6 Helpful Precautions To Take While Cleaning During Pregnancy

precautions to take while cleaning during pregnancy

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If you are one of those women who feel cleanliness is next to Godliness, pregnancy can prove to be a tough time. While pregnancy is a time to take it easy, you will still need some cleaning to be done around the house.

Most cleaning products can create an adverse effect on your health while you are pregnant. It is highly important that you take all necessary precautions and understand about the risks involved, as well as how to minimize the same.

Here are a few tips that will make cleaning jobs safer for you.

Cleaning Hazards During Pregnancy:

Whenever you are on a cleaning spree, make sure you don’t do any of the following:

1. Move Furniture:

Dragging tables across the room or picking sofas for vacuuming can do potential harm. So do not try to be brave and make such attempts.

2. Climbing:

It may be hard to reach certain spots for cleaning. But do not get up on ladders or wobbly stools, as you may easily lose balance and fall off.

3. Avoid Stairs:

Frequently climbing up and down the stairs can be strenuous, especially if you are moving with some load, like a stack of clothes, or can of water.

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4. Mix Cleaning Agents:

Mixing various substances, like ammonia and bleach, can cause chemical reactions and let out dangerous fumes.

5. Cleaning Mould:

If you have got mould around the house, make sure you get it cleaned, but do not do it yourself. According to some studies, moulds emit toxic gases, which can be harmful for the unborn baby.

6. Spray Cleaners:

There are many products, including bug killers and air fresheners that have to be sprayed. These products create a mist and have a greater chance of being inhaled, thus causing irritation or nausea.

7. Ovens and Basement:

Cleaning spaces with poor ventilation like ovens and cramped basements must be avoided as it will not be possible to get fresh air.

Precautions While Cleaning During Pregnancy:

Now that you know what not to do, we will tell you what you must do if you wish to clean the house:

1. Be Informed:

Always read the labels on the bottles of cleaning agents for information on the contents and their nature. In case they mention ‘toxic’ or ‘poison’ anywhere on the bottle, keep it away.

2. Go Green:

Using products that are natural and have less concentration of chemicals will be commendable during pregnancy. It will also stand you in good stead when the baby arrives.

3. Get Ventilation:

Open the windows and let in some fresh air. This will help the fumes escape and make the cleaning products safe during pregnancy.

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4. Wear Gloves and Masks:

Avoiding direct contact with cleaning agents is advisable. Wear latex gloves while mopping and scrubbing. Put on masks so that you don’t inhale any fumes.

5. Take a Break:

During the cleaning session, stop and sit for a while to avoid getting breathless or having swelled feet. Also, in case you feel nauseated, going out in fresh air will be beneficial.

6. Keep The Dust Out:

The best way to reduce the need for and frequency of cleaning is by ensuring that germs and dust stay away. Leave your shoes out and ask other family members to do so. Have meshes installed to prevent insects and dust from coming in.

Alternative Cleaning Agents:

If you want to avoid chemical based cleaning agents, you can make your own solutions easily:

  • Mix white vinegar and water for cleaning kitchen and table tops.
  • Use baking soda instead of bleach for scrubbing hard spots. It is safe and effective.
  • Borax is also good for removing dirt and deodorizing spaces.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing stains.
  • For polishing furniture, olive oil can be used.

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Try out these homemade cleaning solutions and you will be able to avoid a lot of toxic stuff. Finally, make sure that cleaning does not get physically demanding for you at any stage of pregnancy.

If you have more tips on cleaning products in pregnancy, do share them with other would-be-mommies here.

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