25 Special And Funny 70th Birthday Poems

Your loved one is turning 70, which is a great milestone to reach. How about sending beautiful 70th birthday poems and showering your love? A person who turns 70 would feel joyful and appreciated when someone shows respect and honor towards them, commemorating their accomplishments. So, during their platinum jubilee celebrations, wish them poetically and celebrate their seven decades of happiness, love, and life. Scroll through our post for some beautiful verses and odes to honor your parents, grandparents, or relatives on their 70th birthday. Pick a relatable poem, send it across, and make their day extra special.

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70th Birthday Poems For Dad

70th birthday poems for dad

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Dad means the world to most of us and to whom his children always look up to. So on your dad’s momentous day, celebrate the festivities by sharing a few heartfelt verses with him and express how truly loved, and venerable he is.

1. I Owe My Life To You

You did not just teach me how to take my first step,
But when I fell, it was on your shoulders that I wept.
You pointed out the right direction for me,
You showed me how to live my life; let me be me.

Even success is incomplete without you, my dad.
Without you, I am always so blue and sad.
Happy 70th Birthday to the sweetest father,
I love you today and forever, like no other.

– Unknown

2. Young At Heart

Happy birthday young at heart –
So many decades, where to start?
With energy like no other Dad –
Making us look lazy now,
that is bad!

Never-ending old school ways –
Filled with stories to Amaze!
Listening has been lost with age –
You belong on a theater stage.

If you manage to forget –
We’ll remind you, don’t you fret.
Happy birthday young at heart –
Smile with joy, you old fart.
Happy Birthday Dad

Happy 70th!

– Unknown

3. Dear Old Dad

Put your feet up, dear old Dad –
You need a rest after the year you’ve had.
All that work you have to do –
It must take it out of you.
But after all these years
Dad, you’re still going strong –
Doing all that you can and helping everyone.
Dad, you simply are the best a Dad could be –
and I wish you a Happy Birthday just from you to me.

Happy 70th birthday, dad.!

– Unknown

4. Birthday Gift

Wrapped up in Birthday Paper sealed with a Hug and Kiss –
Today Is your “Birthday”
So, I give you this.
I have wrapped for you my feelings
you must reach down deep inside –
Just for today, you get to peek
just to see how I feel inside.
You know I have trouble dad my words,
don’t seem to flow –
But, Dad, I love you so much more than you would ever know.
So I’ve wrapped my words securely In paper wrap and tape –
Loving words written on paper So they can’t escape.
May your day be filled with pure delight,
For you are a gift to cherish,
Morning, noon, and night.
Happy Birthday Dad


5. I Love You, Daddy

I don’t know what it means to be confused and sad,
‘coz you are so very brilliant, my dearest Dad.
You somehow have a solution for every little problem,
You manage to get your way even without throwing any tantrums.
You taught me how to distinguish between right and wrong,
You made me into the person I am and made me so strong.
You are the wisest, yet the sweetest man I have ever met,
You are someone Daddy, whom I can never ever forget.
Happy Birthday, Dad.

– Unknown

70th Birthday Poems For Mom

70th birthday poems for mom

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Moms are always special. She shares a unique bond with her children and is always there with us through thick and thin. So celebrate your mom’s milestone birthday and share these lovely poems to express how blessed you are to have a mother like her. Shower her with your heartfelt appreciation and recognition for all the love and care she has bestowed upon you throughout your life.

6. Walking Sunshine

Dear Mother, I love you and want you to know,
I think of you often wherever I go.
You lift me up; you’re like walking sunshine;
I am lucky to have a great mother like mine.

Your endless affection makes you special and rare;
I’m always amazed by how much you care.
What you’ve given to me I can never repay,
Thank you, Mom, on your 70th birthday.

– Joanna Fuchs

7. Mum, It’s Time To Tell You

Mum, it’s time to tell you,
Now that your birthday’s here,
How much you’re loved, not just today,
But every day of the year,
For you deserve a special treat,
A day that’s all your own,
It’s payback time from all of us,
For all the love you’ve shown.
Happy 70th birthday, mom.

– Janyce Cotterill

8. Visionary Mom

Mom, on your birthday
I celebrate you being you,
my extraordinary mother.
You have made such a difference,
created so much good in my life!
I celebrate your smart mothering,
your clever, creative methods
of gently molding your beloved child
into your vision of me:
a strong, capable adult,
an unselfish person of good character.
I celebrate your boundless
physical and emotional energy…
loving me, leading me, supporting me,
lifting me when I fall.
On your birthday, Mom,
I celebrate the best thing about my life…
having you as my mother.

– Joanna Fuchs

9. Understanding Love

With your words, you touch my heart,
Explain with love that ignites a start.
With your hands alone, you change the world,
Untangle with calmness when things get curled.

Every day you make me feel special,
Like God, you care and bless me.
Take this as a reason or not,
But, without your love, I shall never be me.
Happy Birthday to you.

– Unknown

10. You Are So Bright, So Special

You are brighter than the sunshine and calmer than the moon,
You brighten up our mornings and also our afternoons,
You are so special to us; words will never be enough to say,
You make us so happy each time you come to dance with us and play.
So a very Happy Birthday to a person so very dear,
May you always go around and spread your happy cheer.
Happy Birthday, Mom.

– Unknown

70th Birthday Poems For Grandma

70th birthday poems for grandma

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Grandma is someone who is not just loving and super caring but sometimes your biggest cheerleader. Make her birthday memorable by sharing unique poems filled with expressions of love and joy.

11. Cheers

Cheers to a woman
Who turns seventy today
For the queen of the family
Please make way
Let’s raise a toast
To this wonderful lady
Who also doubles up
As my sweet granny
Happy 70th birthday

– Unknown

12. Sweet And Loving Grandma

Sweet and loving is the heart that lies in your chest
You are very wise and extremely smart
I couldn’t have asked for a better grandmother
You’re simply the best
Endearing and comforting are the words that come out of your lips
And so I religiously listen to your advice all the time
I shall love you forever
Happy birthday, grandmother

– Unknown

13. My Grandma Is A Treasure

My grandma is a treasure,
She has so much knowledge, you see,
She taught me how to knit and sew,
While I sat upon her knee,
She shows me how to bake a cake,
Tells me stories of when she was young,
She says that although she old now,
In years gone by, she had so much fun,
Today it is her birthday,
And for someone who is so sweet
You deserve a special day, Grandma,
So come on, we’re going out for a treat!
Wish you a happy 70th birthday, grandma.

-Janyce Cotterill

14. My Pillar

I owe you a lot because you never led me astray
When sorrow and trouble tried catching me, you kept them at bay
Every day, you show me that you are not just a mother but a GRAND mother
With you by my side, I don’t need any other
You still loved me even though I often caused you bother
No amount of gift can convey my love for you
In my heart, you will always stay
Grandmother, do have a 70th wonderful birthday

– Unknown

15. To a special Grandma, Happy Birthday

Grandma, you’re the very best in every single way –
And I’m sending all my love to you on your special day.
I hope you have a lovely time with everything you need –
Because you are a total star, a special Grandma, indeed.
With love on your special day.
Happy 70th Birthday, Grandma.

– Unknown

70th Birthday Poems For Grandpa

70th birthday poems for grandpa

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Grandpa is one of the biggest pillar of support. So, on his special day, write a few verses for the grand old man wishing him a happy birthday by expressing how much he means to you and how grateful you are to have him in your life as a loving grandparent.

16. A Wonderful Man

You are that wonderful man.
Who gave us the motto I can
You are that awesome human being
Who taught us a new way of seeing
You are that amazing friend
Who has given us joy to no end
You are that fantastic person
Who keeps our family one
Happy birthday dearest grandfather
Like you, there is none other

– Unknown

17. Happy Birthday Grandpa

I tried to rhyme a word with seventy
And I ended up with my poetry entry
So this is for you
For your heart that stayed true
For the honesty of the man
I always knew

Fought in the war, forever knowing the score
Worked for the railways
Told me tales of those strange days
Sat on my bed or sat on your lap
I couldn’t watch as the stroke; your strength it did sap
But I saw you re-find your ways

And now on your special day.
I stand with you at your favorite bar
With your stories of people from afar
I listen like I did when I was nine
For when they made granddads
I’m glad they made you mine

Happy Birthday

– Alexander Hall

18. Dear granddad

Dear granddad…
All the experience
You have gained until now
Gives me the shivers
Making me go wow
The vast amount of knowledge
That you have got
Makes me feel proud
I respect you a lot
To have you in my life
I am very lucky
I congratulate you
For turning seventy
Happy 70th birthday

– Unknown

19. Grampa the Ultimate Hockey Fan

Grampa turned 70 May 28
His is full of pride watching his grandson skate
Hockey’s his thing; he shares his wisdom
His grandson got a goal and shared the vision
Grampa said, buddy do it for me;
Get me a goal or a hat trick; that’s three
His grandson complied and shot the puck free
He got grampa his goals and waved his stick for victory
After the game, grampa is so proud
Thanked his grandson for working hard and snagging some net
His grandson smiled and high fived grampa so loud
He said, grampa you have more fun to come yet!

– Darci Paice-Bailey

20. Happy 70th, Grandpa!

Between us, there is
A big age gap
When I was small
I used to sit in your lap
Although we are
Many generations apart
We have been friends
From the very start
As you become
A septuagenarian today
I love you, grandpa
Is all that I want to say
Happy 70th birthday

– Unknown

Funny Poems About Turning 70

Funny poems about turning 70

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Bring some laughter to the party with these funny 70th birthday poems that talk about the 70-year-old youngster.

21. I am the Birthday Boy

Three score and ten lit candles – what a blaze
Until asthmatic puffs can quench their fire –
Have scorched the icing, though the cake wins praise,
So, everybody, grab a plate and try her.
And thus, dear friends, I start my eighth decade,
Still dentally unchallenged, still alert,
Though, hobbling down some endless esplanade,
Both knees feel twinges, and my pride is hurt
That in the twilight years post-LXX
A walking stick assists my feeble tread;
And as for congress with the fairer sex…
Sleep is my only purpose when in bed.
“Septuagenarian”: now there’s a word
Whose linkage to oneself is best deferred.

– Marvin Rabinovitch

22. Happy Birthday

Your diet will now become
Totally sugar-free
You will be told to
Live less strenuously
Your energy levels
Will now take a beating
You will be instructed
To limit your drinking
All these limitations
Mark the start of your old age
Congratulations for turning
In your life, a new page
Happy 70th birthday

– Unknown

23. Me And 70

The cake is ready
The candle is set
And me and the candle
Are starting to sweat

The guests are coming.
I’ve put my teeth in
Now, where did I put
That 4th glass of Gin

50 was hard
60 the worst
Now 70 is here
And it’s not worth a curse

There goes the doorbell.
They’re finally here
I just can’t wait
The songs, merriment, and cheer

I rush down the stairs.
At the pace of a snail
I find the Gin glass
Should have used the rail

I’m falling now
I glide through the air
Will I see 71
Not sure-epic fail

The doctors are nice.
They say don’t worry.
But all of the faces.
They’re getting so blurry..

It’s not the best birthday.
That I’ve ever had
But at least I’m not 80
And for that I am glad

My son hands me cake.
They all sing to me
Me and 70
Incomplete harmony…

– Rody Patrick White

24. 70th Birthday

Today is your 70th birthday, don’t pull your hair,
Look in the mirror; nature was fair,
Not a day over twenty,
I’m kidding; you’re plenty.

Don’t mean to burst your bubble,
But stop asking for trouble,
You know what I mean,
When you drink that caffeine.

What should I bring?
Just give me a ring.
Elephant or clown?
I knew you would frown.

Happy Birthday!

– Unknown

25. Antique

You are antique,
We need to tweak,
Start with physique,
Let’s make you a geek,
Or just join a clique,
And become sleek,
What do you seek?
A birthday creek,
With sublime mystique,
Surely unique,
I shouldn’t speak,
Quite often critique,
Courageous or meek,
Today is your peak,
Enjoy your week,
And stick out your cheek.

Have a great 70th.
Happy Birthday

– Unknown

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color symbolizes the 70th birthday?

Platinum or silver-gray metallic color is the primary color of the 70th birthday celebration. Blue, gold, or silver are usually paired with platinum for the 70th birthday decor. So, if you are planning on the themes, you can choose from these colors.

2. What stone represents the 70th birthday?

The precious sapphire is traditionally considered the stone for the 70th birthday. Sapphire represents a sympathetic relationship and triumphant love. Smoky quartz, which symbolizes endurance, resilience, and durability, is also used to represent the 70th birthday.

3. What flower represents the 70th birthday?

There isn’t a specific flower traditionally associated with a 70th birthday. However, you could choose a flower with special meaning for the person celebrating their 70th birthday or a flower that symbolizes age and experience, such as a rose or violet.

4. What is a traditional gift for a 70th birthday?

Choose platinum as a gift for the 70th birthday. This can be in the form of an ornament made of platinum or anything associated with the metal.

These heartfelt 70th birthday poems and wishes are filled with emotions and love. You can take these poems as is or use them as inspiration to craft a customized poem. Either way, these poems can help you express your love and affection for your loved one effortlessly. So, whether it’s your dad, mom, or any loved one who’s turning 70, share a sweet poem with them and make their day even more special. Remember, writing a poem is a sweet gesture that can touch heart and soul, so make the best use of it!

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