11 Adults Who Overheard Kids Saying Hilariously Weird Things To Each Other

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Kids say the most amusing things, and if you’ve been around them, you’ll agree. Their mind works in mysterious ways, and you cannot help but wonder where it all comes from. Parents are often dumbfounded by their kids’ questions and probably have no answers to them. “Why is the sun yellow?”, “Who delivers an animal baby?”, “Why do dogs not like cats?” and “What makes us grow tall?” are questions that might not seem too bizarre. But we bring you 11 hilarious conversations among kids that are so weird that it caught the attention of adults who had to share it:

1. This Genius Kid

This Genius Kid

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“I heard my 8-year-old cousin telling his sister that his mom makes spaghetti with worms. That night she refused to eat spaghetti while he had three servings of the delicious meal.”

2. Um, Who Knows?

“I overheard two kids talking. One of them asked the other why celebrities are so famous, and her friend instantly replied, saying, ‘Illuminati, that’s why’. That night I couldn’t fall asleep because my mind would not shut up and wander all over.”

3. Did You Know Chewing Gum Causes Heart Surgery?

Did You Know Chewing Gum Causes Heart Surgery

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“My baby sister told her friend that our uncle was undergoing heart surgery. He was young, so it was quite uncommon. But she had a theory. She said that it could be because he swallowed gum earlier that day, which got stuck in his heart.”

4. Kids Are More Savage Than You Think, Here’s An Example

“A conversation between my 7-year-old brother and my neighbor who is 6 years old:

My brother: Okay, pretend you’re a pickle.”

Neighbor: Sure, but pickles can’t talk.

My brother: Yeah, that’s the point.

Me: Oh, snap!”

5. Dark Humor At 6?

Dark Humor At 6

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“My cat has only one eye. She was seated by the window when my 6-year-old brother came to our porch with his friend. She noticed the cat and asked him, ‘why does he have only one eye?’ Without thinking even for a second, my brother said: ‘oh, sometimes the eyes fall out as they grow older’. Brutal bro!”

6. A Valid Question (Not)

“I was on the subway when I heard a frustrated kid asking her mum, ‘Why is it called Pennsylvania? It is not even shaped like a pencil!’. I must admit that I laughed too hard.”

7. The One With The Great Comeback

The One With The Great Comeback

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“I visited the park and saw two kids playing. One kid was running around in circles while the other was sitting on the grass.

Kid 1: I have 8000 bottles of energy *gaaaaah*

Kid 2: I have a million bottles of energy. I just don’t feel like using them right now.

Me: *jaw drop*”

8. This Kid Knows He’s Got Game (Or Does He?)

“I went fishing during the weekend and noticed that the kids who come here to learn fishing are allowed to kiss the fish they catch (Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules). I overheard an 8-year-old bragging to his friend. He said: ‘I’ve kissed a lot of fish, I’m a player.’ Dude, your sense of humor for an 8-year-old is brilliant.”

9. The Not-So-Strange Debate

The Not-So-Strange Debate

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“I was at the dentist’s office waiting for my turn when I heard two kids having a serious discussion about how they’d like to die, eating poop or lava. After a bit of thought, discussion, and reasoning, they concluded that it would be better to die by eating lava.”

10. All The Entertainment You Need Is Within You

“I was at the passport office and bored. I saw a 6-year-old sitting across from me. He was constantly rolling his eyes. I went up to him and asked him if he was okay, his response was, ‘Oh, because I’m rolling my eyes? I do that to keep myself from getting bored.’ I didn’t know what to say except laugh and awkwardly walk away.”

11. When Your Sunday Mass Ritual Pays Off

When Your Sunday Mass Ritual Pays Off

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“I sat down by the side of the ice cream store at the mall and overheard the conversation between two kids.

Kid 1: Ghosts are terrifying… but I don’t think they exist.

Kid 2: One does, but he’s lovely. You don’t have to be scared of him… the Holy Ghost.”

If you are willing to have an open mind and sit down to have a conversation with a kid, you are sure to learn something new, or at least have something to laugh about. Some conversations with kids might even leave you with lots of questions, thoughts, and self-reflection. What are some of the bizarre conversations you’ve had with kids? Share them with us in the comments below.

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