7 Healthy Habits For Teens To Follow

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Is your teen suffering from any eating or sleeping disorders? Are you concerned about her health because of her bad hygiene habits? If you nodded along worriedly, you need to inculcate healthy habits for teens to help her enjoy a healthy and happy life. How do you that? Well, read our post for some pointers below.

Teenagers are more prone to follow bad eating habits, inappropriate sleep routines, adopt bad habits, and while away time online. Such habits affect teens’ health adversely. So, you need to inculcate good habits for teenagers. So, here is our list of some tips that can help you do just that.

7 Healthy Habits For Teens:

1. Establish Healthy Eating Routines:

Healthy eating isn’t limited to making healthy food choices. It also talks about eating timely and regularly. Instruct your teens to follow these healthy eating routines:

  • Have your breakfast every day.
  • Have your meals and ample of snacks on time throughout the day.
  • Have your meals on table along with your family, rather than gulping down food in front of TV.
  • Give yourself enough time to have your meals and avoid eating in a hurry.
  • Make sure your teen’s meal contains sufficient vegetables since they are rich in numerous nutrients and offer ample of health benefits.
  • Ensure your teen drinks plenty of water daily. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is necessary to ensure good health of kidney, good skin, and energized muscles (1).

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2. Incorporate Physical Activity In Your Daily Life:

Encourage your teen to go for a walk every morning, take your dog out for a walk, play some outdoor games or sports, jump on a trampoline, and stay fresh and active every day. Prevent your teen from sitting in front of the television or playing video games for hours (2).

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3. Floss Regularly:

Another healthy habit for teenagers you should not forget to inculcate. Instruct your teen to brush her teeth every day before going to bed and after she wakes up. Show her how to floss for one or two minutes. It will help her develop good oral hygiene. Flossing enhances positive effects of brushing the teeth and prevents gum infections (3).

4. Establish Good Sleeping Routine:

Following a good sleeping routine will help your teen stay fresh and fit. Encourage your teen to follow a bedtime routine that helps her relax due to:

  • Eating healthy and light before going to bed
  • Having a warm bath
  • Reading
  • Listening to pleasant, relaxing music
  • Going to bed at or nearly the same time every day
  • Make sure your teen turns off the computer, television, video games, and movies at least 30 minutes before retiring to bed (4).

5. Practice Yoga And Meditation:

Practicing yoga exercises and meditation techniques every morning can help your teen stay active and lead a fit lifestyle. Yoga poses and meditation enhances the physical as well as the psychological health of the teens and helps them handle stress better than usual (5).

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6. Stay Away From Alcohol And Smoke:

Teens tend to have an inclination to try smoking or alcohol. However, smoking and drinking alcohol frequently can affect their health adversely. Bad habits can increase the risk of lung disease, gastrointestinal ailments, and other life-threatening health problems. So, educate your teens about cigarettes and encourage them to stay away from smoking and alcohol (6).

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7. Avoid Spending Hours Online:

Several studies reveal that teens spending hours online are more vulnerable to internet addiction. Internet addiction may lead to impaired cognitive functions in adolescence and also affect your teen’s eyes adversely. So make sure your teen doesn’t spend long hours online (7).

Did you educate your dear teenager to follow any good habits? How did your teen benefit from it? Don’t forget to inculcate these 7 healthy habits of a teenager. Share your experience with other moms here. Leave a comment below.

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