30 Fun Hobbies For Couples To Do Together

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Spending time together is the lifeline for a relationship. It helps a couple understand each other better, and build trust and affection. In addition to strengthening your bond, this time can also be made productive by learning a skill or picking up a new hobby together.

You will love to use your time trying new activities. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your partner or trying to bring back the spark in your marriage, then have a hobby together.

In this post, MomJunction brings you indoor and outdoor hobbies for couples. Whether you are cozy couch potatoes or adventure fanatics, we have something for every type of a couple.

How Do Hobbies Bind A Couple Together?

Hobbies, in general, help us get creative and expand our skills. They improve mental and physical health and strengthen couple relationship. They also do something more:

  1. You will have some common experiences to share. You can create memories and then look back at them.
  1. Hobbies are stress-busters. They are an escape from the routine and help in relieving stress.
  1. Learning new skills requires a lot of patience; thus, hobbies teach couples to be more patient.
  1. Hobbies expand your social circle. Whether it is game night or a book club, you get to make new friends and have some fun time with common friends.
  1. Hobbies eliminate boredom in a relationship. As time goes by, relationships tend to get monotonous. By taking up a hobby, you will have something to get excited and look forward to.
  1. When you are busy pursuing good hobbies, there is little time to spend on wasteful and negative thoughts.
  1. Couples who take up challenging hobbies will know how to handle adversities and work as a team. This is useful to tackle stress in a relationship.

When hobbies do good to a relationship in many ways, why wait? Read on to find out some exciting hobbies for couples.

Outdoor Couple Hobbies

Do you and your partner like to spend more time outdoors? Then here are some outdoor hobbies you may pursue:

1. Go hiking:

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This is a perfect hobby for couples who like to explore places and love strolling in nature. Pick a safe hiking spot, pack your bags and spend your free time in the lap of nature.

2. Bird watching:

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You can explore the nearby parks or woodlands, watch the birds without any distractions, connect with nature, and relax.

3. Surf away:

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If you are lucky to live near the sea and if both of you like adventure sports, then take up surfing. This sport is refreshing as well as challenging.

4. Go kayaking:

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You can make a romantic outing as well as a fun hobby out of kayaking. Get trained in kayaking and drift along a calm river or paddle through a flowing river, together.

5. Grow a garden:

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If you have a spacious backyard, then spend time turning it into a beautiful garden. When your garden blossoms, it stands as proof of the wonders you both can do as a team.

6. Learn an outdoor game:

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It could be tennis, basketball or baseball, play it once a week or whenever you have time. You and your partner can join those classes or organize a team and practice every week. This is another way to burn calories and stress.

7. Go golfing:

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If your partner loves golf, take tips from them, learn the technique, and play together.

8. Join a paintball match:

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If you have a bunch of mutual friends, then organize regular paintball sessions. This fun game can give you a taste of war games.

9. Go camping:

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Spend the day under the sun with the birds singing, and the night under the starry sky. Camping enables you to spend some alone time together. You both will love the feeling of being the only ones on the earth.

10. Start a collection:

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It could be coins, stamps or seashells, start a collection that interests both of you. See your love grow as your collection expands.

11. Ride bikes together:

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This active couple’s hobby helps you both stay in shape. You can hire bikes and explore the neighborhood. This activity helps in bonding and appreciating each other’s hard work.

12. Go on thrift store hopping:

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If you and your partner have a thing for antiques and knick-knacks, visit the thrift stores and local flea markets to collect your favorite items.

13. Join a pottery class:

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This requires skill and concentration. Try your hand at this relaxing hobby. You can also turn it into a business if both of you could master this art.

14. Take up healthy living:

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Eating whole foods and local produce has many health benefits. Take it up as a hobby to find out all about such foods and visit the local farms and take home the fresh and healthy ingredients.

15. Go for wine tasting:

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The world of wines is vast, and if both of you share an interest in wines, then look for some wineries in your area and plan wine-tasting sessions with your partner.

16. Go fishing:

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If you have a lake or any other water body around, try your hand at fishing. You will be surprised how much you can learn about each other while patiently waiting for the fish.

Indoor Couple Hobbies

You can take some interesting hobbies even while staying indoors. Here we list a few such activities to take up.

17. Try painting:

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You need not be a professional, but the thought of expressing yourself in colors is relaxing. There are neither rules nor techniques to follow, just paint your heart out with your partner. You can also join painting classes together if you both wish to up your game.

18. Join interior decoration classes:

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Your home is your sanctuary. Pick up interior decoration as a hobby to beautify your home together. Plan with your partner to create more space, reorganize furniture, or just give your house a makeover.

19. Organize classic movie nights:

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If you and your partner are movie buffs, then turn it into a hobby. You can collect timeless classics, and watch them every weekend. Nothing is more relaxing than cuddling up with your partner and watching an old movie.

20. Take up cooking classes:

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Does your mouth water at the word pasta? Does your partner simply love an original Italian pizza? Then instead of ordering, join cookery classes and explore new combinations.

21. Take up a yoga class:

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This hobby helps you stay fit. Sign up for yoga sessions and practice it every day.

22. Learn a new language:

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Learning a new language comes with multiple benefits. The biggest benefit is you both can converse in this language when you do not want the people around you to follow your conversation. Book an online program and spend some time every day to learn that language.

23. Play video games:

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You can spend hours playing video games. Try out new games, compete with each other and have fun together.

24. Join a dance class:

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If you are looking for a way to connect with each other, then dancing is the best option. You may pick up the elegant ballroom dance or the romantic salsa. If your partner is shy, do not force them but start small.

25. Try an indoor sport:

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Pick up indoor games such as badminton or squash as a hobby. These games will help you both keep fit and teach you to work as a team.

26. Hit the gym:

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If you are looking to get back into shape, but need the motivation to hit the gym, then talk to your partner and take it as a hobby. You will be surprised to see how your partner’s company can keep you motivated.

27. Try homesteading:

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This hobby helps you become self-sufficient. It could be preserving the excess garden produce (canning and pickling) or setting up a solar plant to save energy. Pick up a project and get it done.

28. Start a home business:

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If your wife bakes amazing cakes or if your husband has excellent wood-carving skills, then you can turn them into a money-earning hobby. Set up a small online business for those homemade products and manage it.

29. Tutor children:

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If you are good in math, English, or science, take up part-time classes for underprivileged children. This hobby will give you the satisfaction of giving, and it can also help secure a child’s future.

30. Learn calligraphy:

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This is an art of decorative handwriting. Learn the skill, and you can create beautiful cards for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions. If you and your partner have created a masterpiece, then proudly display it.

The actual reason behind taking up a hobby is to get out of the routine and spend some quality time with your partner. So, share these ideas with your partner and choose a hobby which interests both of you.

Have you taken up any couple hobby? Let us know in the comments section below.