Hives During Pregnancy - 6 Causes, 4 Symptoms & 4 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of


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Pregnancy is synonymous with change. Things begin to change the moment you create a new life. Some of these changes are visible, others, not so much.

Some changes are welcome, like your growing belly. But some changes you can do without! After all, who wants to get acne at any point in their lives, leave alone when pregnant? But the reality is that most women experience changes in their skin during pregnancy. Be it acne, skin darkening or stretch marks – you can expect some or all of these changes while you are expecting a baby (1).

One of the more uncommon skin problems women encounter while pregnant is hives or urticaria. So, today let’s find out more about this unpleasant pregnancy side affect.

What Causes Hives During Pregnancy?

Hives are the reaction of your body to an allergen. It can be some food, medication, chemicals or even a piece of clothing. The pumped up amount of hormones in your body can make simple environmental nuisances turn into scary allergens during pregnancy (2). Most cases of hives are benign. But in some cases, women can also develop more serious skin issues, like PUPP.

Here are some common causes of hives during pregnancy:

  1. Medication
  2. Insect bites
  3. Chemicals
  4. Pollen
  5. Foods
  6. Stress

If you are carrying twins, you are more likely to experience PUPPS and other skin related problems (3).

Signs And Symptoms Of Hives During Pregnancy

Are you wondering if the rashes on your body are hives? Check out the list of symptoms and find out!

  1. Raised welts
  2. Itchiness
  3. Pain in and around the welts
  4. Dry skin

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Are Hives Dangerous During Pregnancy?

Most cases of hives during pregnancy are not dangerous. In fact, most resolve without much effort. But in some cases, these hives can turn into PUPPS, in which case you’ll need to seek medical help (4). In fact, it is wise to see your doctor in case of hives, in any case. Just to be safe. If you find hives around your genital area, go to the doctor, pronto!

How To Treat Hives During Pregnancy?

It is tempting to use OTC drugs to treat these unpleasant pregnancy fallouts. But it is better to stay off medication during pregnancy. If things are getting uncomfortable, you can try medicines like chlorphenamine or loratadine. Both of these treatment options are safe during pregnancy (5).

Some other measures you can take to get some relief includes:

1. Moisturize: 

Make sure to keep your skin moisturized. This will prevent dryness as well as provide relief from the constant itch.

2. Avoid Soap:

Yes, you want to be clean. But using soap and scrubbing the affected area can make the condition worse.

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3. Use Oatmeal Or Baking Soda: 

An oatmeal bath is another great way to alleviate the itchiness that comes with hives. You can also include baking soda in your bath water to get some relief.

4. OTC Medication:

While you should avoid OTC oral medicines, you can always use anti-itch creams to banish the icky itch!

Tips To Prevent Hives During Pregnancy

Apart from the treatment options mentioned above, there are some things you can do to minimize your chances of getting pregnancy time hives. Here are some simple tips to help you out:

  • Whenever possible, stay away from hot showers and hot baths. High temperatures are known to increase the risk of hives (6).
  • Pregnancy can be uncomfortable. So it is in any case better to avoid wearing tight fitted clothing while your are pregnant. Doing so will also decrease your chances of getting hives.
  • This is a tough one! But if you can, avoid scratching your skin.
  • Try meditation and other relaxation techniques to prevent stress.

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These simple measures might not prevent all cases of hives while pregnant, but does make the risk lower.

No matter the steps you take, you cannot eliminate the chance of getting hives 100%. In some cases, they can still be around after you give birth. But don’t worry – sooner or later, they will bid your body goodbye, for good! Till then, keep your eye on the final goal – a healthy baby!

Do you know of any other home remedy for treating hives during pregnancy? Share with us!

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