10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea During Pregnancy

Ginger Tea During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy should be a celebration. It should be the time to rejoice in the beginning of a new life. But most of the times, pregnancy is filled with apprehension. A little of this apprehension is logical. Pregnancy, after all, does make your body more fragile.

But does that mean all good things are now off limits? Avoiding alcohol makes sense, but tea? If the very thought of going a day without tea sends you over the edge, this article is for you!

Is ginger tea safe during pregnancy? We did some sleuthing, and came up with an interesting answer! Read on to find out more about the pros and cans of drinking ginger tea during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Ginger Tea During Pregnancy:

Besides its great taste, what else does ginger tea offer? A lot! Some of the many benefits of ginger tea include:

1. Prevents And Treats Cancer: 

Research shows that ginger has the capacity to treat ovarian cancer (1). So a cup of ginger tea a day during pregnancy will help prevent oxidative stress and prevent ovarian cancer.

2. Helps Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): 

IBS symptoms can take a turn for the worse during pregnancy (2). If you have IBS and are suffering from worsening symptoms, try ginger tea. Ginger can do wonders and help provide relief from IBS (3).

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3. Provides Relief From Tired Muscles:

Pregnancy can take a toll on your bones and muscles. Drinking a cup of ginger tea everyday can help provide relief from achy muscles and bones (4).

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4. Manages Glucose Levels:

Research shows that daily consumption of ginger can reduce and improve insulin resistance indices such as QUICKI index in diabetics (5). So, if you have diabetes, you can make use of ginger tea to manage your condition better.

5. Helps In Nutrient Absorption:

When you are pregnant, your body’s need for nutrients changes. You need a little extra of everything during pregnancy (6). Ginger can help your body absorb nutrients from your food better.

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6. Helps Ease Morning Sickness:

Morning sickness is the bane of pregnancy. But ginger tea can help with that too! Ginger, in all its forms, can help alleviate nausea and provide relief from morning sickness (7).

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7. Improves Circulation:

Are you feeling exhausted? You are not alone. Feeling tired during pregnancy is common. Ginger tea can provide you with an instant kick of energy– just what you need to get through the day! Study show that ginger can treat fatigue in people suffering from cancer (8). So, it can definitely work for you!

8. Provides Relief From Gas:

As your uterus grows, your stomach finds it difficult to function at its optimum. And this can result in excessive flatulence. Ginger is known to provide relief from flatulence or gas (9).

9. Improves Immunity:

When you are pregnant, your immune system can become sluggish. This can lead to the onslaught of common illnesses like cold and diarrhea. Ginger can boost your immune system and prevent these diseases (10).

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10. Relieves Stress:

Is stress taking a toll on your body and mind? It is but natural to be stressed about the changes taking place inside your body. Pregnancy hormones can make this stress even worse. Ginger tea can help you beat stress (11).

So, these were some of the amazing benefits of consuming ginger tea during pregnancy. But this does not give you permission to gulp down number of cups of ginger tea every day! Too much ginger can harm your body!

Side Effects Of Ginger Tea During Pregnancy:

The side effects of ginger tea includes:

1. Weight Loss:

You need to gain weight when you are pregnant. But ginger can suppress your appetite and lead to weight loss (12)!

2. Interaction With Anesthesia And Excessive Blood Loss:

Ginger can interact with anesthesia and cause problems during surgery of any kind So, f you go in for a c-section, ginger tea would not be a great idea. Ginger can also lead to delayed blood clotting, which too can cause problems during surgery (13).

So, just stick to a cup or two of ginger tea a day to reap maximum benefits of this medicinal herb during your pregnancy.

If you have any doubts, talk to your doctor. He is the one person who knows your body the best. But in most cases, ginger tea during pregnancy is a perfectly safe choice. Go on, start sipping!

How do you like your tea? Do you like ginger tea? Ginger tea pregnancy is a healthy phrase which all of you should benefit from. Tell us!

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