150 Cute And Popular Hipster Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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When Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, there was a collective cry, “what was she even thinking?” But, little did we know that she was heralding a hipster naming revolution. Yes, the current trend is giving a baby a name so hip that you’d think they came out of the womb wearing skinny jeans and Ray-Bans.

If you’re looking for a name that’s out of ordinary and defies traditionalism, but in a good way, here is a list for you. MomJunction has searched for 150 hipster baby names for you to check out.

Cute Hipster Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Cherubina:

Cherubina, the variant of the word cherub would make a hip name for your baby girl. This name came up in Rome in the year 1527.

2. Hazel:

Would you believe if we say that this sweet sobriquet name was considered wacky at a time?

3. Zoete:

This adorable name is a Middle Dutch word for ‘adorable and sweet’.

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4. Kai:

With its exotic roots, easy pronunciation and its appropriateness for both girl and guy, Kai would make an ultimate hipster name for your child.

5. Unica:

There’s no way your daughter won’t like this name. Unica is the Latin word for ‘unique and sole’. It appeared in England in 1552.

6. Idony:

Why don’t you name your daughter Idony, inspired by Iðunn, the Old Icelandic name of Goddess of youth and apples?

7. Anais:

This moniker is popular for its alluring pronunciation and its namesake, Anaïs Nin, the author of the popular book “Incest”.

8. Clementine:

The name of a hybrid between a sweet orange and mandarin has a slash-y cred to it. It means ‘mild and merciful.’

9. Ysoria:

This moniker is related to the Latin word Isaura, a name derived from the region of Isauria in Asia Minor.

10. Beckett:

This sporty ‘b’, the savvy ‘t’ and the seven-letter symmetry makes Beckett truly hip. Beckett means ‘bee cottage.’

11. Beatrix:

Weird spellings of traditional names rarely go right. But Beatrix sounds oh-so-cool. It means ‘she who brings happiness.’

12. Callie:

This Greek name, meaning ‘the most beautiful’ would make a nickname for various names like Calandra or Calantha.

13. Aubrey:

Aubrey brings to mind the hip school princess. This German name means ‘elf ruler.’

14. Cleo:

Cleo, meaning ‘glory’ has a sassy and slick ring to it. It’s also the nickname of one of the most influential women in the history (Cleopatra).

15. Clover:

So you’re done with Rose and Lily. Great! Now go with Clover, the supreme hipster floral name.

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16. Blair:

This moniker has a tomboyish feel to it. Blair means ‘dweller on the plain.’

17. Daisy:

We can see a few raised eyebrows already! But we recommend this name for its ultimate retro appeal.

18. Edie:

This name brings to mind a girl with bangs, big eyes and monochrome smocks. It means ‘prosperous in war.’

19. Enid:

This name started appealing to parents after appearing in “Ghost World”. It means ‘life.’

20. Ethel:

Ethel was the name of the Ugly Duckling in “Archie”. So just like the hipsters, make ugly the new beautiful by bestowing this name on your daughter.

21. Tallulah:

It started as an anglicized version of the Irish name Tuilelaith, but has now become a favorite with hipsters all around the world.

22. Sia:

The Aussie singer Sia gives a mysterious touch to this Old Norse name. It means ‘helper.’

23. Dixie:

Dixie is a saucy, hip and showgirl kind of a name. This Latin name means ‘tenth.’

24. Willa:

This moniker will make a low-key alternative to Willow, a hipster favorite.

25. Romy:

Romy originated as a diminutive of Rosemary, but it now stands strong as an uber-cool name for your daughter.

26. Delilah:

With a name like Delilah, your little girl is sure to be noticed. It means ‘to flirt.’

27. Xena:

Xena is one of the coolest X names, even cooler than Xavier.

28. Logan:

This name would sound hip only when you use it for a girl. Logan means ‘little hollow.’

29. Maple:

This name is natural as the tree and sweet as the syrup. And your kiddo can use the Canadian flag as a cape as well.

30. Oak:

Just like Maple, even Oak is natural, yet hip. And it’s made for making wine barrels. So that would be another plus point.

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31. Raina:

We love this name because it embraces rain without being boring as Rainy and too obvious as Rain.

32. Valencia:

Also associated with one of the Instagram filters, Valencia would make an adorable name for your girl.

33. Arizona:

State themed names are highly popular with the hipsters. Brooklyn is a tad common. So go with Arizona for your baby.

33. Bijou:

Imagine your little Bijou moving in all black with a Perma-pout and a Chanel bag.

34. Cadence:

This classy moniker comes with an invitation for hipster parents’ envy. This Latin name means ‘rhythm.’

35. Florence:

This name would also work as a souvenir to the soulful Italian city. Florence means ‘prosperous.’

36. Louise:

This name hasn’t even cracked the top 20 names since 1920, so it would make a unique and rock-solid pick.

37. Adelaide:

Adelaide has the flair of being a saint’s name, a royal name and a place name. It also comes with the nickname option of Addie.

38. Ivy:

This moniker screamed hipster the moment Jay Sean presented his firstborn Blue Ivy to the world.

39. Cora:

“Downton Abbey” may have shoved this name into the spotlight, but Cora was always on the rise. We have a feeling that Cora could be the new Sophia.

40. Penelope:

This name was one of the favorites of the hipsters in the 90s. It also comes with the bright nickname Penny.

41. Elsa:

This name was popular as a diminutive of Elizabeth but propelled upward because of the Disney film “Frozen”.

42. Eabha:

Despite being given to over a hundred girls last year, Eabha is unique enough to stay true to its hipster roots.

43. Teagan:

This moniker exudes a mystical vibe. It means ‘attractive.’

44. Cadhla:

Cadha is the classy, Irish variation of the name Kayla. This name means ‘beauty that one poetry can capture.’

45. Fia:

This shortened version of Fiadh will nod to your Irish heritage while looking and sounding as an acronym.

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46. Siun:

This one is the queen of this hipster name’s list. You can make it double-barrelled for a full-blown hipster baby name.

47. Bay:

Bay is a short and snappy name inspired by the bay laurel tree, which is prized for its culinary and medical properties.

48. Astrid:

This royal Scandinavian name, also associated with the author of Pippi Longstocking series, could make a hip name for your child.

49. Wylde:

This name is believed to have winter connotations. And of course, your child will share her name with Lily Cole’s daughter.

50. Edith:

Edith is an Anglo-Saxon name, meaning ‘joyous.’ Do you think it could get nicer than this?

51. Billie:

We suggest this name for its namesake Billie Holiday, one of the greatest jazz singers.

52. Ella:

If you want a name that’s delicate and feminine, while being hip at the same time, go with Ella.

53. Finley:

Finley hails from Scotland and means ‘fair warrior.’

54. Frankie:

Some people might argue that Frankie is a boy’s name, but we feel it would suit hip girls better.

55. Isla:

Isla is short, short, yet dignified. This name means ‘island.’

56. Ione:

This unusual Greek color and flower name gained attention via actress Ione Sky.

57. Leonora:

This mellifluous Italian diminutive of the name Eleonora is tied with several literary figures, including the heroine of Beethoven’s “Fidelio”.

58. Huck:

This nickname for Huckleberry is relaxed and friendly, just what we want in a hipster name.

59. Inez:

Any name that has ‘z’ deserves brownie points. Inez is a Portuguese name, meaning ‘pure.’

60. Iris:

This name, belonging to the goddess of the rainbow would make an interesting pick for a hipster name.

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61. Lulu:

Lulu is a sweet sounding, 60s name, meaning ‘pearl.’ This name is thin on the ground, but could bounce back anytime.

62. Odette:

Odette hit the headlines during the Second World War, thanks to the French resistance heroine Odette Brailly.

63. Roxie:

This is one of our all-time favorite Hipster names. It means ‘dawn’.

64. Sadie:

If you have a thing for names ending with ‘ie’, opt for Sasie.

65. Maise:

Maise is sweet, but not overtly. This old-school charmer means ‘pearl’.

66. Zooey:

This name just magically pops up in every popular baby name list. Its hipster namesake is Zooey Deschanel.

67. Phoebe:

If you are a fan of “FRIENDS” sitcom, you will know Phoebe as the hip and happening goddess of kooky stories.

68. Rebel:

This name is inspired by Rebel Wilson. Mind you, this name is not for the faint-hearted.

69. Stevie:

This moniker conjures images of Stevie Nicks, the gypsy chanteuse. You can use it as a nickname for Stephanie.

70. Piper:

Here’s a quirky and endearing pick for you. Piper comes from an Old English word and means ‘pipe player’.

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Popular Hipster Boy Names With Meanings:

71. Aylward:

Aylward has spelling variations that include Aloardus, Eilwardus, and Æðeluuard. But we think that Aylward would be the best hipster name for your little kindergartener to write.

72. August:

This German form of Augustus, meaning ‘majestic and venerable’ has become a Hollywood favorite.

73. Frank:

This hip name was one of the top 10 names from the 1880s to 1920s and is still going strong.

74. Waldo:

The dashing and sprightly -o ending of this name has it made more popular than most of its cousins. Waldo means ‘to rule’.

75. Butch:

Butch is an old-school nickname favored greatly by hipster parents. Butch James, the South African Rugby Union Player, is its famous bearer.

76. Gulliver:

This obscure baby name, known solely for of its literary connection would make a distinctive name for your son.

77. Juniper:

This name is a little more daring than other nature names in this list. It’s strictly not recommended for sensitive people.

78. Enoch:

If you want a Biblical name with modern cred, go with Enoch, the same of Jared’s son. It means ‘dedicated.’

79. Elvis:

Some people may consider it a bit flashy and over-the-top, but we find it hip and classic, just like its namesake “Elvis Presley.”

80. Byron:

This moniker had a romantic image for centuries because of its poetic connection with Lord Byron. But it’s now being used by hipster parents as well.

81. Linus:

If you want a nerdy-chic-hipster name for your son, go with Linus.

82. Dashiell:

Obscure literary references have always been at the epicenter of hipsterdom. So here’s one, based on the detective novel Dashiell Hammett.

83. Gus:

This hip and homey name would work well as both nickname and full name.

84. Etta:

Here’s a name with rock and roll pedigree. Etta means ‘estate ruler.’

85. Roscoe:

Roscoe may sound slightly made up, but it’s actually a Norse name, meaning ‘deer forest.’

86. Dries:

Another unusual name in the list! This Greek name means ‘brave.’

87. Jasper:

A gem name for a boy? Why not! It has also appeared in the works of James Fenimore Cooper and Sir Walter Scott.

88. Otis:

This name has distinctly hip feel it, probably because of its association with R&B.

89. Monty:

Its original form Montgomery might be feeling a bit dusty, but Monty can never go out of vogue.

90. Eisley:

This cutting edge name would make a great pick for your baby. And unlike other names, it’s inspired by a brand.

91. Dexter:

This one will always be one of our favorites. Elvis Costello and Diana Krall also named one of their twins Dexter.

92. Lazlo:

Lazlo is a trendy Hungarian name, meaning ‘glorious ruler.’

93. Edison:

This moniker began the trend of using surnames as the first name. Edison means ‘son of Edward.’

94. Colton:

Colton boasts of the same hunkiness as Lance and Hank. It means ‘from the coal.’

95. Bear:

This animal name was made famous via the daring adventurer, Bear Grylls.

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96. Clive:

If you like names like Owen, Barker, and Cussler, you will also love Clive. This English name means ‘lives near a high cliff.’

97. Auden:

This name may sound a bit critical or powerful, but its meaning is something different. Auden means ‘old friend.’

98. Django:

Gypsy origin names are bound to be hip. The jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt would be its most famous bearer.

99. Cormac:

This Irish name, meaning ‘charioteer’ would could also make a hip name for your son.

100. Homer:

This moniker, originating in the ancient Greek scribe has become a hot pick with the hipsters.

101. Roenwallon:

Roenwallon is a combination of Old Breton words roen, which means ‘royal’ and ‘uuallon’, which means ‘valorous.’

102. Duke:

Duke is Ron Swanson’s stage name. Do we need to say anything more? It means ‘nobility.’

103. Atticus:

This moniker was immortalized by Gregory Peck via his character named Atticus in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

104. Arlo:

What could be better than a name that starts and ends with vowels? Arlo is a Spanish name, meaning ‘barberry tree.’

105. Brax:

This moniker sounds oh-so-hip. We recommend it as it’s the 5046th most popular name, and is way less common than Braxton.

106. Everbern:

This one is for your cuddly cub. It’s an Old High German word, meaning ‘bear.’

107. Galicius:

Galicious is a lovely Latin name inspired by the Celtic tribe living in Galicia, Spain.

108. Hainfroy:

This name is related to the Old German words, meaning ‘enclosure of peace.’ It showed up in France in the year 1388.

109. Magner:

Do you find Magnus too common for your munchkin? Then go with Magner, which is an Old High German word for ‘mighty army’.

110. Landwin:

This moniker goes back to the early medieval France, when Landwin was highly popular. It means ‘land friend.’

111. Frost:

If Frost is a solid English word. So why don’t you use it as a name? Someone thought likewise in the year 1420 and used it for his or her son.

112. Willulf:

Name your son Willulf, a 9th-century Latin version of the name ‘Willulphus’.

113. Snorri:

This might sound a bit sleepy for you, but Snorri is actually an Icelandic term for ‘smart and sharp-witted person’.

114. Fallon:

This name sounds so much like Falcon, right. But it’s an Irish name and means ‘leader.’

115. Banksy:

Nothing says hip more than naming your child after a United Kingdom stencil artist.

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116. Tyke:

If you want an adventurous name for your son, go with Tyke. But the concern is that it would become shortsighted in terms of remaining apt with age.

117. Salinger:

A boy with this name is destined to be a lover of libraries. Salinger would make a great pick if the parents want the world to know that they are well read.

118. Neville:

This name was once classified as a nerd’s name, but it’s time to reconsider it, don’t you think? It’s so hip!

119. Gryff:

Griffin is long gone. Now it’s time for Gryff. You can even opt for its variation Griff.

120. East:

When you can have North and West, then why not East? After all, hipster is all about being creative.

121. Ked:

Just like Kai, Ked is also brief, punchy and starts with the letter K. And it’s a brand of canvas shoes as well.

122. Wren:

Do you what we like the most about this bird name? The fact that it does not need to be shortened.

123. Ajax:

Ajax is much more than a cleaning product. The root of this moniker extends to Greek mythology.

124. Jagger:

You’ll get brownie points for pronouncing this name as ‘Yah-ger’.

125. Hopper:

It cannot get more spirited. Even Robin and Sean Penn chose this name for their son.

126. Everly:

Pay tribute to the 50s rock band Everly Brothers by bestowing the first half of their title on your child.

127. Felix:

The hipster fashion may come and go, but Felix will remain forever. It means ‘happy and fortunate.’

128. Panther:

Dive deeper into the animal kingdom with this name. And it’s the name of Marvel’s superhero as well!

129. Zen:

If bringing a newborn into this word is not Zen, we don’t know what will be.

130. Theodore:

This name conjures images of the adventurous and hipster of his time, Theodore Roosevelt. With nicknames like Teddy and Theo, Theodore would be perfect for today’s parents.

131. Hank:

This name harkens back to the 50s and 60s when it was at its peak of popularity. And with competition like Chet and Ray, Hank would be the first to climb the charts.

132. Levi:

Despite having Biblical roots, Levi feels quite light on its feet. It means ‘attached’.

133. Milo:

After Theo, hipster parents are now rushing to name their son Milo. The ‘o’ ending has got even us gushing.

134. Arthur:

Arthur got mainstream recognition following the release of the movie “The Great Gatsby”.

135. Ansel:

We’re referring to the only and only Dominique Ansel here. This French name means ‘follower of a nobleman.’

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136. Leo:

The association with Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio has made this name uber popular.

137. Aspen:

Aspen is the ultimate hipster name inspired by place. This American name means ‘quaking tree.’

138. Ezra:

Here’s another Biblical name that would make a hip name for your son, primarily because of the funky ‘z’ in between.

139. Franklin:

Your kiddo will go around the playground announcing that his namesake invented the bifocals. Franklin means ‘free man.’

140. Grover:

We bet no one can resist this cute hipster boy name. Grover is an English name, meaning ‘from the grove.’

141. Brixton:

Here’s another place name inspired by a district in London.

142. Huxley:

There could be no better name than this to welcome your kiddo into this ‘brave’ world. It will give your child literary genius and philosophical enlightenment.

143. Blake:

Blake might be ancient, but it has suddenly become hip again.

144. Reuben:

This name has an artistic flair that keeps the masses away from using it for their kids. This will make the hipsters very happy, we suppose.

145. Fionn:

Fionn was the 24th most popular baby boy name in Ireland. So use it for your child before it becomes mainstream.

146. Maximilian:

This moniker will give your child a Gallic class. But please don’t keep Max for the nickname.

147. Corey:

Don’t you think Corey is a quintessential American name? Just 24 baby boys were named Corey in the year 2014. So grab it while it’s hot.

148. Lennon:

This super popular surname is now becoming a famous first name.

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149. Van:

Van is actually a Dutch prefix to a name, but it’s used on its own in many English-speaking countries.

150. Lucian:

This name brings to mind the German painter Lucian Fraud. Luciano and Lucius are other variations of this name.

You won’t even think of going with the conventional Mary or John after going through our list of bold and exotic hipster baby names. So, which of these appealed to you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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