Hives In Toddlers - 5 Causes, 5 Symptoms & 3 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Hives In Toddler

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As a parent you are always concerned with regard to the well-being of your children. With a toddler in house, you have to be especially careful to ensure they are always healthy and safe. Toddlers tend to touch many things out of their curiosity. At times this can lead to different forms of allergies.

Hives in toddlers is one form of skin allergy, that can send parents into panic mode. However, if you are aware of the causes that can trigger this condition in your toddler, you can always prevent the same.

What Is Hives?

Hives is a skin condition when there is a sudden appearance of itchy, red and raised spots on different parts of the body. It is also known as Urticaria in medical terms and subsides quickly.

Here are some facts about hives:

  • In rare situations the condition of hives will last longer than 6 weeks.
  • Almost 20% of the population will suffer from hives once in their lifetime.
  • When hives last for months together it is known as chronic hives.
  • Around 3% of toddlers get infected with hives as per some recent studies.

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Causes Of Hives In Toddlers:

Hives in toddlers are mostly caused when they comes in contact or ingests something that does not suit their  skin. When your toddler comes in contact with an irritant the body tends to release a hormone named histamine. This happens as a natural reaction that causes the irritation and the sensation of itching.

Some of the common causes of hives are discussed below.

  1. Irritant foods, that causes hives are eggs, milk, nuts, shellfish, fish, berries, chocolates, tomatoes, etc.
  2. Coming in contact with a pet or an animal.
  3. Bites and stings of insects.
  4. Contact with pollen.
  5. Reaction from some medicines or allergy shots.

In rare cases, hives might also be caused due to anxiety, stress, prolonged exposure to sun, exposure to cold water, prolonged pressure on skin, etc. This form of hives is known as physical hives.

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Symptoms Of Hives:

Hives is a skin condition and mainly occurs as red and itchy bumps on the skin. Some of the common symptoms of hives are as follows:

  1. Red raised welts or hives on the skin.
  2. Appearance of a pale center on the red bumps.
  3. Appearance of cluster of red bumps and welts on the skin.
  4. The clusters tend to change shape and location in duration of few hours at times.
  5. The clusters can at times spread across the body.

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Treatment For Hives In Toddlers:

In most cases, hives do not need any specialized treatment and subside on their own. A doctor might be able to diagnose hives by just looking at it.

  1. In case the hives does not subside on its own, the doctor will ask you to keep a track of the things. You must keep a note on what your toddler eats and the things he or she comes in contact with. This will help to find the source or trigger that caused the hives.
  2. Just keeping the source or the trigger at bay will help your toddler avoid hives in the long run.
  3. If the hives become too itchy or uncomfortable for your toddler the doctor might prescribe the medicine antihistamine. This will help prevent further breakouts and regulate the release of histamine in the blood.

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Do not get worked up by looking at the red itchy patches on the skin of your toddler. Keep your cool and remember to keep any possible triggers away from your toddler.

Also, do share tips and remedies that have helped you treat hives effectively in your toddler with the other mothers in the comment box below.

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