7 Healthy Beverages You Should Drink During Pregnancy

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Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is a crucial aspect of pregnancy. Including some nutritious foods and healthy drinks during pregnancy are essential for the growing baby and mother. Moreover, most women feel that having a fresh, healthy drink is easier than eating, specifically in the first trimester of pregnancy. So, you must be wondering which drinks could benefit you and your fetus. Read on as we list out some super-healthy drinks to add to your pregnancy diet and drinks to avoid during pregnancy.

The Healthy Drinks During Pregnancy

Not all drinks are equal when it comes to pregnancy. Some are more nutritious than others. Here are the healthy drinks for pregnancy you should consume:

1. Water:

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Let’s start with the most obvious choice. You need to drink water to stay healthy. This is true even when you are not pregnant. But during pregnancy, the need for water goes up. Water is essential for the health of your blood cells. You also need water to prevent dehydration and UTI during pregnancy, leading to premature labor in some women (1).

Be watchful
Dark-yellow and pungent urine, dizziness, fatigue, dry eyes, lips, and mouth are some signs of dehydration during pregnancy (6).

2. Coconut Water:

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Here is another healthy way to prevent dehydration. Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage. It is also beneficial for replenishing natural salts in the body. So, next time you feel thirsty, reach for some fresh coconut water (2).

3. Lemonade:

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Who doesn’t love a cool glass of lemonade? A great way to stay hydrated, a glass of lemonade also provides vitamin C. If morning sickness is getting you down, lemonade will be a good option for you (3).

4. Milk And Milk Based Drinks:

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A glass of milk a day can help you stay healthy and fit. This holds true not just during pregnancy but also all through your life. If milk is not your cup of tea, you can try other milk-based drinks like smoothies or milkshakes that include the goodness of fruits and milk. You can also try buttermilk. All these drinks are full of calcium, protein, and vitamin B12 – all vital during pregnancy and for the growth of your unborn baby (4).

5. Fruit Juices:

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We all know that fruits are good for our health. But are fruits juices equally good? Well, obviously whole fruits are a better option. But fresh fruit juices too are great for a healthy pregnancy. So, dust your juicer and start juicing! But go for fresh fruit juice and not packed ones! You can also get creative and add all your favorite fruits to make a glassful of health!

Quick tip
If you feel hot and thirsty after exercising during pregnancy, have homemade ice lollies made of fresh fruit juices. This can help you cool down instantly (6).

6. Vegetable Juices:

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So, you don’t really like vegetables. You are not alone. But you need veggies for a balanced pregnancy diet. The best way to include veggies in your diet is vegetable juices! There are hundreds of vegetable juice recipes you can try. So, get started.

7. Ice Tea:

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If it is summer, nothing can beat a long glass of ice tea. And ice tea is also a great remedy to treat morning sickness. But this is one health drink during pregnancy on the list that does contain caffeine. So, do keep that in mind and limit its consumption.

Drinks To Avoid While Pregnant

Now that you know what are the healthy drinks during pregnancy, let’s take a look at beverages you should avoid:

1. Alcohol:

Even moderate alcohol consumption is not safe during pregnancy. Most women know that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. But not many know that even limited exposure to alcohol in the womb can lead to growth deficits as well as intellectual and behavioral problems in the unborn baby (5).

2Herbal Teas:

You thought all things herbal were safe? Not really! We don’t know much about the effects of the various ingredients present in herbal teas on a pregnancy. So, be safe and stay away from herbal teas during your pregnancy.

3. Energy Drinks:

You need extra energy during pregnancy. But energy drinks are not a good choice. These drinks are full of caffeine, sugar, and other supplements. Just stick to healthy food for all your energy needs instead!

Consuming nutritious drinks during pregnancy is as important as eating a well-balanced diet. Having healthy beverages keeps you hydrated and supplies several nutrients that keep you and your baby healthy. So choose drinks that are refreshing and free from sugar and other unhealthy additives, such as preservatives. Coconut water, homemade lemonade, buttermilk, milk, and milk-based drinks, such as shakes and smoothies, are some healthy options you can pick. You can use these drinks to make delectable mocktails that will help you fight all your pregnancy blues.


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