13 Possible Reasons Why He Doesn’t Text You Back

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If you’re in a relationship, you may be texting each other all day, and you may enjoy the attention your guy lavishes on you. You think you’ve finally met “the man of your dreams”, but then he goes cold. You text him first thing in the morning, but he doesn’t text you back. You text him again, and there is still no response. You’re now concerned that something horrible has occurred. You send him a panicked message, wondering whether everything is okay, and he responds with a monosyllable “Yes.” You may be wondering why, if he was alright, he hadn’t responded to your prior texts. You soon determine by reading between the lines that either you did something that irritated him, or he has lost interest in you. As a delay in a response might rob you of your peace of mind, the list of assumptions can go on and on. In this post, we bring you some plausible reasons why he didn’t respond, as well as some helpful hints on what to do if he doesn’t text back.

13 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Text You Back

Don’t tire yourself by wondering why he didn’t text you back. It could be due to any of the following reasons.

1. He must be busy

The busy man does not text back often

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Initially, when trying to woo you, he might have replied to your texts even in his sleep or even when in a serious business meeting. But once he feels your relationship is on sure footing, he will relax and message you whenever he is free or whenever he remembers, so he can concentrate on the work at hand.

2. He may be emotionally drained

We all prefer being in the company of people who make us feel happy and positive. If you are someone who constantly whines and complains about life, he might drift away from you. Talking to you may be like a chore he doesn’t like doing.

3. He might have felt offended

Written communication is complicated because you may type your text in one tone, but he may read it in another context. Perhaps he has decided to keep away from you because something you wrote in your last conversation did not go down well with him. Have a look at what you last spoke about and see if you have unintentionally offended him.

4. He is under the impression that you are not into him

He doesn't text you back as he thinks you are not into him

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We often enjoy being pursued to see how much we mean to someone. You must have acted this way, and while it must have excited him initially, it wore him down eventually. It might have led him to believe that you are not into him.

5. He lacks the confidence to keep up

You are a beautiful, smart, and independent woman and may come across as someone leagues ahead of him. He may even feel a bit intimidated by you. This guy could be scared that he might disappoint you eventually, although you like him unconditionally.

6. He is being nice

It’s possible he was never really interested in you the way you thought he was, and maybe he was replying to you out of courtesy. How can you tell if this is the case? Well, if you message him, “What’s up?” and he replies late in the evening the next day, it is a clear sign that he is just being nice to you.

Point to consider
He might be playing hard to get. If he is not replying to your text messages, girl, it could be a sign he is interested in you but wants you to chase him real hard.

7. He does not want to seem too desperate

He may be totally into you, but must be acting cool so that you do not get a whiff of his excitement. He fears that if he shows too much interest, it might scare you. So, he might reply to your texts but take his own sweet time.

8. He feels overwhelmed by your incessant messages

He is overwhelmed by your messages

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The idea of getting into a relationship may be making you giddy with excitement. You cannot conceal it, and so you send him texts all day. However, he must be busy following his regular schedule and may not have the time to catch up with your messages, leading you to think he is rude.

9. He feels tired to feed your curiosity

You probably like him a little too much and ask him questions to know him better. But your innocent Q&A sessions make him wary and weary, and so he may be trying to get his much-needed space by disconnecting with you for a while.

10. He is afraid that you are getting too serious

He must have started flirting with you through texts just to have some harmless fun. But seeing you get serious, he has probably chickened out and decided to leave his own game.

Quick tip
Avoid double texting, don’t be too pushy, respect his time and space, and most importantly, don’t stress or panic if he does not answer. Keep your cool!

11. He is involved with someone else

He could be flirting with multiple women at the same time. He probably has started seeing someone, so he may seem less interested in you and will reduce and eventually stop messaging you.

12. He is afraid of making a boo-boo

He is afraid to continue the bluff

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Some guys put on a facade to impress women. After a point in time, the facade becomes too difficult to keep up with, and they quit. This guy, too, must have acted cool to fit your criteria of an ideal guy but must have gotten scared that you might eventually catch his bluff, and so he chooses to leave with dignity.

13. He is not that interested in you

The bitterest truth to accept is that this guy is probably not that into you. He must have approached you just to know you better, and now that he does, he probably feels you are not what he was looking for. Well, that’s his loss. The universe got him out of your way so you can meet someone better. Thank your lucky stars.

What To Do When He Doesn’t Text Back?

Coming to terms with him not texting you back

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First things first, stop fretting over the abrupt lack of communication from his side. You may be unable to concentrate on anything else as you keep checking your phone for his message. Try to come to terms with what is happening.

If he hasn’t replied to you for over a couple of hours, maybe he is genuinely busy and will message you when free. In the meantime, do not bombard his inbox with incessant messages hoping for a reaction from him. The more messages you send, the more desperate and needy you may come across to him. And nothing can be a bigger turnoff for a guy than have a needy girl chase after him.

If there is a long gap of more than six hours between your message and his reply, understand that he is probably keeping you hooked while he is exploring other options. In such a case, know that this guy is not for you, and it may be wise to let go of him.

If he takes days to reply or does not reply at all, nothing can be more obvious. He isn’t interested in you.

The fear of rejection can be overwhelming, but texting is not a basis to judge your compatibility as a partner. You may be extremely funny as a person, but your sense of humor may not come out effectively when texting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the reasons behind his dry texting?

He might have lost interest in you, could be occupied with something else, or might not be liking texting anymore. If he keeps dry texting you for many days, then understand that he might not be interested in you.

2. What to text him back when he finally texts?

When he finally texts you back after a long time, remember the following points before replying to him:

  • Make it clear to him that you do not like being ghosted
  • Do not reply to him instantly
  • Ask him why he has been ignoring you
  • Give him a chance to be sorry for what he did
  • Do not entertain him if he keeps the same attitude even after the confrontation.

If he doesn’t text you back, it can simply mean he is busy or may not be interested in you. However, a text should not be the basis for judging the intentions or compatibility of your partner. He may have been offended by you or is unable to keep pace with your constant texting. Instead of jumping to conclusions or having suspicions of being rejected, focus on maintaining your mental peace. It is not healthy to obsess over a guy under any circumstances. So, read the signs and take time to make a decision.

Infographic: Texts To Share When He Doesn’t Text Back

Now that you know the possible reasons why he might not be texting you back, you cannot just sit there and wait for him to hit you up again. So, what do you do? Well, you can text him again, but this time, in a way that relates to the current situation. We have prepared the following infographic to help you easily decide on a text. So, read on and also make sure that you save it.

reasons why he might not be texting you back [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • He is not texting you back since he might be busy
  • Your incessant messages may have overwhelmed or drained him
  • If he isn’t replying, he could have been offended or wished to walk away silently.
  • Avoid being desperate and drawing hasty conclusions.

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