HCTZ (Hydrochlorothiazide) During Pregnancy - Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

Hydrochlorothiazide And Pregnancy

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Do you suffer from hypertension and is the situation complicating your pregnancy? Are you wondering about taking some HTCZ to ease your condition, but are worried it might have adverse effects?

If these questions have you worried, worry no more. Read our post and learn about hydrochlorothiazide and pregnancy.

What Is HCTZ?

HTCZ or Hydrochlorothiazide is a medication used to treat high blood pressure or swelling in women due to a buildup of fluid. It is the first line of treatment for high blood pressure or hypertension. The medication is administered orally, and it may be used along with other blood pressure medicines, to increase its effectiveness.

Before starting you on the medicine, your doctor will discuss the medical history, the potential risks and benefits of Hydrochlorothiazide during pregnancy. The medication primarily treats blood pressure, but it can also treat liver and kidney problems. The severity of the medical condition and your age will determine the dosage needed to treat the condition.

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Hydrochlorothiazide And Pregnancy – The Safety Profile:

HCTZ is a diuretic that stimulates the kidneys to excrete salt and fluids from the body. HCTZ is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding because it can pass from mother to the baby. Animal studies have not produced any evidence of the drug harming the fetus while the animal is pregnant. The drug should be used if it is clearly needed. If you are diabetic, or allergic to sulfa medications, you should not use HCTZ.

HCTZ is a known diuretic and remains effective and safe. Due to the competitive binding nature, the drug is also being considered for other conditions. The drug is currently being studied as a potential treatment for a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. Through further studies, the drug might be used for treating many forthcoming diseases .

If there is no alternative, doctors prescribe HCTZ during pregnancy. Avoid dehydration in hot weather, while you are taking HCTZ. Also, talk to the doctor about the diet you need to follow and the amount of fluid you need to drink. In some cases drinking too much fluid might also harm the fetus and not drinking enough might have adverse effects as well. You might feel dizzy when trying to get up from the bed or a lying position.

Diet To Supplement HCTZ Intake During Pregnancy:

The doctor may ask you to follow a specific diet to supplement HCTZ in pregnancy.

The typical HCTZ supplementary diet includes low-salt or low sodium foods. The doctor may ask you to increase the amount of potassium in your body, by consuming more potassium-rich foods.

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Side Effects Of HTCZ During Pregnancy:

HCTZ can induce many side effects during pregnancy, some of which include:

• Headache
• Stomach Pain
• Black or Tarry stools
• Bloody urine
• Chest pain
• Diarrhea
• Fever
• Itching
• Nausea
• Photosensitivity
• Gout
• Weight Gain
• Pancreatitis
• Low magnesium
• Low Sodium
• High calcium
• High blood sugar
• Hypokalemia or low blood levels of potassium

The side effects increase with the dosage and are most common for doses greater than 25mg per day.

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When To Consult The Doctor?

It is important to consult your doctor and check your progress at regular intervals. Blood and urine tests might help the doctor with his diagnosis. Inform the doctor if you suffer from convulsions, decreased urine, dry mouth, drowsiness, excessive thirst and increased pulse rate.

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A Word Of Caution:

In case you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember it. If it is time for the next dose, then skip the missed dose. Do not take a double dose if you miss a dose.

Seek emergency help if there are signs of allergy. Talk to the doctor before you resume the medication.

If you have further information on the effects of hydrochlorothiazide pregnancy, please write to us below. It would help fellow mommies make well-informed decisions.

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