20 Heart-Melting Photos Of Dads Meeting Their Babies

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Say childbirth, and the first image that comes to your mind is a mother in labor. However, those hours of excruciating pain are all forgotten the moment she sets her eyes on her newborn. That moment is most precious for any mother. But what about a father? Agreed, he doesn’t experience labor. Yet, it does give him the jitters nevertheless. Those anxious moments spent pacing around waiting to hear about his spouse, or his baby’s first cry, are equally unnerving. So, when it’s all over, he is a relieved man. He is overwhelmed and elated in equal measures when he finally gets to meet his baby. However, this moment is something that a new mother misses most of the time. So, here are few heart-melting photos of dads meeting their babies for the first time:

1. In Daddy’s Arms

Pictured immediately after a homebirth, the look of love in dad’s eyes is so evident.

2. The Warmth Of A Dad

Here, the father is seen comforting his newborn under the warming light.

3. He’s Got My Nose!

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At least this is what the dad seems to say with a look of cheer on his face!

4. I’ve Got You!

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According to photographer Melissa Cate, this little girl came out from her mother and went straight into daddy’s sturdy hands!

5. The Many Faces Of Daddy-hood!

Surprise, happiness, gratitude, love, and many such emotions all bundled into one. No amount of words can aptly describe the dad’s feelings here.

6. He Feels Just The Same

Skin-to-skin with mom is amazing, no doubt. But it is no different with dad either!

7. Let Me Hold Your Finger

This is what the little girl seems to be telling her daddy! Awww!

8. The Look In Your Eyes

The father may be engrossed in admiring his little son, but it is the look in his eyes that grabs our attention.

9. Soft Enough To Kiss

It is very evident that the overjoyed dad could not resist kissing his little son while he was still in the scales.

10. The Answered Prayer

This dad prayed for hours for a safe C-section of his wife. When he finally got to meet his baby girl, the happiness sparkled in his eyes.

11. The First Kiss

This daddy was so much in love with his baby that he immediately planted a kiss on the forehead!

12. This Is What Gratitude Looks Like!

This father was so full of gratitude for his wife because she gave him a perfect baby. The look on his face conveys his admiration and thankfulness for her!

13. Look Who’s Here!!

This dad is relieved and excited, both at once, on seeing his wife safe and his baby, healthy!

14. Never Too Big For You!

This daddy may seem like a tough guy, but he sure has a soft side for his little baby girl.

15. He’s My Favorite!

This chubby little baby boy has already shown who his favorite is – daddy, of course!

16. Daddy’s Li’l Girl

This little girl just cannot take her eyes off her daddy, while her sister can’t stop admiring her.

17. That Glow On Your Face!

It’s common for the mother to glow during pregnancy. But here the father is all happy and aglow on seeing his baby girl for the first time.

18. That Moment To Cherish

This dad holds his baby girl up close to cherish the memory of her being so tiny!

19. Numbers Do Not Matter

No matter how many girls, or boys, there is always room for one more. And a dad’s love remains the same for everyone.

20. Now, That’s My Boy!

This father helped his wife deliver his baby (Yes, it’s true)! And was happy to be the one to announce – it’s a boy!

We are sure that these heartwarming photographs of daddies-meeting-babies would have made you smile. If you have recently delivered and missed watching your better half’s precious reaction, we hope this gives you a slight idea what it would have been like!

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