85 Untapped Hmong Baby Names Perfect For Girls And Boys

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Hmong is an ethnic group living in South-west China known for their traditions and unique culture. Even the Hmong baby names have a tradition to tell. After the birth of a Hmong baby, the family organizes a soul calling three days after the newborn’s birth. This ceremony is called “hu plig.” In this ceremony, the baby is given a name and spoken aloud so that the can spirit, “dab qhuas,” knows about the baby. Hmong believes that this ceremony is important for the overall well-being of the baby. This ceremony lasts until noon and is performed by a wise, old and knowledgeable person. This can also be a shaman or a grandfather. Later, the baby receives the blessings of the elders, followed by a feast for the attendees. The name chosen for a Hmong baby usually represents their soul. The Hmong believe that giving an incorrect name to a baby would reflect through bad health of the baby in the future. Hence, most Hmong parents decide the name before the ceremony and have a few different names in hand, just if the name is not worthy of their baby’s soul. After the ceremony, the name is proclaimed and declared to the fellow clan members. While this is the tradition followed for the first name, the surname follows the clan’s surname system. If you wish to give your baby a name that resembles their soul, then scroll through our list of the Hmong baby names.

Hmong Names For Boys

1. Alang:

If you want a regal name for your son, choose Alang, which means ‘emperor’ in the Hmong language. It’s a simple and sweet two syllable name with loads of global charm and appeal.

2. Blong:

Parents looking for nature-inspired Hmong name for their son can safely go for the name Blong, which means ‘leaf’. This name is originally a form of the name Nplooj, which means the same.

3. Cai:

Encourage your child to always stay within the laws by naming him Cai, which means ‘law’. As for the name, Cai will make a fresh spin on the overused Hawaiian name, Kai.

4. Choj:

Hmong people strongly believe that children are their bridge to God. God loves no one as much as children. Hence, the name Choj, meaning ‘bridge’, is used widely by them.

5. Chue:

Chue, meaning ‘bell’, is traditionally a baby boy name, but is given to girls as well. That’s probably because it’s meaning does not point to any particular gender. But we think it suits boys more than girls.

6. Ci:

It cannot get shorter than this. Ci is a famous Hmong baby name, meaning ‘shine or to shine’. A name like this will surely give your child a shining and glittering future.

7. Daus:

Daus is one of the many vocabulary or word Hmong names, meaning ‘to scoop up’. It’s a great option for parents who are tired of hearing the same old ‘us’ ending names such as Gaius, Magnus, or Darius.

8. Foom:

Foom, meaning ‘bless’, is given to children to remind them of the blessings of their elders and the Almighty.

9. Fuechy:

Every parent wants their child to have the power and control of everything in life. In this hope, they pick the name Fuechy for them, which means ‘control and power’.

10. Fwam:

Respect is something that’s fleeting with every passing generation and its high time parents taught their children about it. One of the best ways to do it is by giving them a name meaning ‘respect’. Fwam, meaning ‘respect or respectful’, would fit the bill if you’re looking for something along the lines.

11. Hawj:

If you want a serious and audacious Hmong name for your boy, go for Hawj, one of the clan names of the Hmong people. It has old-fangled charisma, which no one can escape.

12. Kaus:

Despite its somewhat strange and dark meaning, Kaus is picked by hundreds of Hmong parents every year, probably because of the trendy ‘u’ in the name. Kaus means ‘fang’.

13. Keej:

If you want your child to grow up into a capable man adept at doing everything, name him Keej, which means ‘capable’. And it sounds appealing as well.

14. Kim:

Most of our readers would be aware of this name as either the short form of Kimball or Kimberly. But for the Hmong people, it’s an entirely different name, meaning ‘expensive’.

15. Koob:

Koob is the shortened form of Koob-Hmoov or Koobmeej, meaning ‘needle’

Image: iStock

Baby name Koob is the shortened form of Koob-Hmoov or Koobmeej, meaning ‘needle’. If you’re a traditionalist at heart, you can opt for the full form, and keep Koob as the nickname.

16. Koob-Hmoov:

Koob-Hmoov is a hyphenated Hmong baby name, meaning ‘blessing’. This name has been borne by several prominent Hmong figures, in all its variations.

17. Koob-Meej:

Long, especially hyphenated baby names have a class of their own. If you’re a lover of long and elegant names like we are, name your child Koob-Meej, which means ‘fame or honor.

18. Kub:

Kub, meaning ‘gold’, is one of the huge hit names of the century among Hmong people. This handsome one syllable name, with a brisk and attractive sound, is hot among the latest generation of Hmong parents.

19. Lauj:

Lauj is one of the trendiest two syllable clan names among the Hmong people. The sound of this name sets it apart from the rest of the Hmong baby boy names in the list.

Did you know?
According to Hmong belief, the spiritual and material worlds coexist. The Hmong people are animists who believe in spirits or souls.

20. Leej:

Leej is an important member of the similar sounding rhyming names such as Keej, Yeej, Meej. This name, meaning ‘second son’, is reserved for the second born son of the Hmong family.

21. Lis:

This adorable name, meaning ‘power or strength’, is Hmong to the core. It’s used quiet often now, but can bounce back in action anytime soon.

22. Looj:

Looj, meaning ‘to cover’, is a simple, fresh, and evocative name, reminiscent of the moniker Tooj. You can name your twin sons Looj and Tooj.

23. Moos:

Moos is both, the name of a city and a Hmong word for ‘watch or clock’. This name is quite prevalent among the Hmong people and is given to scores of babies every year.

24. Muas:

Muas, a clan name of the Hmong people, is an excellent naming option. The only catch is that it can be confused with Muas because of the similar sound.

25. Nhia:

Those who want their children to have a successful financial life should name their children Nhia, which means ‘silver or money’. Nhia sounds pretty feminine to our ears, but Hmong people like it for their boys.

26. Nruag:

Nruag meaning ‘drum’ is simply perfect for musically inclined parents who want their child to follow their passion.

27. Ntxawg:

Ntxawg, meaning ‘junior’, is usually given to the youngest or the eldest son of the family. This moniker, with an ‘x’ in the middle, sounds unique, though a bit difficult to spell.

28. Phiab:

Melodious and rhythmic name Phiab represents the inventiveness and creativity of Hmong people. They confidently use the Hmong word, meaning ‘platter, pan, or a large bowl’ as a baby name.

29. Pobtsuas:

Pobtsuas is a no-nonsense, smart and one of the few longer Hmong baby names. Meaning ‘cliff rock’, Pobtsuas would be perfect for a tough and robust young boy.

30. Rwg:

Rwg, meaning ‘son’, is generally given to the youngest son of the family. Just like the meaning, even the name itself is tiny, comprising just three letters.

31. Sawm:

The name Sawm, with its resemblance to English name Sam, strikes the right balance between distinctive and familiar. We particularly love the etymology of this name, ‘deserving’.

32. Suav:

Suav, a suave name, meaning ‘to count or relating to China’, is one of the most commonly used Hmong baby boy names, primarily because of its meaning.

33. Tooj:

Tooj is an unconventional name even by Hmong standards. It’s basically a term meaning ‘copper’ in Hmong language, but is used as a name by some parents. Instead of first, you can use it as a middle name.

34. Tswab:

It seems that vocabulary names are highly popular among Hmong people. Take Tswab for instance, which is a Hmong term, meaning ‘banana plant’, but is used as a baby name too.

35. Tswb:

Just a single letter can make a world of difference in Hmong names. While Tswab means ‘banana plant’, Tswb, without an ‘a’, means ‘bell’. So you need to be really careful while selecting a Hmong name for your boy.

36. Tub:

Tub may sound like a funny name in English speaking countries, but it’s a legit name in Hmong, meaning ‘son or male’.

37. Wang-Meng:

Wang-Meng, meaning ‘very wealthy’, is one of the few hyphenated names used by Hmong parents.

38. Xob:

The name Xob is usually given to children born during thunder or rainfall

Image: iStock

Xob, meaning ‘lightning or thunder’, is usually given to children who were born at the time of thunder or rainfall. This classic Hmong name, with ample charm and character, resembles the English name Bob, a lot.

39. Xwm:

Short and sweet name Xwm, meaning ‘second son’, is reserved for the second son of the family. This name is so small on its own that you don’t have to shorten it for a nickname.

Did you know?
The Hmong language has two dialects, white and green. White Hmong speak the white dialect, and the Green Hmong speak the green dialect. The names white and green are a reference to the hues and designs of each group’s traditional attire (1).

40. Xyoob:

Xyoob, meaning ‘bamboo’, would make an unconventional name for your baby boy. This word name has been garnering a lot of popularity lately, possibly because of its similarity with the Arabic name, Ayoob.

41. Yeej:

Set your child on the path to victory by naming him Yeej, which means ‘victorious’. It fits quite well with the Keej family, but if you want, you can pump it up further by picking a trendy nickname.

42. Yengkong:

Every child is sweet in his or her way. So why not give them a name, meaning the same? Go for Hmong baby boy name Yengkong, which means ‘sweet and adorable’.

43. Zoov:

Zoov, meaning ‘of the jungle or wild’, is one of those Hmong baby names, which can easily be used by English speaking parents.

Hmong Baby Names For Girls

44. Ab:

Ab isn’t an abbreviation, but a proper and cute Hmong girl name, meaning ‘baby or precious’. Indeed, babies are the most precious in the lives of parents.

45. Che:

Che, meaning ‘whisper’, is one of the most assertive and familiar Hmong baby girl names. The soap opera kind of aura makes it even more amazing.

46. Chee:

Do not confuse Chee with Che, because both are entirely different names. This name, meaning ‘shine or shining’, is generally given by parents with the hope that their babies will have a shining future.

47. Cua:

Cua, meaning ‘wind’, is one of the most appealing Hmong baby names for girls. You can even consider its variation, Choua.

48. Dawb:

Dawb, meaning ‘white’ is as bright and vibrant as its meaning. A variation of this name is Dlawb. So choose what deems best for your daughter.

49. Dib:

With its large measure of character, class, and gentle yet offbeat quality, Dib, meaning ‘cucumber’ would make an attractive naming option for your daughter.

50. Duabntxoo:

A name hailing from Hmong vocabulary, Duabntxoo means ‘shadow’. It is out of style, probably because of its tongue-twisting pronunciation, but it may be due for a comeback.

51. Eve:

Eve may mean ‘life’ in the rest of the world, but in the Hmong language, it stands for ‘one’. Whatever it may mean, the purity and simplicity of this name will always keep it in favor.

52. Gao-Jer:

This hyphenated name, meaning ‘the last daughter’.

53. Hli:

This cultured and cultivated Hmong name, meaning ‘moon’, will fill your child’s life with light, as the celestial body moon does in our lives.

54. Hnub:

Hnub was in limbo for a long time, but the comeback of this adorable name has been prompted by several non-Hnub people of China using it for their baby girls. Hnub means ‘sun, the glowing orb in the sky’.

55. Houa:

The name Houa will suit best with a long last name.

Image: iStock

Houa is a lacy and tinted name, meaning ‘clouds’, popular for more than a hundred years among Hmong people. Since it’s a relatively short name, it will suit best with a long last name.

56. Huab:

Huab, a pretty sounding name, meaning ‘cloud’, may be losing its steam with the younger generation, but old-timey parents are still very fond of it.

57. Jong:

Jong is one of the oldest and popular Hmong names that is still in vogue. It means ‘shade’.

58. Kabzaug:

The name Kabzaug, meaning ‘praying mantis’, has been out for so long that we’ve already begun imagining a whole new generation of cute Kabzaugs.

59. Kaj:

Kaj is an intriguing and provocative name, meaning ‘clear or peaceful’.

60. Kajsiab:

Kajsiab is one of the most sophisticated, classy, and unique Hmong girl names, meaning ‘peace’. Its etymology will inspire your child to adopt a calm and peaceful demeanor.

61. Kawm:

This soft and feminine name is derived from a Hmong word for ‘basket’. The quiet persona of this name makes it a huge hit with parents.

62. Kiab:

Kiab, meaning ‘cheerful’, will ensure that your daughter remains happy and joyful throughout her life.

63. Liag:

Liag means ‘a triangular silver ornament mainly used on the Hmong clothes’. It may even mean ‘field’. Despite the different meanings, we think Liag would make an amazing moniker for the apple of your eye.

64. Lig:

The name Lig, meaning ‘youngest daughter’, is used for the youngest baby girl of the family.

65. Luv:

Luv is one of the least common bird inspired names we’ve heard in recent times. And it’s such an accessible name that it can be used for non-Hmong babies as well.

66. Maiv:

Maiv, meaning ‘girl or daughter’, is rapidly gaining favor, even outside the confines of Chinese culture. In fact, it’s the first name that strikes the mind of Hmong people when they have a baby girl.

67. Me:

Nope, it isn’t the typical “me, myself, and I” that we’re referring to here. Me is a Hmong word meaning ‘girl or daughter’. This term is used as a baby girl name as well.

68. Mee:

The name Mee means ‘cat or noodle’ because of the emphasis on the second ‘e’ of the name. Even the pronunciation hints towards these meanings.

69. Mos:

Mos, meaning ‘tender’, would make a great alternative to the evocative nature name, Moss.

70. Nag:

Nag is a beautiful nature name, meaning rain

Image: iStock

This beautiful nature name, meaning ‘rain’, is heard more often as a Hmong surname, than the first name. But since there’s a trend of using the last names as first names, you can safely go for it.

71. Nkauj:

This quintessential Hmong name is worthy enough for importation, more so since it’s sparsely used among the Hmong people. The name Nkauj either means ‘girl’, ‘female’, or ‘song’.

72. Npaim:

Npaim is the shortened form of the name Npauj Npaim and means ‘butterfly’.

73. Nplhaib:

Nplhaib, meaning ‘ring’, is a charmer in the truest sense.

74. Ntaub:

Ntaub, meaning ‘cloth’, has a perfect measure of glitz and glamor to it.

75. Ntsais:

Daughters are the twinkle of their fathers’ eyes. So why not call them by a name, which means the same? You can consider Ntsais, which means ‘twinkle’.

76. Ntsuab:

This delicate, elegant, prim, and proper name, meaning ‘green’, conjures images of wide green rice fields of China.

77. Ntxawm:

Ntxawm, meaning ‘youngest daughter’, would make an attractive, yet delicate choice for your daughter.

78. Ntxhi:

In the other part of the world, Ntxhi meaning ‘whisper’, would make a unique name. The ‘x’ in the middle makes it trendier and sassier.

79. Sua:

The name Sua has an irresistible and flowing charm, which is hard to ignore. Sua is the feminine form of the name Suav and means ‘to count or relating to China’.

80. Suab:

Suab, meaning ‘sound and voice’, sounds a lot like 70s comic-book female lead name. The name hasn’t been in use for long, so it has begun looking fresh again.

81. Taub:

This red hot Hmong baby name, meaning ‘pumpkin’, shows that Hmong people do not give extreme importance to the meaning of the name, as long as it’s not negative.

82. Tshaus:

Americans and English aren’t the only ones fond of color names. Even Hmong people are equally crazy about color names. The popularity of Tshaus, meaning ‘gray’, symbolizes the same.

83. Tshaus:

Tshaus is a perfect name for parents who wish to retain the ‘aus’ sound, but are tired of typical names such as Augustus. The name Tshaus means ‘gray’.

84. Xov:

Xov is among the oldest and most consistently used Hmong names.

Image: iStock

The name Xov, meaning ‘thread’, feels quite modern and streamlined for a Hmong name. But in reality, it’s one of the oldest and most consistently used Hmong names.

85. Ying:

Ying is one of the most used Hmong baby girl names. While it’s used mainly for girls, some Hmong boys are also called Ying. This name means ‘luster of gems’.

Just as the proceedings of naming a baby in the Hmong culture are different than the rest, so are their names. We hope that this list of Hmong baby names will come in handy when you are in search of names that are uncommon and also have a rich history behind them. We have included names for both baby boys and girls to make it easier for you to pick out a name from the list. A few of the names might have a difficult pronunciation and spelling they will surely make your child stand out from the rest in a good way.

Infographic: Hmong Names For Boys And Girls

Are you intrigued by the Hmong group’s unique naming tradition? If yes, explore their diverse and meaningful names in the infographic below. You can also pick a suitable name for your little one. Don’t forget to save and share the list with other parents!

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  1. 10 things about Hmong culture food and language you probably didn’t know; Minnesota Public Radio
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