200 Most Popular Hindu God And Goddess Names For Your Baby

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The Hindu way of life goes back thousands of years, and several people across the Indian subcontinent follow the religion in various ways. It is not only a religion but a way of life with its values and morals. With Hindu scriptures and Holy texts celebrating the deities, Hindu Gods and Goddess names for babies are well respected among the people and considered auspicious.

Many Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been said to have walked the earth as normal folks and helped humanity in various ways. And as the number of deities in Hindu mythology is large and wide, each deity comes with unique qualities, peculiarities, and specialties. The various elements like sun, water, fire, wind, etc., are considered manifestations of the various Gods.

So, if you want to name your baby after a particular God or Goddess, we are here to help you out. With various options available, choosing the right one may be challenging. Thus, read on to know more.

Hindu Goddess Names For Baby Girls

The girl names are after powerful female deities who have blessed the followers in more than one way. While some names may be common and familiar, some others are not. Read on!

1. Aarya:

Aarya, noble Goddess Durga

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The first on our list and a powerful one at that, Aarya is a name used for Goddess Durga. It means ‘noble goddess’.

2. Aashirya:

One more double ‘a’ name in our list. Aashirya means ‘from the land of God’.

3. Aditi:

Taken from Sanskrit, Aditi means ‘boundless and limitless’. This name honors the goddess of the sky and fertility.

4. Aditri:

Aditri means ‘highest honor’ and is another name of Goddess Lakshmi. It is a unique name for your little angel.

5. Adya:

Adya sounds quite fashionable but has its roots in ancient Indian mythology. One of the 108 names of Goddess Durga, Adya stands for ‘Sunday born’.

6. Aeindri:

The name spells strength and faith. Aeindri is a great bet for families looking for something different for their babies. The name means ‘power of Lord Indra’ and is also a name for Goddess Durga.

7. Aparna:

Aparna is another name of Goddess Parvati, Lord Siva’s wife. Parvathi symbolizes strength, courage, and valor!

8. Aparaa:

A beautiful and unique name, Aparaa means ‘the Goddess who belongs to the Turiya (fourth or the) conscious) state’. It also refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

9. Ambuja:

Ambuja refers to the beautiful flower ‘Lotus’, which is the seat of Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati.

10. Anwita:

Anwita refers to the all-powerful Mother Goddess. This trendy name means ‘understanding’ too.

11. Ameya:

Ameya is a unisexual name, but we think it would really be popular among girls. This name symbolizes ‘purity and cleanliness’.

12. Aryahi:

Goddess Durga is one of the most important deities of the Hindu faith. Aryahi is one of her names.

13. Bani:

A traditional name, Bani refers to Goddess Saraswati, the giver of knowledge. It also refers to ‘the Earth’.

14. Bhavya:

Having a daughter (a child) is a grand moment in one life and this name means exactly that. Bhavya or ‘momentous’, is a short and simple girl baby name.

15. Bhavaprita:

Your baby means the world to you. Give her a name that represents this infinite emotion. Bhavaprita means ‘one who is loved by the universe’. It is also a name for Goddess Durga.

16. Bhagyashree:

Imagine being blessed with infinite good luck and fortune. This is what the name Bhagyashree means!

17. Bharati:

Sometimes, the best things may look old on paper but are still worth digging out. So is the name Bharati, which sounds old but is still soothing to hear. It is a name of Goddess Saraswati.

18. Bhargavi:

Interestingly, in Sanskrit, Bhargavi is a unisex name. But you’d find only girls with this name. Its meaning is as beautiful as the name itself. Yes, it means ‘beautiful’ or ‘charming’.

19. Bhaskari:

One of the most popular names in India, Bhaskar means ‘the sun’. Bhaskari is a feminine version of the name and means ‘as bright or radiant as the sun’.

20. Bhavani:

Bhavani refers to Goddess Parvati. A very popular hindu goddess name for baby girl among Indian parents, the name gives off a sense of power.

21. Bilvanilaya:

Doesn’t this name sound unique? Bilvanilaya means ‘one who resides under the Bilva tree’ and refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

22. Brahmi:

A very Indian name, Brahmi means ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’. Brahmi is also the name of a plant which has many amazing properties, all positive for the human body.

23. Brinda:

A classic name, Brinda, means ‘holy basil’ and is also one of the names of Radha, the consort of Sri Krishna.

24. Chakrikaa:

This name might just ring bells of a wheel in your mind. And it should, because the name Chakrikaa means ‘the Goddess who has the divine wheel’. It stands for Goddess Lakshmi.

25. Chandrarupa:

Chandrarupa is a name of Goddess Lakshmi. It also means ‘one who looks like the moon’.

26. Deepa:

The highlight of the festival Diwali, Deepa means ‘lamp’. It is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, as she is known to come to places which are well lit.

27. Deepta:

A very intense and powerful name, Deepta means ‘flaming’. This is an offbeat name as it sounds different from Deepa and Deepti! We are sure you will not have many Deeptas at school.

28. Deeta:

Looking for short but unique names? Here’s one! This sweet, simple, and beautiful name is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi.

29. Deetya:

Praying very hard for a daughter? Well then God just fulfilled your wish. Deetya means ‘an answer to prayers’.

30. Deveshi:

Deveshi a name of Goddess Durga and means ‘the head of all the devas (gods)’.

31. Ditya:

The goddess who encompasses all the emotions into one is Goddess Durga! And Ditya is one of her names.

32. Ekaa:

Looking for a short name for your little one? How about Ekaa? One of the names of Goddess Durga, this modern sounding name means ‘matchless’.

33. Gayatri:

According to the Hindu mythology, the Gayatri Mantra is the hymn for salvation. And Goddess Gayatri is not only a form of Goddess Durga but also the ‘mother of all Vedas’.

Did you know?
Savitr, a sun deity from the Vedas, is closely attributed to Gayatri. According to the Skanda Purana, Goddess Gayatri, also known as Saraswati, is Lord Brahma’s consort.

34. Gauri:

Gauri has various spellings but means ‘the fair one’ and refers to Goddess Parvati. It is one of the popular names among Hindus.

35. Girija:

Girija means the ‘daughter of a mountain’ and refers to Goddess Parvati. There is a simple reason why Goddess Parvati is called Girija. She was the daughter of the king of mountains and hence the name.

36. Hamsini:

Hamsini is a good choice for parents looking for a classic name. It means ‘one who rides a swan’ and refers to Goddess Saraswati.

37. Haripriya:

Haripriya means ‘the beloved of Lord Vishnu’. It is a name for Goddess Lakshmi. It can be written as ‘Hari Priya’ as well.

38. Hymavathy:

A common name with an uncommon spelling! The name refers to Goddess Lakshmi and is very feminine. You could also spell this name as ‘Himvati’.

39. Indusheetala:

Want a long name and a unique one at that? Then try Indusheetala, which literally translates into ‘cool like the moon’. Indu stands for moon and sheetala means cool.

40. Ira:

A perfect name for people who like to keep things simple! Ira means ‘Earth’ and is derived from Sanskrit. It is also a name of Goddess Saraswati.

41. Ishani:

Yet another name that means ‘wife of the god’, in this case, Siva. ‘Ish’ means God and ‘ani’ means belonging to. This is the name of Goddess Parvati or Goddess Durga.

42. Jaladhija:

Goddess Lakshmi lives under water with her husband, Lord Vishnu. Jaladhija refers to Lakshmi’s watery abode.

43. Jaya:

The popular name has not lost its appeal! Jaya is another name for Goddess Durga and stands for ‘victory’.

44. Jina:

This name has a unique meaning. It is specific to Hindu calendar zodiac and also stands for Lord Vishnu. Though a unisex name, it is more popular among girls than boys.

45. Kaishori:

Hindu God And Goddess Names for babies

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The powerful deities are prayed with various names. Kaishori is one more name of Goddess Parvati.

46. Kriti:

Short and sweet – that’s what parents look for these days in a name. Kriti has both qualities and also has a great meaning. It means ‘a work of art or variant’.

47. Kamakshi:

A beautiful name, Kamakshi means ‘one with loving eyes’. It refers to Goddess Parvati as she is considered the mother of all beings.

48. Kamalika:

Kamalika means ‘like the kamal (lotus)’. This name is used widely for Goddess Lakshmi.

49. Kashtha:

Referring to ‘the Goddess who is a quarter of the world’, this name signifies the enormity of a Goddess. It also means the ‘path of the wind’, signifying the free air and attitude.

50. Kimaya:

Probably one of the chicest names on our list, this name means ‘divine’. The Sanskrit name also means ‘miracle’.

51. Lasaki:

Lasaki refers to Goddess Sita and means ‘made of lac’.

52. Lola:

Yes, Lola is a genuine Hindu name! Brought in vogue by the very famous Lola Kutti, this trendy name refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

53. Loukya:

An interesting name, Loukya is another name for Goddess Lakshmi and means ‘worldly-wise’- just what young girls need to be!

54. Manah:

Manah means ‘mind’ and is also a name of Goddess Durga. Everything that we do should come from the pure mind and should be remembered by everyone. This name would help you inculcate that in your daughters.

55. Medh:

A beautiful name for Saraswati, the Goddess of learning, this name means ‘intellect’. It is the perfect choice for parents who want a modern name that has a traditional meaning.

56. Niranjana:

Some names reflect the beauty of nature. Niranjana is one of them. It means ‘the night of the full moon’. Do we need to say more about its beauty? The name also refers to Goddess Durga.

57. Nitya:

A common but beautiful name, Nitya means ‘constant’ and is a popular name of Goddess Durga.

58. Padma:

If you are thinking of naming your daughter something traditional, go for Padma, which means ‘lotus’. It is also a name for Goddess Lakshmi.

59. Padmakshi:

Padmakshya means ‘one with lotus like eyes’. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful names.

58. Pavaki:

If knowledge is what you want your daughter to aspire for, name her Pavaki. It refers to Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge.

60. Prajna:

Prajna is another great name of Goddess Saraswati.

Did you know?
Goddess Saraswati has 108 names and she is revered as the epitome of knowledge, including the arts, sciences, and various other vocations.

61. Sarika:

Goddess Durga encapsulates all that we want in a woman – she is feminine, yet strong. Sarika is a great name that reflects all that’s powerful about the goddess.

62. Saumya:

Another unisexual name on our list, but with a feminine bent, Saumya means ‘mild’ and symbolizes Goddess Durga. It also stands for ‘Regent of Mercury’ and ‘the son of the moon’.

63. Savitri:

A typical traditional name, Savirtri is another name of Goddess Durga and means ‘relating to the sun’.

64. Shaila:

Shaila sounds stylish. This name means ‘a hill’ or ‘daughter of a hill’. It is commonly associated with Goddess Parvati.

65. Shatakshi:

Shatakshi is the name for Goddess Parvati and translates to ‘one with a hundred eyes’. Though this name is quite traditional and old school, it has a unique ring to it. This could be your choice in case you want to avoid your child sharing a common name.

66. Shivanne:

A lyrical name, Shivanne refers to Goddess Parvati, and means the ‘wife of Shiva’.

67. Shivanshika:

This beautiful long name refers to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Shivanshika means ‘a part of Shiva’. Doesn’t it have a beautiful meaning?

68. Shivapriya:

Shivapriya is an orthodox but beautiful name. It means ‘the beloved of Lord Shiva’ and refers to Goddess Parvati.

69. Shulini:

Shulini translates to the one who holds a tri ‘shul’ or the trident. It refers to Goddess Durga and is one of her 108 names.

70. Shyla:

A name that sounds stylish but is traditional! Shyla means ‘daughter of the mountain’ and denotes Goddess Parvati.

71. Siddhama:

Even if you are not religious, you cannot deny the symbolic greatness of Goddess Durga. This name depicts her greatness.

72. Sinhayana:

Sinhayana means ‘one who rides the lion’ and is an ode to Goddess Durga.

73. Srirudra:

Srirudra refers to Goddess Durga, Lord Siva’s wife. It is a conventional name with a beautiful meaning. This name also highlights one of the many names of Siva – Rudra!

74. Surasa:

Surasa is a name taken from Sanskrit and means ‘good essence’. Here, ‘su’ means ‘good’ and ‘rasa’ means ‘nectar’ or ‘essence’.

75. Sureshi:

Another name for Goddess Durga! If you want a name that is Indian yet not too traditional, Sureshi should work for you. It sounds similar to male name, Suresh, which is another name for Lord Indra.

76. Sureshwari:

Sureshwari stands for Goddess Durga or Goddess Lakshmi. The name is definitely a long and a unique one.

77. Sutada:

Sutada is a unique name, not used by many. Sutada means means ‘one who grants wishes’.

78. Tanisi:

Today, a name is judged not just by its meaning but also by its sound. Tanisi has a unique ring to it and is one of the names of Goddess Durga.

79. Tarita:

Another one of Goddess Durga’s amazing names, Tarita is a good choice for modern families.

80. Toshani:

Toshani may sound exotic and a little foreign, but it is a very Hindu name. It means ‘Goddess Durga’.

81. Trariti:

This name rolls off the tongue in a pretty chic manner and means ‘efficient’ or ‘agile’. It is also the name of Goddess Durga.

82. Triguna:

A pretty name with an interesting meaning, Triguna may be the name you want for your baby! It means ‘illusion’ or ‘Maya’. It is also a name of Goddess Durga.

83. Tvarita:

Tvarita has an extra T sound, which gives a different ring. This is one of the names of Goddess Durga.

84. Umika:

Looking for an uncommon name? Umika will be a great option for you. It is a name of Goddess Parvati and sounds exotic.

85. Vallari:

Another beautiful name for your little girl. Vallari means ‘cluster of blossoms’ and also refers to Lord Rama’s wife Sita.

86. Vaishnavi:

Vaishnavi means ‘worshipper of Lord Vishnu’. The traditional name also refers to Goddess Saraswati.

87. Vanmayi:

Another name for Goddess Saraswati, Vanmayi is a traditional name. Perfect if you want your daughter to stay connected with her roots.

88. Vani:

Vani means ‘speech’. It is a very common Indian name and refers to Goddess Saraswati.

89. Vaarahi:

Vaarahi means ‘one who rides a vaarah (boar)’. The uncommon name refers to Goddess Durga.

90. Varada:

Varada is a name for Goddess Lakshmi and means ‘one who grants boons’. This name also translates to ‘daughter’.

91. Vamika:

Looking for a unique name? Then Vamika is the one for you. It refers to Goddess Durga.

Did you know?
Goddess Durga is also referred to as Triyambake, which means “three eyes,” representing Agni, Surya, and Chandra.

92. Varalika:

Another pretty name from the Hindu mythology, Varalika also refers to Goddess Durga.

93. Varuni:

Varuni name means ‘wife of Varun’. Varun is the God of rain. It is a nice short name for your little princess.

94. Vetali:

Another name, which means Durga, Vetali is a cute Hindu goddess baby name.

95. Vidya:

Vidya, Goddess Saraswati

Image: iStock

Vidya means ‘wisdom’ or ‘knowledge’. It is a common Indian name and refers to Goddess Saraswati.

96. Vindhyavasini:

Traditional names may have lost their appeal but they are still worth a try! Vindhyavasini means ‘resident of the Vindhya mountians’ and refers to Goddess Durga.

97. Vishalakshi:

Does your baby have cute, big eyes? Name her Vishalakshi, which means ‘large eyes’. It also refers to Goddess Parvati.

98. Wamika:

Goddess Durga has a number of names, all of which make amazing baby names! Try Wamika, it sounds pretty and trendy.

99. Yadavi:

Not a very popular name by any measure, so you can give it a try. Yadavi is the name of Goddess Durga.

100. Yogeshwari:

Yogeshwari means ‘object of worship’.

Hindu God Names For Baby Boys

With Goddess Durga ruling the Hindu baby girl name charts, we now bring you Hindu Gods names for baby boys. And yes, where there is Shakti, there is Siva. We also have a other male deities too.

101. Akshaj:

A name that is fast becoming popular in India, Akshaj refers to ‘Lord Vishnu’.

102. Anish:

This short and simple name means ‘supreme’ and is associated with Lord Vishnu and Krishna.

103. Amit:

A name that will never go out of fashion, Amit means ‘the endless, boundless, incomparable Lord’.

104. Arha:

Looking for a unique name that is also religious? Try Arha! It is another name for Lord Siva, the destroyer.

105. Amritaya:

Amritaya is associated with the supreme lord Vishnu. This name means ‘the immortal’.

106. Ameyatma:

Lord Vishnu has more than 100 names! One of them is Ameyatma, a great choice for your son. The name means ‘manifesting infinite varieties’, just like the number of names he has.

107. Avaneesh:

Avaneesh means ‘Lord of the entire world’ and refers to Lord Ganesha.

108. Akhurath:

Akhurath means ‘one who has a mouse as his charioteer’. And we all know who rides the tiny mouse, don’t we? Yes, it is Lord Ganesha.

109. Alampata:

Alampata means ‘ever eternal Lord’. This name is unique.

110. Ajitesh:

Sounding similar to Ajith, Ajitesh is a name for Lord Vishnu, who is the preserver of the universe.

111. Akshobhya:

Akshobhya is a Sanskrit name and refers to one of the Dhyani Buddhas.

112. Aditya:

Aditya is a beautiful name, which refers to our constant source of energy, the Sun.

113. Ajaya:

Lord Krishna is a crucial character from the Mahabharata. He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ajaya means ‘undefeated’ and refers to Krishna.

114. Anaadih:

Another beautiful name for you to consider! Anaadih means ‘one who is the first cause’ and refers to Lord Krishna.

115. Aparajeet:

Lord Krishna holds a special place in the Hindu mythology. He is brave and wise. Aparajeet is another name of Krishna and means ‘the Lord who is invincible’.

116. Amritaya:

Amritaya means ‘the immortal’. It is a lyrical name that refers to Lord Vishnu.

117. Anantajeet:

Anantajeet means ‘the victor of infinity’ or Lord Vishnu.

118. Ashutosh:

Siva is the destroyer! He is fearless and ruthless. But he is also full of love! Ashutosh is a name that refers to Siva and means ‘One who fulfills wishes instantly’.

119. Aja:

Of all the Gods in the Hindu mythology, Siva has some of the best names! Take Aja, for example! It is a simple name with a profound meaning, ‘one who is self-existent’.

Did you know?
Aja or Ajah also has roots in Greek mythology, and refers to the ‘Forest Goddess.’

120. Anagha:

Anagha means ‘sinless’. Who else but Siva is the sinless one? Isn’t it a fascinating name?

121. Avighna:

Avighna, Hindu God and Goddess names for babies

Image: Shutterstock

Avighna means ‘remover of obstacles’. It is an uncommon name that is an ode to Lord Ganesha.

122. Augadh:

The name Augadh reflects Lord Siva’s love for joy and happiness. It means ‘one who experiences eternal bliss’.

123. Bhairav:

Watching Lord Siva vanquish his enemies will surely be terrifying. Bhairav is one of Lord Siva’s angry forms and means ‘Lord of terror’.

124. Bhudhav:

Bhudhav refers to Lord Vishnu. It may sound a little rustic to some, but the name does have its charm!

125. Bhuvanesh:

Bhuvanesh means ‘the Lord of the world’ and is another name for Lord Vishnu.

126. Dheera:

Dheera means ‘courageous’ or ‘patient’. The meanings are not uniform due to different usages in different languages.

127. Dhananjay:

Dhananjay means ‘one who wins wealth’. It is associated with Arjun, from Mahabharata, due to his continuous winning stints.

128. Durjaya:

Do you want your son to be capable of overcoming all the obstacles in his life? Then name him Durjaya, which means ‘difficult to conquer’ or ‘unvanquished’ and is associated with Lord Shiva.

129. Ekaakshara:

Ekaakshara means ‘one who is of the single syllable’. The name is used in praise of Lord Ganesha.

130. Eha:

Many consider Indian names to be complicated. But take Eha. It is simple and beautiful. Eha is the name of Lord Vishnu.

131. Evyavan:

Want a unique name for your son? Try Evyavan. It means Lord Vishnu.

132. Gunina:

Gunina refers to Lord Ganesha and means ‘Lord of all virtues’. It has a nice sound to it and a traditional meaning – just what Indian parents look for in a name!

133. Heramba:

Heramba means ‘mother’s beloved son’. The name refers to Lord Ganesha and also means ‘boastful’. Now think why is that so!

134. Indrarjun:

Indrarjun means ‘bright and brave’. It is an interesting name that refers to Lord Indra.

135. Ijay:

Another short name for you to consider! Ijay means ‘power of Lord Vishnu’.

136. Jagadish:

Looking for a traditional name for your son? Jagadish will be a great choice. It means ‘master of the universe’ and refer to Lord Krishna.

137. Jayantah:

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Jayantah means ‘conqueror of all enemies’.

138. Jatin:

Jatin means ‘one who has matted hair’ and refers to Lord Shiva. It is one of the most common Hindu God names for baby boys.

139. Jaithra:

Jaithra is also a name for Lord Vishnu. If you don’t mind a unique name, go for this one.

140. Jayapal:

Another traditional name, Jayapal means ‘king’. It is also a name for Lord Brahma. This is one of the few Brahma names for baby boys.

141. Kartikeyan:

Want to name your son after Lord Murugan? Go for Kartikeyan, the lord of war in the Hindu mythology. The feminine counterpart of this name is Karthika, which refers to a month in Hindu calendar.

142. Krti:

If a short and simple name is what you are looking for, try Krti! It means ‘lord of music’ and refers to Lord Ganesha.

143. Kaveesha:

This name will appeal to you if you have an artistic bend. Kaveesha means ‘Lord of poets’ and is associated with Lord Ganesha.

144. Kamalakar:

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Kamalakar may not be topping the list, but it is worth consideration. This name means ‘where the lotus grows’.

145. Keshav:

Keshav is always trending in India! It is a Hindu god name for baby boy and is one of the names of Lord Krishna, the herdsman.

146. Lohitaksh:

Lohitaksh refers to Lord Vishnu. You can choose this name if you want something classic and traditional.

147. Madhuban:

Lord Vishnu is the miracle maker! Your son is nothing less than a miracle for you. Name him Madhuban, which means ‘flower garden’ and refers to Lord Vishnu.

148. Mantram:

Mantram means ‘a holy name’. It is the perfect name for your son if you are looking for a religious name. It also means Lord Vishnu.

149. Mahakram:

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Mahakram has a masculine and strong ring to it.

150. Mukund:

Mukund is a popular name and actually means ‘Vishnu’.

151. Manomay:

The moment you saw your little one, you lost your heart to him! Manomay will be a great name for your son as it means ‘winner of hearts’. It refers to Lord Ganesha.

152. Mahatejas:

Mahatejase means ‘most radiant’. Your little one is the most radiant thing in your life.

153. Mahadhyuta:

A name of Lord Hanuman, Mahadhyuta also means ‘most radiant’.

154. Namish:

An uncommon and beautiful name, Namish is one of Lord Vishnu’s many names.

155. Narottam:

Narottam means ‘best among men’. Another name of Lord Vishnu, Narottam is a good choice for traditional families.

156. Nityanta:

Nityanta refers to Lord Vishnu. It is not a particularly popular name, so grab it before it becomes commonplace!

157. Paresha:

Another name for Lord Rama, Paresha means ‘Lord of the Lords’.

158. Pranshu:

Another beautiful choice for your baby! Pranshu means ‘tall’ and is a name of Lord Vishnu.

159. Parijata:

If you are a devotee of Lord Hanuman, you may name your son Parijata. It means ‘celestial, coral (Parijata) tree’.

160. Pranava:

Pranava means ‘originator of the syllable Om’. It is also a name of Lord Siva.

161. Padmakar:

Padmakar means ‘Lord Vishnu’. It is a popular name, especially in rural India and means ‘jewel’.

162. Padmanabh:

Padmanabh, Lord Vishnu

Image: Shutterstock

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Padmanabh means ‘one with lotus in his navel’.

163. Padmapati:

Vishnu and his numerous avatars are the protectors of this world. One of Lord Vishnu’s names is Padmapati, which means ‘Husband of Goddess Lakshmi’.

164. Padmesh:

Padmesh refers to Lord Vishnu as the husband of Goddess Lakshmi. It is a nice name that deserves a second thought, though it may have an old school ring to it.

165. Pitambar:

Pitambar means ‘one who wears yellow robes’. It is a name for Lord Vishnu.

166. Parmesh:

Parmesh is a name for Lord Vishnu. It is a popular name among Hindu families living all over the world and refers to God.

167. Pramodan:

Another name that refers to Lord Vishnu, Pramodan can an interesting choice for your baby.

168. Ramakant:

Ramakant means ‘Lord Vishnu in his Ram avatar’. It is a traditional name.

169. Ramesh:

An evergreen choice, this is a name for Lord Vishnu and means ‘ruler’.

170. Rudra:

A name that reflects the ferocious nature of Lord Siva, Rudra is a masculine name that is powerful.

171. Rudraveerya:

Another of Lord Hanuman’s multitude of names, Rudrveerya means ‘born of Siva’.

172. Rayirth:

A unique and exotic name, Rayirth refers to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe.

173. Sabareesh:

A name popular in South India, Sabareesh means ‘Lord of Sabari hills’. It is also a name for Lord Aiyappa.

174. Sarvatman:

Sarvatman is another name for the elephant God Lord Ganesha. It means ‘the protector of the universe’.

175. Shubhan:

Shubhan means ‘all-auspicious Lord’. It refers to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

176. Swaroop:

Another common name, Swaroop means ‘lover of beauty’. And yes, it belongs to our cute, little god Lord Ganesh.

177. Sahasrajit:

Our name connects us to our culture. Sahasrajit is one such name. It means ‘one who vanquishes thousands’ and refers to Krishna.

178. Shreshtha:

You may wish that your son excel in all the fields. Name him Shreshtha, which is a name that describes Lord Krishna and means ‘the best’.

179. Suresham:

For many, Krishna is the supreme God. Suresham means ‘the Lord of all the demigods’ and refers to Krishna.

180. Sadasiva:

With Lord Siva in his name, your son will surely have big shoes to fill! Sadasiva means ‘ever auspicious’.

181. Sarvayoni:

Lord Siva is the ultimate God for many Hindus. If you too believe in Him, the name Sarvayoni will be a good choice for you. It means ‘source of everything’.

182. Srikantha:

Referring to Lord Vishnu, Srikantha means ‘husband of Goddess Lakshmi‘.

183. Sukhada:

Sukhada means ‘One who gives happiness’, that is Lord Siva.

184. Sureshwara:

If Lord Siva is your inspiration, name your child Sureshwara. It means ‘Lord of all Gods’.

185. Swayambhu:

Swayambhu is one of Lord Siva’s names and means ‘self-manifested’.

186. Sahishnu:

Sahishnu is another name for Lord Vishnu. It is uncommon and beautiful, perfect for your son.

187. Samarendra:

Looking for a royal name? Try Samarendra. It is perfect for your little prince and means ‘Lord of war’, Lord Vishnu.

188. Samavart:

A unique name just what you wanted! Samavart means ‘Lord Vishnu’ too.

189. Samendu:

A name popular in the Eastern parts of India, Samendu is ready to see the light of the day in the rest of the country. It refers to Lord Vishnu.

190. Satindra:

Satindra means ‘Lord of truth’ and refers to Lord Vishnu.

191. Savya:

A short name that packs a punch, Savya is yet another name of Lord Vishnu.

192. Satkartar:

Lord Vishnu is the preserver, a part of the holy trinity. Satkartar refers to Lord Vishnu and is a great fit for modern families.

193. Shankhin:

The conch has a holy place in Hindu families. Shankhin means ‘Possessor of the conch’. It is a name for Lord Vishnu.

194. Shrihan:

Lord Vishnu is omnipresent and omnipotent. Gift your son a name that is both unique and meaningful. Choose Shrihan, another name of Lord Vishnu.

195. Tarun:

You want your son to live forever. Tarun, a traditional name, will be a good fit as it means ‘ageless’ and refers to Lord Ganesha.

196. Trivikrama:

Trivikrama means ‘an epithet of Vishnu’. It is another name of the ever-loving avatar of Vishnu, Lord Krishna.

197. Uddanda:

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Uddanda means ‘nemesis of evils and vices’.

198. Umapati:

It does not get more traditional than this! Umapati means ‘consort of Uma’ and refers to Lord Siva.

199. Vedakarta:

The Vedas are the ultimate source of wisdom for the Hindus. Vedakarta means ‘originator of Vedas’ and signifies Lord Siva.

200. Yashvasin:

The name means ‘beloved and ever popular Lord’ and refers to Lord Ganesha.

The Hindu religion is known for its several Gods, Goddesses, and deities, each with unique characteristics. In India, it is common to find Hindu God and Goddess names for babies, believing that the child will have their qualities and will always be showered with blessings. The boy names, Anaadih, Jagadish, and Trivikrama, refer to Krishna, while Durjaya and Jatin are related to Shiva. For girls, Bani, Hamsini, Ira relate to Saraswati, Aditri, Deepa, Haripriya are associated with Lakshmi, and Aarya, Ditya, Ishani are names of Durga. Though different in meaning, the names are the same–all Gods are one. So go ahead and choose a name that suits your baby the best.

Infographic: Hindu God And Goddess Names For Boys And Girls

If you want a meaningful divine name for your baby, what better choice than giving them a God or Goddess name? To help you with that, we present some beautiful Hindu God and Goddess names in the following infographic. So scroll down and pick one for your baby.

names inspired by hindu gods and goddesses [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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