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Planning to have your baby join you for dinner at the dining table? Is your little one beginning to eat solid food now? Are you planning to make meal time a routine for your baby?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, maybe it’s time you get your little one a high chair. Read this post to know best baby high chairs.

Listed here are 15 of the best high chairs for babies:

1. 1st Step High Chair Fish Print:

1st Step High Chair Fish Print

The 1st Step High Chair, with the fish print, comes with a tray and a foot rest.

  • The high chair has a safety harness to keep your baby secure.
  • It is light weight and portable.
  • You can easily open it up or fold it away.
  • The high chair boasts of a comfortable padded seat.
  • It features a pretty fish print.
  • The feeding tray is removable, making it easy to clean.
  • Dimensions: 62 X 51 X 93 cm.
  • Available.

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2. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair:

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

Fisher Price has been making stuff for toddlers for ages now. This high chair from fisher price not only saves space, but is the ideal dining table for your toddler.

  • You can strap this high chair to any kitchen or dining chair.
  • The safety harness secures the baby and makes it extremely secure.
  • The food tray is dishwasher safe.
  • The pad and the back are removable.
  • The chair features three height adjustments to cater to your growing baby.
  • Dimensions: 18.5 X 18 X 16.5 inches.
  • Available.

3. Mee Mee High Chair:

Mee Mee High Chair

The Mee Mee High Chair features a five point safety harness to secure your baby.

  • The food tray can is easy to clean.
  • The padded seat ensures that your toddler enjoys that extra comfort.
  • You can remove the tray and adjust it according to your baby’s growth.
  • The chair can be opened and closed easily.
  • As your baby grows, you can detach the padded seat and insert the activity tray. The chair will transform into a regular dining chair.
  • Dimensions: 57 X 62 X 100 cm.
  • Available.

4. Fisher Price Rain Forest Healthy Care Booster Seat:

Fisher Price Rain Forest Healthy Care Booster Seat

The Fisher Price Rain Forest Healthy Care Booster Seat includes a cute play area that will keep your baby entertained.

  • The chair features a tree with three spinning bugs.
  • It boasts of a colorful bobbling parrot on one side, while the other side features a monkey that swings from a bead bar vine full of bananas.
  • The harness is adjustable and the seat can be adjusted to three different heights.
  • The seat back is removable.
  • The front and rear straps are adjustable and can be attached to any chair.
  • Dimensions: 13 X 15.5 X 17 inches.
  • Available.

5. Keekaroo Height Right High Chair With Tray:

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair With Tray

The Keekaroo Height Right high chair also includes an eating tray and a dishwasher safe tray cover.

  • It has adjustable seat and foot plates.
  • The chair can hold a weight of 250 pounds.
  • It features cloth cushioning seating.
  • The wooden food tray comes with a plastic tray cover which is BPA free.
  • The chair has a three point safety belt for your baby’s safety.
  • It contains a passive crotch restraint, which secures your baby.
  • The chair has been designed to resist tipping over and is extremely durable.
  • Dimensions: 86.4 X 50.8 X 61 cm.
  • Available.

6. Luvlap Baby High Chair 8083 (Comfy):

Luvlap Baby High Chair 8083 (Comfy)

The Luvlap Baby High Chair is also a recliner and the height can be adjusted to suit your baby.

  • It comes with a safety harness to secure your baby in place.
  • The padded seat is highly comfortable for your little one.
  • The food tray is big enough to accommodate all the meal accessories your little one needs.
  • The foot tray will help your baby sit comfortably through meals.
  • Dimensions: 80 X 49.8 X 22 cm.
  • Available.

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7. Sunbaby High Chair Multicolor:

Sunbaby High Chair Multicolor

The Sunbaby High Chair sports a portable design.

  • The PVC seat is foam-padded to provide extra comfort.
  • The footrest makes sitting more comfortable and stable for your baby.
  • The chair also features a large removable tray.
  • The safety harness keeps your baby well protected and secure.
  • Dimensions: 64 X 75 X 106 cm.
  • Available.

8. Chicco Pocket Lunch High Chair:

Chicco Pocket Lunch High Chair

This high chair features a three position reclining back rest.

  • The padded cushion seat is removable and washable.
  • The five point harness is fully adjustable and features two height settings.
  • The tray has an integrated cup holder and prevents sliding.
  • A large basket under the seat provides additional storage space for meal time accessories.
  • The frame is wide and sturdy.
  • The three position tray is also removable.
  • Dimensions: 81 X 54 X 101 cm.
  • Available.

9. Fab N Funky Wooden High Chair:

Fab N Funky Wooden High Chair

The Fab N Funky Wooden chair is more durable and lasts longer than most chairs featured on this list.

  • The safety harness keeps your baby protected and secure.
  • The spacious seat and foot rest only add to your baby’s comfort.
  • The wooden surface can easily be wiped clean.
  • Dimensions: 62 X 42 X 77 cm.
  • Available.

10. Farlin Green Feeding High Chair:

Farlin Green Feeding High Chair

The Farlin Green Feeding High Chair is made of waterproof fabric.

  • It features a convenient two position foot rest.
  • The chair is easy to clean.
  • The table is spacious and can be removed.
  • The safety belt ensures your baby’s safety as he enjoys his meal.
  • Dimensions: 68 X 57 X 100 cm.
  • Available.

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11. Hauck Mac Baby High Chair:

Hauck Mac Baby High Chair

The chair sports a high back rest and a large seat.

  • It has a five point safety harness that secures your baby but also provides enough room for movement.
  • Has a large PVC tray.
  • The seat cover is washable and made of cotton.
  • The footrest is covered in non-slip rubber for better hold.
  • Dimensions: 73 X 54 X 92 cm.
  • Available.

12. Chicco Polly 2 In 1 High Chair:

Chicco Polly 2 In 1 High Chair

The Chico Polly 2 in 1 high chair can be used as both a high chair and a regular chair once the baby grows up.

  • This chair features a three position adjustable back seat.
  • It can be adjusted to seven height levels.
  • The tray is detachable, and cane be removed easily.
  • You can recline the leg rest to let your baby relax.
  • Dimensions: 63.5 X 82 X 92 cm.
  • Available for.

13. Fab N Funky High Chair With Storage Basket:

Fab N Funky High Chair With Storage Basket

The Fab N Funky High Chair with Storage Basket also features a handy meal tray and foot rest.

  • The storage basket provided under the seat holds various meal time accessories.
  • The safety harness helps protect your baby.
  • Padded seating will help keep your baby cozy.
  • The chair also features lockable wheels.
  • Dimensions: 55 X 70 X 103 cm.
  • Available.

14. Chicco Hook-On Table Chair Easy Lunch:

Chicco Hook-On Table Chair Easy Lunch

The Chicco Hook-On Table Chair can be attached to any kind of dinner table.

  • The attachment contains a safety screw.
  • The seat can easily be attached to most table tops.
  • The seat covers are durable and strong.
  • Your baby will be safe and secure in the protective harness.
  • Dimensions: 64 X 36 X 36 cm.
  • Available.

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15. Safety 1st Connexion Indoor 4 In 1:

Safety 1st Connexion Indoor 4 In 1

The Safety 1st 4 in 1 seat can transform into a rocker, carrycot, bouncer and even a high chair.

  • The product is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • It is portable and can be carried around wherever required.
  • The seat comes with two reclining positions, and the cushion is removable.
  • The five point harness holds your baby safely.
  • Dimensions 900 X 600 X 440 mm.
  • Available.

These 15 options will help you decide which high chair is best for baby and make meal times fun and easy. You can now encourage your baby to eat at the dining table along with your whole family. At what age did you use high chair for baby? How was the experience? Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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