5 Health Benefits Of Corn Flakes During Pregnancy

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Blame it on the hormones if you feel lethargic during pregnancy. Your overall need for enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and lipids increase to meet the growing requirements of your baby developing inside you.

Well balanced and a sensible diet is highly essential during pregnancy. You need to make sure your baby gets the right amount of nutrition for growth. Proper diet ensures you enjoy a less complicated, safe and comfortable pregnancy.

You also want to snack more, and a good, low-calorie option is cereal.

Why Corn Flakes During Pregnancy?

Cereals offer umpteen numbers of benefits that make them a healthy choice during pregnancy.

  • Corn flakes are rich in complex carbohydrate and they offer energy, so that you feel fresh all through the day.
  • Corn flakes are enriched in thiamine, riboflavin, iron, niacin and fiber that make it a complete food.

Is it safe to eat corn flakes during pregnancy? If you feel like having corn flakes for your breakfast, do consult with your doctor for the benefits and side effects associated with daily consumption.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Corn Flakes During Pregnancy

According to experts a pregnant diet must be rich in fiber and corn flakes are rich in dietary fiber. Thus, eating corn flakes during pregnancy can offer plenty of health benefits. We shall have a closer look into the nutritional benefits of corn flakes in pregnancy below:

  1. A bowl of corn flakes contains 25 grams of fiber. You can keep at bay most of the problems associated with pregnancy when you get a high fiber content diet.
  2. Dietary fiber helps reduce blood pressure and keep at bay the problems of constipation.
  3. If you take a bowl of corn flakes every day, you can reduce the risks of preeclampsia that is caused by high blood pressure. If not taken care, it can cause severe problems for your growing fetus.
  4. Corn flakes also help women control their weight during pregnancy.
  5. When you take a bowl of cornflakes in the morning, your tummy gets filled with rich fiber and it satisfies your hunger.

Negative Effects Of Cornflakes In Pregnancy

You may experience some of the negatives, when you take corn flakes in excess amounts. Here are some of the probable side effects you may face:

  • The commercially available corn flakes are rich in sugar, salt and fat, which make them unhealthy when consumed in excess.
  • High bran products may result in certain discomforts such as intestinal gas, flatulence, bloated feeling and abdominal pain. The ability of your body to absorb minerals, zinc and iron reduce when corn flakes are consumed in huge amounts.
  • Grains are generally acidic in nature and causes acidic state in the blood and tissues.
  • Compared to vegetables, sprouts and fruits, it is much difficult to consume grains in corn flakes.
  • If you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, the conditions may aggravate further with consumption of corn flakes.

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How you feel and what you think is mostly guided by the diet you follow. So, make sure to spend a bit of time thinking what you should add and omit from your diet in pregnancy.

For You, Mommy:

  • If you are a cereal freak and find it difficult to exclude corn flakes from your diet completely, incorporate them in moderation.
  • Add some honey, fruits and nuts make it yummy. Your baby will surely love you for this!
  • Always have a word with your doctor regarding the changes in your diet.
  • Feel free to communicate your wishes for certain foods and cravings.

Do share with us mommies your ideas to make corn flakes tastier like never before!

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