Hay Fever While Breastfeeding – You Should Be Aware Of

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As a lactating mom, do you regularly suffer from nasal congestion or sneezing? Do you want to know the causes of such health discomforts? You will get answers to all your questions by reading the following post.

The occurrence of hay fever is quite common for lactating mothers. With proper medical treatment, mothers can get rid of such health discomforts and take proper care of their newborn baby. In this article, we discuss hay fever while breastfeeding, its causes and symptoms in detail. Lactating mothers would be greatly benefited by reading this post.

What Is Hay Fever?

Hay fever is a health condition caused due to the allergic reactions triggered by harmful impurities called ‘allergen’. It is normally triggered by airborne allergens that come from plants or fungi. Some of the mothers may suffer from mild symptoms of the disease like cough or sneezing. For severe health discomforts like asthma or breathing problems, seek requisite guidance from the doctor.

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Symptoms Of Hay Fever In Lactating Mothers:

The allergic reaction occurring due to the presence of harmful allergens can cause several signs of discomforts. Some of the symptoms of hay fever in lactating mothers are as follows:

  • Frequent sneezing
  • Watery or itchy eyes
  • Cough
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Tiredness

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Causes Of Hay Fever In Lactating Mother:

In the process of sensitization, the immune system of the lactating mothers gets infected due to the presence of airborne pollutants or so-called allergens in the atmosphere. The pollutants get blended with the bloodstream and cause numerous health discomforts for the mother.

Pollutants To Trigger Hay Fever In Lactating Mothers:

The different air pollutants and allergens released from plants can trigger hay fever in mothers. Some of such pollutants may include:

  • Fungal Allergens-Allergens produced from the spores of the indoor fungi, or outdoor moulds can trigger the conditions of hay fever. This kind of indoor mould grows, due to the dampness or excessive humidity of your indoor areas.
  • House Dust- House dust containing harmful organic or non-organic substances. Some of such impurities are dust mites, hair, smoke, dirt, fibres, mould spores, pollen grains and insects. These impurities can trigger the disease of hay fever in mothers. The dirty carpets or upholstered furniture can contain such germs, which may be extremely harmful to the lactating mothers.
  • Pets- Hairy allergens from the household pets like dogs or cats can induce severe allergic reactions in the lactating mother.
  • Pollens-Exposure to pollens released from outdoor trees and plants can often cause problems of hay fever in mothers.

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Why Lactating Mothers Are More Prone To Suffer From Hay Fever?

Lactating mothers can easily get infected by air pollutants and are more prone to suffer from hay fever. The airborne allergens easily trigger the allergic conditions within the mother’s bloodstream, and she may suffer from hay fever.

Curative Measures To Prevent Hay Fever In Lactating Mothers:

By living is a hygienic and dirt-free living environment, lactating mothers can easily stay away from Hay fever.

Some of the curative measures to prevent hay fever are as follows:

  • Keeping your household furniture’s and carpets clean and hygienic can reduce the presence of harmful dust particles.
  • Try to keep your windows and doors shut, during temperate and humid season, to prevent entry of harmful dust pollutants or pollens.
  • After coming from outdoors, wash your hair and body thoroughly with antiseptic soap.
  • Wear eye-sunglasses, when going out of your house.

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Treatment Of Hay Fever While Breastfeeding:

Some of the common hay fever medication while breastfeeding or treatments preferred by doctors are:

  • Antihistamine tablets (or liquid medicines)

Have you suffered from hayfever when breastfeeding? Did your child suffer any problems? What were the symptoms of the disease experienced by you?

Go ahead, and share your experiences on hay fever and breastfeeding with other moms here!

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