermione or boy Neville. Here we got you covered the top inspiring names to give your baby.

15 Coolest Harry Potter Baby Names

1. Harry:

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This name had to start the list. The name was every person’s elderly uncle in the United Kingdom until Princess Diana chose the name for her second son. Then came Harry Potter and the name became a rage. Meaning ‘estate ruler,’ Harry is among the top names for guys in the United Kingdom.

2. Ginny:

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Ginny was Ron’s younger sister, and Harry’s love interest and later wife. It was great fun watching Ginny grow from a fun loving little girl to a smart and fearless woman. Harry And Ginny made a perfect match, isn’t it? The name Ginny, with a granny-chic effect, is gaining immense popularity with the traditional parents. Ginny is also a fresh alternative to Jenny, which means ‘maiden.’ If you find Ginny too informal, then you can go with her given name Ginevra.

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3. Fleur:

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The French word for ‘flower’, Fleur was the girl who stole Bill Weasley’s heart. Fleur is a classy, feminine name. It is a relatively little-used name, but will surely climb the baby name popularity list in the years to come.

4. Charles:

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Charles Weasley was the eldest brother of Ron, who went to study dragons in Romania. The name Charles is famous across the pond. And why wouldn’t it be. After all, who wouldn’t want to be identified after a dragon-bickering wizard? It ranked seventh most used Harry potter name for baby in the United Kingdom in 2009. The meaning of Charles is ‘free man’.

5. Kingsley:

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Kingsley was the name of the famous Auror, who joins the Order of Phoenix in the fifth book. Since then, the name has been steadily climbing the popularity charts. Kingsley has enough of a hipster and chic vibe to make it big. The name of the Auror-turned-Minister of Magic means ‘king’s forest clearing.’

6. Fred:

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Fred was the elder brother of Ron and the twin of George Weasley. Fred dropped from the popularity list after being a favorite until 2002. But thanks to the Harry Potter book and film series, the name is regaining its popularity, having already reached the 914th spot. Fred means ‘peaceful ruler.’

7. George:

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George is the twin brother of Fred and elder brother of Ron. Royal, stable, saintly, strong, yet friendly George is in the prime position of a comeback, especially after being chosen by the royal couple. We also believe that Prince William and Princess Kate were secret Harry Potter fans. What do you think about it?

8. Ron:

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Accept it; Harry could never have a better best friend than Ron Weasely, the most famous redhead at the Hogwarts. We loved him from the very first page to the closing page of Book 7. Ron was on the 345th spot on the Social Security Administrations in the year 2015. The meaning of Ron is ‘ruler with counsel’.

9. Hermione:

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Hermione is not a name invented by J.K Rowling. The name was very popular in the United States during the First World War. The name Hermione was far removed from the mainstream in the 90s. It came out of obscurity in the early 2000s, and today, it is one of the most sought after Harry Potter inspired names. This quirky name means ‘earthy.’

10. Albus:

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Albus was the first name of the most lovable headmaster of Hogwarts, formally known as Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Apart from being the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore was also the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of International Confederation of Wizards and Order of the Phoenix. Albus was also the name of the second son of Harry Potter. The meaning of Albus is ‘white and bright’.

11. Dudley:

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Dudley Dursley is one of Harry’s cousins living on Privet Drive. He was terrified of magic as a child after the tail of the pig attached to his backside. Dudley is an uncommon name in Europe and the United States, so your child will surely stand out in the crowd at his school.

12. Draco:

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Draco Malfoy is a Slytherin student and the arch rival of Harry Potter. He is the seeker and perfect for the Slytherin Quidditch Team. This bad boy with a soft side has a fitting name because the name Draco means ‘serpent or dragon.’ Draco is also considered a variant of Drake.

13. Arthur:

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This name is inspired by Arthur Weasley, the patriarch of the Weasley family. We think that every Harry Potter reader has a soft spot for this muggle-loving wizard. Arthur works for Ministry of Magic and the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects.

14. Amelia:

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Amelia Bones was the Head of the Department of Hogwarts. She was struck down by Voldemort in the sixth book. Since the year 2000, the name Amelia has jumped from 207th to 23rd spot. Amelia was also the 15th most popular girl name in the United States. This lovely Victorian name means ‘work.’

15. Arabella:

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Do you remember Arabella Figg, the trusted Squib who looked after Harry while he was staying in Little Whinging? Arabella has gained extreme popularity in Europe and United Sates in the last decade. The meaning of this elegant and lovely name is ‘yielding to prayer’.

A child is first identified by their name, and it is crucial to make the right choice. Naming a child after famous characters is a popular trend. If you are fascinated by the magic around all characters of the Harry Potter series, you can name your little one after any of them. You may name your baby boy Harry, Ron, Albus, or Arthur, choosing Hermioni, Fleur, Amelia, or Ginny for your little princess. These Harry Potter baby names are diverse in their origin and have a touch of magnificent fantasy.

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