10 Hilariously Honest Comics Reveal The Difference Between Having The First Vs. Second Child

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Parenthood is a gift. Raising your children and seeing them grow is the most rewarding experience. While carrying your first child, you are bound to go that extra mile, from taking care of your diet during pregnancy to bringing up your newborn in an utmost hygienic atmosphere. But with the entry of the second child, you tend to adopt a much laid-back approach. And these differences are vividly illustrated by Weng Chen, through her comic series. Weng Chen is an incredible illustrator from China, a VR game designer, and a mom herself, who lives in the United States.

Weng Chen always felt the art connect imbibed in her right from an early age. It was the picture of a mermaid which her mother drew, and the story she told her that made Chen fall in love with the world of storytelling and drawing.

Her life right now revolves around raising her two daughters, Electra (the first born) and Ali (the second born), and documenting her daily life in the form of comics drawn by her. She says that MessyCow comic was purely born out of impulse and has been the best thing that has happened to her.

Here is a series of her comics explaining the same and we think it is hilarious! Read on and let us know what you think of it.

1. The Pregnancy

Credit: Weng Chen

When you are pregnant for the first time, you are cautious in terms of your food and lifestyle choices. Eating the healthiest food and being your disciplined best becomes second nature to you.

However, when you are pregnant for the second time, you might want to be yourself and munch on anything and everything.

2. Watching Your Child Progress

Credit: Weng Chen

We feel thrilled when we see the first babble and coo of our baby for the first time. The feeling is divine.

But, when it’s your second child doing the same, the feeling gets settled sooner as in a been-there-seen-that manner.

3. Hygiene

Credit: Weng Chen

When it comes to the hygiene of your firstborn, you might follow a strict protocol by doubling up the cleaning of spaces used by your child.

But, with your second child around, you might go easy and laid back.

4. First Day At School

Credit: Weng Chen

Watching your first child go to school for the first time might make you tear up with the thought of him/her stepping out alone into an alien world. But, with the second child, you might actually be relieved to see him/her off so you can have a few worry-free hours for yourself.

5. Status Of A Queen? Well, Maybe!

Credit: Weng Chen

Being pregnant for the first time is a beautiful feeling, not just for you but also for your husband. You are pampered and taken care of like never before. But, when it’s your second time, you might end up doing almost every household chore, yourself.

6. Framing Every Picture To Storing Everything On Cloud

Credit: Weng Chen

The entry of your firstborn might makes you capture every moment of his/her, frame them, or even make umpteen albums. But, with the second child, you might be capturing those moments but definitely not accounting for it.

7. Clothing

Credit: Weng Chen

While expecting your first child, you might go on a clothes shopping spree, to an extent of wanting your newborn to wear a brand new dress almost every single day. But, with the second child, you might opt for reusing your firstborn’s clothes.

8. Toying Away

Credit: Weng Chen

For your first child, you end up buying the most sophisticated toys which fulfill all the safety parameters. But, for your second child, you might try finding toys which are at a discounted price.

9. Parenting Blues

Credit: Weng Chen

On being a parent for the first time, you might try everything to avoid TV’s bad influence on him/her. But, with the second child, TV becomes the savior that helps you get him/her off your back for some time.

10. Nursing

Credit: Weng Chen

When you become a mother for the first time, you fret about breastfeeding, latching, and producing enough milk for your baby. But, with the arrival of the second child, you know what’s coming and might give in to formula milk earlier than usual.

We hope this comic series lightened up your mood as they are relatable to most of you mothers out there. Which of these did you relate to, the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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