15 Clear Signs A Guy Is Scared Of His Feelings For You

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You met a person and had a fabulous time together. Your chemistry is excellent. However, you are unsure how he feels about you because he has been sending out mixed signals. Sometimes his actions are a little alienated or withdrawn. Have you ever wondered why your man seems to be detached? Maybe he likes you but is afraid of rejection, which is a painful experience even for the most confident people.

Typically, men are afraid of rejection, embarrassment, or even heartbreak, and therefore fear to take action. Although these are perfectly normal reasons to avoid a relationship, we all have the right to love. With the help of some of these signs, maybe you can bring a person into your comfort zone so that he can confess his true feelings to you.

15 Signs A Guy Is Scared Of His Feelings For You

Everyone has a different personality and unique approach to romance. However, there are some common factors why some men hide their true feelings. Here are some reasons why some men may not dare to open up.

1. His behavior changes for no apparent reason

This rule does not apply if you have just met someone. However, if you have been friends for a long time, you will surely notice that his behavior changes for no apparent reason. Any significant change in behavior or your interactions indicates that he no longer sees you as a mere friend and may wish more from the relationship. If his behavior becomes less friendly and starts to develop in a platonic or formal direction, then he may try hard to hide his true feelings for you.

2. You catch him staring at you

If you find him staring at you intently or nonchalantly from time to time, this is a tangible sign that he may see you more than just your friend. It is more evident if he stares at you when he thinks you are not noticing it.  The mere act of being around the object of one’s affections can be intoxicating to someone who is in love and is scared to make the first move.

3. You keep running into each other

If you seem to frequently “crash each other,” be aware that this may not be a coincidence. You may meet him more often at the grocery store or gym or accompany you when you walk your dog. He may even be willing to give you a ride home because he has something to do “on the way”. In any case, if he finds an excuse to spend more time with you, this is a positive sign that he likes you, but he is afraid to take any action.

4. He acts differently when you’re around

You can observe his behavior when he is with his friends or family vis-à-vis when you are around him. You will find him a whole different person, and his behavior changes when you are around him. If he acts shy or is unable to articulate himself, it means he’s embarrassed by what you might have to think of what he says. If he doesn’t talk much at all, it’s another signal that he has feelings for you but doesn’t know how to articulate them to you.

5. He wants to be your hero

Even if he is not openly flirtatious or does not make any comments to suggest that he likes you, he will still want to “save” you. He will drop you home when it’s late or even if it is not too late. He will help you carry things and even help you cross the road to make you feel safe. Such behavior is a well-documented phenomenon called “hero instinct.” Typically, men have the “hero instinct” if they are romantically inclined towards women.

6. He often jokes that he wants to date you

He would joke that the two of you are dating and then laugh. Although you may think he is fooling around, he may have a deeper motive. He may say, “Imagine you and me dating!” as he laughs. He may be eliciting your reaction or response. This is his timid attempt to test, to see how you react about the idea of dating. Such behavior could be on a platonic level. However, if it happens too often, then he may be suppressing his feelings for you.

7. He’s nervous when you’re around

This is a dead giveaway that he likes you, especially if you both have been friends for some time. If you find him nervous and fidgety when you are around, it could indicate that he wants to reveal his heart but cannot. You can test the waters by asking him if everything is okay and watch his reaction. He will likely say everything is fine and make some excuse for acting out of character, or he may even confess his feelings for you now that you have brought it up. He may even think that you have figured it out from some other source.

8. He remembers the smallest of details

He remembers the minutest detail such as the day or date when you first met him or the song she played in his car, or what you were wearing two weeks ago. He treasures every moment and all the things you shared because they mean a lot to him. Remembering these seemingly random details is a good indicator that he has feelings for you, but he is scared to express them.

9. He’s jealous, but he won’t admit it

Jealousy is often the most apparent indicator of someone’s emotions. If he gets jealous of you around someone else, it could be because he just thinks they’re not a good fit for you. But that is unlikely if you’re just friends. If he is jealous, it will reflect his body language or attitude towards the other guy. He may clench his fists, or he may be rude to the other guy.It is an indirect indication that he wants you to be around him. He may not harbor negative feelings if he doesn’t see the other guy as his competitor.

10. His mood fluctuates a lot around you

He will have mood swings, blows hot and cold. He will be happy and suddenly may feel insecure or bitter the next moment. Such mood fluctuation reflects the inner turmoil he is experiencing as a result of his fear and confusion.

Give him some time, and don’t take it to heart, as his intentions are good, but he just can’t find a way to tell you because he’s scared.

11. He’s avoiding you for no reason

People handle fear in different ways. Some people confront it,while others may prefer to avoid it. He may try to avoid you as a defense mechanism for fear of rejection.  He will establish contact with you by texting or calling you but may not physically meet you to avoid any embarrassmentor mask and hide his true feelings.

12. He values your advice more than his other friends

We all take advice from friends and family about various things. But if you find that he turns to you for advice about important things such as career decisions, health issues, or family problems, he immensely values your opinion. An excellent way to see just how much is to find out if he shares these things with his other friends or your mutual friend group. If he has only shared this with you, it means that, at the very least, you are his closest friend and confidante. But you will be able to tell at that point that he has some feelings for you but is afraid to say it.

13. His friends seem to know something is up

While he might be able to keep his feelings a secret from you, he may confide his true feelings to his friends. If he is tight-lipped about how he feels about you, but his friends act differently around you, there’s a good sign he has feelings for you but is too afraid to tell you. His friends’ typical behavior may include teasing, asking you how you feel about him, or even indirectly hinting that he likes you.

14. He puts effort into his appearance around you

Many things make people want to dress better or groom more carefully. However, if you notice that he takes extra effort to put up his best appearance, it indicates that he has feelings for you.At work or with his friends, he may be dressed normally. But when you are around, he isimmaculately dressed, indicating that he is trying to impress you.

15. He doesn’t talk about relationships

It is perfectly normal to discuss relationships with friends from time to time. If you find that he is reluctant or outright refuses to discuss this with you, it’s a sign he might have feelings for you. He may give you relationship advice and listen to all your feelings about your ex-boyfriend or an anecdote about a date, but he does not comment on his relationships. An excellent way to test is by asking him if he’s been interested in anyone lately and observe his reaction. He may be reluctant, nervous, or entirely in a denial mode. It indicates that he is emotionally available but lacks the courage to express his feelings.

Being in love is a beautiful thing but can be terrifying at the same time. Men may not express their feelings for several reasons. They may be shy, may not want to hurt the friendship, or may have faced rejections. If the man you like shows the signs we have listed, he likely has feelings for you but is scared to express them. If you do not have romantic feelings, you can gently let them know to avoid reinforcing their existing fears about relationships.