21 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Care About You Anymore

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Love is like a beautiful dream that keeps you happy for as long as it lasts. The man who claimed to never live without you now spends more time away from you. He promised never to hurt you but is now completely ignorant of your feelings.

Love can fade, and when it does, you cannot do much about it. Your man is probably acting differently as if he doesn’t love you anymore. You may or may not be right, but you cannot deny that you feel something is wrong with him. Keep reading as we help you identify some signs that may mean he doesn’t care anymore.

21 Signs He Doesn’t Care About You

Your man may not spell it out to you, but if he has stopped caring about you, he will show it through his actions. If he exhibits the following signs, be sure that it is over for him.

1. He shows no respect while talking to you

Your man did mind his language and talked to you respectfully initially but not anymore. He might temporarily mind his manners when reprimanded, but it does not take him long to be rude and uncaring while talking to you. Men are always at their best behavior when talking to the woman they like. They even refrain from using cuss words around them. If he disrespects you, it means he doesn’t care about you.

2. He cheats on you

A man who truly cares about his woman will never cheat on her. If your guy cheats on you, no bigger indicator suggests he does not care about you. Blinded by love, you forgive him, and he promises never to do it again. But, his promise breaks the moment you turn your back to him. He may hate confrontation, but he certainly does not care about hurting your feelings by cheating on you with someone else.

3. He is always busy and unavailable

No doubt he may have multiple things to take care of in his life, but if he likes you, he will make time for you. However, if your guy is too busy to even text you back or ask about your well-being, it means he does not care. No matter when you call him, he will most certainly be too busy to talk to you. He is clearly avoiding you, hoping you will get the message loud and clear.

4. He makes you do stuff for him but does nothing for you

He calls you and asks you to run errands for him or do stuff he is supposed to do. You oblige, but he is neither thankful nor tries to return the favor. He flatly refuses to do anything you ask him to do. And even if he does something, he does it half-heartedly and badly so that you never ask him any favors again.

5. He does not care to remember important dates

Forgetting dates is common in some people, but not caring to do anything about it shows his disinterest in the relationship. You might remind him that it is your anniversary, but he does not seem enthused about it. He neither tries to celebrate it nor bothers to give you anything.

6. He does not pay for anything

A man spends on a woman because he wants her to know that he cares. In cases where a man has fallen out of love, even if you ask him to get anything for the house, he will pretend to forget it. You might also be the one footing the bills for all your outings. This is because he does not consider you important or deserving enough.

7. He seldom calls you first

Answer with a “yes” or “no” to this question. Are you always the one to initiate a conversation or call him first? If yes, it is the clearest sign that he does not care for you anymore. When a man likes a woman, he will always stay in touch with her. He will call her and even make efforts to keep the conversation going.

8. He does not discuss his plans with you

He never talks about his plans with you. When you ask him about them, his answers are vague or do not include you. He is always uncomfortable discussing the future with you because he knows he will not be with you for long and feels there is no use trying to pretend about it.

9. He does not seek your opinion

He may buy a new car for himself or take a house loan, but you will always be the last person to know about it. Although you are in a relationship, he does not seek your opinion about anything in his life. He never even keeps you in the loop when making important decisions. This is because he does not consider you an integral part of his life.

10. He remembers you only when he needs something

He may be inaccessible and rude most of the time, but on rare occasions, when he is unusually nice to you, it is before he wants to have sex. Once he gets what he wants from you, he goes back to being the cold and distant person. He doesn’t care if you feel that he is just using you and is only concerned with what he can get from you.

11. He avoids sleeping with you

Sex is a way to deepen your bond with your love interest. When you truly love someone, you will want to be physically close to them. If your man shows zero interest in getting intimate with you for a long while and comes up with excuses every time you initiate it, it means he doesn’t love you anymore.

12. He is always glued to his phone

When he is out, he never answers your calls, but he is always on his phone when he is with you. Does this sound familiar? If yes, it means he is phubbing you. Phubbing is when someone ignores you to be engaged with their phone. You will often notice him glued to his phone when you wish to talk to him.

13. He does not try to make time for you

In the initial days of your relationship, you two would plan treks, outings, and vacations together, but now, you do absolutely nothing together as a couple. You take the initiative and plan a date with him, but he is not available. He puts in no effort to clear his schedule and spend time with you.

14. He does not make you feel special

Gone are the days when he would send you flowers at your workplace or leave you love notes to surprise you. When a man loses interest in his woman, he does not make her feel loved or special. Your man does not see the point of treating you well because he is just waiting to snap the cord that’s tying him to you.

15. He puts in no effort to keep the relationship going

It takes efforts from both sides to keep a relationship going. And a man who is in love will spare no pains to keep his romantic relationship alive. But if you see no efforts from your partner’s end, it is his way of telling you that the relationship is over for him.

16. He does not bother to make up after a fight

Each time you have an argument or a fight with him, are you always the one apologizing and making up with him first? If yes, know that he is allowing his ego to come in the way of his love and does not care enough to pacify you. He is fine to have you feeling hurt and sad and doesn’t care to make peace with you.

17. He has no interest in your life

You excitedly share the news of your promotion at work. Forget sharing your excitement, he does not even bother listening to what you have to say. He never asks you what’s going on in your life or how you have been coping with work. And even when you update him about your life, he hardly remembers anything you say.

18. He shows interest in other women

When you are out with him, he openly checks out other women. On social media, he likes and posts flirty comments on images of women. You also see him chatting with women late at night. All these indicate that he is looking out for another woman and might end his relationship with you when he finds one.

19. He is fine with your closeness with other men

Try to chat late in the night with another guy or tell him that you will be out late drinking with a guy, and he will have no problem with it. Your guy may be very secure, but a little jealousy is required for a healthy relationship. When he shows no signs of discomfort with the idea of you spending time with another man, it means he is more than happy to know that you might find someone else for yourself.

20. He does not seem protective of you anymore

Men often feel protective of the people they love  — it is a quality they inherently possess. When they let go of this quality, it suggests they do not care enough for you. You tell him someone misbehaved with you at work, and if he does not feel upset or angry, it means he is not concerned with what’s happening in your life.

21. He abuses you

The clearest sign that tells you he doesn’t care about you is when he abuses you mentally or physically. If you are subjected to any kind of abuse in your current relationship, move out of that relationship right away. No matter how incompatible two people are, abuse is never justified and should not be tolerated.

In matters of love, it is good to trust your instincts. If you feel like he is not into the relationship anymore, it is best to read the signs and get out of it as soon as you can. It will certainly not be easy, but the faster you do it, the less pain you will subject yourself to.

However, if you are in an exclusive relationship or just started dating, give your partner the benefit of doubt and confront him on what’s bothering you, communicate your feelings before making any decisions. This will give you the information you need to make your decision of whether it’s worth it to stay or leave. If you decide to give him a second chance and you see no change in his behavior, then make your way towards leaving.

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