Top 10 High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids

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As a mom, you always try to ensure that your kid eats the most nutritious and healthiest of foods. Making your kids eat breakfast is one of the first big tasks of the day that you may have as a parent, especially if your kid is finicky about eating.

A high protein breakfast for kids will help them to start the day filled with energy and feeling full. Read on to check out our ten recommendations that are full of protein.

Top 10 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids:

Here are ten protein rich breakfast ideas for kids that they will love to start the day with:

1. Eggs:

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  • Eggs are a great source of protein and are also the perfect way for your kids to start the day.
  • You can prepare the egg in a way that your kid loves the most, and also prepare it in different ways to add more variety.
  • One of the easiest ways to serve eggs to your kids is to whip up some scrambled egg and make some buttered toast to go along with it.
  • You can also take the easy way out and give your kid some hard boiled eggs.
  • You can also try an omelet. The best part about omelets, apart from their awesome taste, is that you can make a different variety of them. You can also try egg poach or add it to other recipes such as pancakes and more. This is a healthy and yummy protein rich breakfast for kids.

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2. Nuts:

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  • Nuts are also a powerhouse of proteins that will fill your kid up with a high dose of nutrients.
  • You can give your kid nuts in any form that they like the best, as standalone nuts or even mixed in other recipes.
  • Peanut butter is also a great source of protein, and you can add it on a piece of toast, waffles or even use it as a dip with fruits.
  • You can add chopped nuts to a bowl of yogurt or oats to make a delicious and healthy breakfast.

3. Dairy Products:

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  • Include dairy products to give your kid a delicious and healthy start to the day.
  • Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese slices and even cottage cheese are a good source of protein.
  • Make delicious milkshakes, cheese toasts, grilled cottage cheese and more to give your kids variety.

4. Protein Smoothie:

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  • You can make a delicious, filling, and protein rich smoothie right at home with some easily available ingredients.
  • Add some coconut milk, almond butter, banana, vanilla, egg yolks, cocoa powder, and cinnamon powder to a blender and make a smoothie. You can also add or change some ingredients based on your kid’s preference.

5. Strawberry Smoothie:

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  • A strawberry smoothie will be delicious and also keep your kid full for the first half of the day.
  • Make a smoothie at home by adding strawberries, uncooked oatmeal, plain Greek yogurt, honey and some milk in a blender.

6. Meats:

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  • Adding meats to your kid’s breakfast will bring in taste and an extremely filling and protein-rich menu.
  • You can give your kids meat in various forms and also add it as a variation for each day of the week.
  • Lean breakfast meat options are high in protein and low on fat. Some great meat-based breakfast ideas include turkey or chicken sausage.

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7. Quick Protein Ingredients To Add In Other Recipes:

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  • If your kid is a picky eater, you can always add some protein in other recipes, without them even knowing about it.
  • Add ingredients such as oats, milk powder, eggs, bananas, etc. in foods that your kid otherwise loves.

8. Oatmeal:

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  • Oatmeal is another high protein breakfast foods for kids. You can make it as a creamy breakfast recipe with fruits and nuts on top, or add it to pancakes, smoothies, and other recipes to make them healthier.

9. Cereal:

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  • Top a bowl of cereal with lots of chopped fruits and milk.
  • It will make a healthy and very delicious protein rich breakfast for your kids.

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10. Salad:

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  • Give your kid a healthy breakfast by serving a plate of salad.
  • Add ingredients such as lean meats, eggs, green vegetables and more to make it delicious and rich in protein.

You can sneak in protein in many ways in your kid’s diet. A breakfast rich in protein is a great start to the day, and will keep your kid filled with energy.

Moms, what protein-rich breakfast foods do you serve your kids? Do share your ideas here with other moms to help them out.

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