20 Words Hilariously Mispronounced By Toddlers That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Hilariously Mispronounced Words By Toddlers

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Toddlers are cute and cuddly, but did you know they’re also budding comedians? Of course, it’s unintentional. But, what’s life without a few mistakes. Mispronunciation is super cute and purely accidental, but sometimes these mistakes will have you in splits or blushing red with embarrassment.

A mommy asked her friends for words their kids have mispronounced. Obviously, the results are adorable, hilarious, and maybe even a little inappropriate. Who knew dismantling the English language could be so entertaining? Well, toddlers sure showed us that!

So, here is a list of commonly mispronounced words that have been said by toddlers, as told by their parents!

1. Actual Word: Lobster

Actual Word

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Toddler’s Version: Mobster

Better watch out for those delicious smuggling mobsters!

2. Actual Word: French fries

Toddler’s Version: French flies

It’s a common mistake. Who doesn’t love some hot French flies?

3. Actual Word: Ice Cream

Toddler’s Version: Ass Ream

To be fair, even adults can mispronounce the word ice.

4. Actual Word: Camel

Toddler’s Version: Cannibal

This is a little confusing because isn’t camel easier to say than cannibal?! Parents, you may want to try and keep your kids away from those vicious cannibals.

5. Actual Word: Blueberries


Image credit: giphy.com

Toddler’s Version: Boobies

Sly little babies, aren’t they?

6. Actual Word: Juice

Toddler’s Version: Douche

Once again we are confused as to how douche is easier than juice!

7. Actual Word: Strawberries


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Toddler’s Version: Straw babies

Maybe confuse them a little bit by asking them if they are in fact straw babies?

8. Actual Word: Balloons

Toddler’s Version: Baboons

“Mommy, I want silver baboons for my birthday” How does that not make you laugh?

9. Actual Word: The kitchen

Toddler’s Version: The chicken

To be honest, this can happen to even us adults! It can be a tongue twister.

10. Actual Word: Corn

Toddler’s Version: Porn

We repeat: sly little babies aren’t they?

11. Actual Word: Elevator

Toddler’s Version: Alligator

Mommies and daddies, what are you kids saying?!

12. Actual Word: The World Series

Toddler’s Version: The Word Serious.

This pronunciation doesn’t even have to be considered wrong. We’ll let it slide.

13. Actual Word: Kitty

Toddler’s Version: T*tty

We said it once and twice, and we’re going to say it again. Sly little babies!

14. Actual Word: Grill cheese

Toddler’s Version: Girl cheese

If there’s girl cheese, what happened to the boy cheese?

15. Actual Word: Bridge

Toddler’s Version: B*itch

This made us laugh a little too much. Try getting them to say this in public! Just kidding. Or are we?

16. Actual Word: Oranges

Toddler’s Version: Organs

Whoever said organs aren’t deliciously sweet?

17. Actual Word: Bathing suit

Bathing suit

Image credit: giphy.com

Toddler’s Version: Baby Soup

This is another mistake that has us in splits of laughter because it’s just so adorable.

18. Actual Word: Sausage

Toddler’s Version: Awe shit

Why are toddlers so funny? We love the irony of this pronunciation.

19. Actual Word: Lasagne

Toddler’s Version: Vagina

Well, all we can say is that in a few years, they will learn about the human body in science class.

20. Actual Word: Peanuts

Toddler’s Version: Penis

Go back to point 19 to see what we have to say ;)

We hope you enjoyed this list of hilarious and adorable pronunciations made by toddlers! We would pay to see kids say some of these words in public, and we mean that in the nicest way possible! If you know any other hilarious mispronunciations, share them with us below!

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