13 Hilarious Things Actually Found In Moms' Purses

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What is the one thing that you’ll never forget to keep in your purse while stepping out? If this question is put to any woman, she’d probably say a comb, eyeliner, or a moisturizer even. Unless, of course, she’s a mom! Not sure what we mean? Then try looking inside a mommy’s handbag and you’ll know what we mean. Those bags are not your usual mortal beings- which is why we call them mommy bags! Mommies are like warriors who carry their tools (read: children’s stuff) with them. Because you’ll never know when your little soldier will need them! So, here’s looking at some hilarious stuff which moms actually carry in their mommy bags!

1. Pack Of Buns, Eggs, Even Grocery…

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When you’re a mom, planning your day goes for a toss. Usually, moms end up heading to the grocery at the spur of the moment. And, instead of opting for those plastic bags (environment-conscious you see) to carry the grocery, they simply stuff it into their mommy bag!

2. Those Good Ol’ Candies

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Kids sure love those yummy sweet-and-sour candies. But so does the mommy bag. No wonder then that even the mom is delighted to find them in some corner of the purse. Who cares how old they are!

3. A Jar Of Peanut Butter!

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Agreed that mom’s are food providers. But this goes to the next level where a mommy bag plays a major role in ensuring the kids never go hungry – ever!

4. Colorful Crayons!

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And that too separated from their families! A classic lost-and-found tale of crayon siblings separated at birth and reuniting (someday). A tale spun by the little artist that your baby is!

5. Old Bill Receipts

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Who keeps old bill receipts in their handbag? A mommy, duh-uh! Why, you ask? You’ll never know when you might need one to make returns or exchanges.

6. A Pair Of Baby Shoes

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It’s not a mommy bag if there ain’t any pair of baby shoes. A back-up for all those occasions when the little Cinderellas lose their shoes.

7. An Office Stapler

When safety pins don’t work and you are too time-pressed to stitch, how do you manage your kiddo’s wardrobe malfunctions? Simple. Use a stapler!!

8.Avocadoes, Apples, Oranges…

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And bananas, munchies, or even pureed foods. You can never say for sure what your baby might be in a mood to eat that day! Especially when you are traveling.

9. A Bunch Of Clean Baby Undies

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Yes, diaper bursts and pee leakages are a reality, even among toddlers. So, no matter how many times your toddler would have emptied the bladder before setting out, chances are that the storm can strike any time. It makes good sense to carry a bunch of clean baby undies every time.

10. A Fake Reptilian Scare Toy

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Remember being told as a kid that if we don’t finish our food, a cockroach or a lizard will jump on us? Call it handing down of the tradition or what you will, but it works each time.

11. That Missing McQueen!

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He’s the racing legend kids adore and has a habit of sneaking out of sight each time – only to show up at the most unlikeliest of places. But, a mommy bag? Why not, isn’t that a child’s favorite dig?

12. And You Thought Unicorns Didn’t Exist

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And if you still have doubts, take a look into this mommy’s bag. You’ll find not one, but three unicorns! That’s enough evidence, we guess!

13. Ugh… Those Broken Cookies!

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One thing you’ll never find in a mommy bag is the time to clean it up. And when she does really find the time (like those old, forgotten candies), out tumble the many things that were begging to be let out. Biscuit crumbs being just one of them.

We’re sure most of us could relate to these hilarious things in the mommy bags. What was the most unusual or hilarious piece of item you carried in your purse after becoming a mummy? Share it with us in the comments section below and let’s have a few laughs together.

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