150+ Fun Hobbies For Women Of All Ages To Relax And Enjoy Life

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Most women balance their personal and professional lives by juggling many day-to-day chores. Though that is great, you should also do what you love the most. Read our post for a list of hobbies for women, and pick what interests you. The same day in and day out routine, taking care of family, and fulfilling the responsibilities can take a toll on you and your overall health.

Hence, you should break the monotony, give yourself space, and take your passion seriously. It helps rejuvenate, enhance your skills, boost your knowledge, and keep you content. Some hobbies, such as bicycling or doing pilates, also keep you physically fit. Our list includes hobbies for different age groups of women, so scroll through them and check where your interest lies.

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Fun Hobbies For Women

Do you want to get out of a rut and do something interesting? Read on for some fun hobbies for girls and women that can be enjoyed.

1. Learn a dance form

Unwind after a tough day by putting on your dancing shoes and learning a dance form. You could check out the classes in your area or pick up some moves with the help of YouTube videos.

2. Try photography

Learn the basics of photography, such as camera angle, exposure, lighting, and composition. Then, with some training and experience, you will be able to capture beautiful memories.

3. Start a vlog

Do you have some knowledge you wish to share with the world? Maybe you are great at make-up, have traveled extensively, or have gone through some unique experiences. Use YouTube or social media to share your experience with the world.

4. Learn a musical instrument

If you love music, learning a musical instrument is a great idea. You can take lessons from a professional instructor or search for tutorials online. Learning to play your favorite songs will keep your excitement level high.

protip_icon Did you know?
Marie Forleo turned her passion for writing, psychology, hip-hop, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and fitness into a million-dollar business. She owns Marie Forleo International, which offers world-class online training programs.

5. Learn a new language

With the world coming closer together, learning more languages can accelerate your career. Spanish, Chinese, German, French–learn any of the major languages.

6. Cultivate a reading habit

A well-read person can make a lasting impression be it in formal settings or social events. Set aside at least an hour or two for reading every day.

7. Take upcycling

Do you want to enjoy some fresh air and exercise at the same time? Take upcycling. You can form a cycling group with your friends and arrange a few races to add to the fun.

8. Try hiking

Explore the less-trodden paths by going on weekend hikes. You will get to enjoy some beautiful views and burn some calories as well.

9. Enjoy bungee jumping

If you are seeking some excitement and adventure in life, bungee jumping is a great idea. Explore bungee jumping at multiple jump points, and donot forget to video shoot the fascinating experience.

10. Take up kickboxing

Are you looking for a constructive outlet for your stress and frustration? Kickboxing is the perfect solution! Besides, it can make you fitter and better equipped to defend yourself.

11. Try jewelry designing

This is another creative hobby that will allow you to unleash your artistic side. You can use reasonably priced items such as beads, clay, and wires to make beautiful artificial jewelry. You could even consider starting your own jewelry venture as you improve.

12. Write poetry

You might have read so many poems by great poets, so why not write some poems of your own? Write a poem for your loved ones on their birthdays and anniversaries; they would be touched and impressed.

Having multiple hobbies stimulates creativity and offers avenues for one’s self-expression. Niguanta, a 41-year-old blogger, narrates how she deals with having multiple hobbies. She writes, “My hobbies are writing (yes, you’ve guessed it), drawing, singing, playing guitar, dancing, jewelry making, traveling (although I think this is everybody’s hobby), reading, and DIY crafting.

“Of all of these hobbies, a few feel closer to my heart, and I feel that I will miss out on a lot in life if I don’t further develop them. And I tried, throughout my life, to grow and become more in two of them, writing and singing. I gave up on singing after a few disappointments, but somehow I can’t give up on writing (i).”

13. Learn rock climbing

Rock climbing is another exciting hobby for thrill-seekers. But, before you pick up your gear and rush into the wilderness, ensure you train with the experts at a climbing gym.

14. Explore scuba diving

If you are adventurous and marine life fascinates you, diving is a perfect hobby for you. You can start your scuba certification online or join the closest diving school.

15. Enjoy LARPing

With Live Action Role Playing, you can dress up and act out your fantasies. Fight a war, solve a mystery, or even be Harry Potter and fight Voldemort! The possibilities are endless.

16. Sign up for geocaching

If you love mysteries and treasure hunts, joining the world’s largest treasure hunt should be on your to-do list. Download the official Geocaching app and start your hunt for the numerous geocaches with the help of GPS.

17. Enjoy kayaking

Kayaking is a low-impact activity that is great for building upper body strength. Take some friends along and have fun racing and splashing water on each other.

18. Try wine tasting

If you are a wine lover, consider wine tasting. With so many different varieties of wines, wine tasting can be a truly fulfilling and enriching experience.

19. Journaling

Journaling can be an effective technique to express yourself via writing. A journal does not require you to be a natural writer; simply be yourself and write about whatever is on your mind now.

20. Blogging

Starting a blog could be a rewarding experience. It’s a good idea to stick to a constant writing and posting schedule to keep things going. Many well-known bloggers started as a hobbyist. You never know; blogging could turn out to even be a source of revenue for you.

21. Aerobics

Aerobics is a great way to build endurance, stay active, and improve overall health. Aerobics is a versatile and energizing hobby that is suitable for women looking for an energetic and lively leisure activity.

22. Videography

If you’ve tried photography and want to try something new, videography can be an excellent next step. You can make your own short films and then expand on them to make longer ones. You can even combine this passion with blogging and become a YouTube vlogger.

23. Discovering music

Music has offered peace to many people, assisting them in preserving their mental well-being during difficult and stressful times and allowing them to relax. Consider exploring a music genre you may not have appreciated much before. You could be delighted to learn about many wonderful tunes you have never heard.

24. Digital Illustration

Digital illustration could be an interesting hobby for people who appreciate technology and design. You may create works of art directly on your computer. Who knows, you might even make a career out of digital illustration.

25. Watching television series

After a long day, getting excited about what’s to come in the next episode can be an excellent way to relax. However, remember that watching TV late at night may interfere with your sleep. Depending on your mood, TV can also help you express your feelings, whether you want to cry, be scared, or simply laugh.

26. Vision boards

Vision boards are a great resource for planning one’s future and depicting one’s ideal life. Many people find creating annual vision boards to be highly inspiring. Looking at the board every morning effectively reminds them of the goals they are trying to achieve.

27. Interior design

It’s a relaxing hobby that allows you to express your personality while learning about design concepts. It’s a pleasant and fulfilling approach to enhancing your surroundings, whether improving your home or helping others.

28. Martial arts

Martial arts can be an engaging activity, with disciplines such as karate, taekwondo, and others. It has advantages other than self-defense, such as enhanced fitness, mental discipline, and stress alleviation.

Hobbies For Women In Their 20s

In your 20s, you are in the early stages of your career, so life can get hectic. Here are a few hobbies that will help you get away from the grind for a while and chill.

29. Invest your time in volunteering

Volunteering for a cause you care about can be a rewarding experience since you give back to your community. Caring for strays, volunteering at an animal shelter, and teaching the less-privileged are a few options you could consider.

30. Learn cooking

Cooking might seem like a regular chore, but it requires considerable skill and concentration. If you love food, cooking your favorite dishes from scratch can uplift your mood. There are a variety of easy recipes available online, so get started!

protip_icon Did you know?
According to a recent study, getting married for women means more domestic work, less leisure time, and fewer opportunities to show their skills and earn in the marketplace.(1)

31. Learn horseback riding

horseback riding can be a fun and exciting experience

Image: IStock

Horseback riding is great for strengthening core muscles and improving balance and coordination. With the cool breeze blowing through your hair and on your face while you ride away on a beautiful trail, horseback riding can be a fun and exciting experience.

32. Start upcycling clothes

Upcycling clothes is a great option for fashion lovers. Instead of throwing away your old clothes, use your creative imagination and transform them for reuse using techniques such as embroidery, cloth painting, and sewing. Since upcycling reduces waste, you will feel good that you did your bit for the environment.

33. Make beautiful candles

Making candles can be a wonderful outlet for creativity and might even help you make some money. Get started by buying one of the many candle-making kits available online. You will have great fun experimenting with candles of various sizes, shapes, and scents.

34. Start your podcast

If you are a subject matter expert in something and prefer speaking rather than writing, podcasting is an excellent hobby for you. It requires time and effort, but if you are passionate about speaking and plan your podcasts well, you might become popular in no time.

35. Try surfing

Few things can match up to the thrill of riding over waves. The anticipation of the incoming waves and the epic happiness you feel when you conquer one is an addictive experience. If you are not comfortable surfing, then try sailing a boat. It is a water activity and also a lot of fun.

36. Go camping

Leave your daily struggles behind and go camping in the wilderness. The beautiful surroundings will calm you. Take your friends along and enjoy singing around the campfire. You can also try bird-watching while living outdoors.

37. Learn calligraphy

If you love the physical act of writing, calligraphy is a great hobby for you. You could join calligraphy classes or learn on your own with the help of online tutorials. The birthday and Christmas cards would look extra special with your beautiful handwriting on them.

38. Explore singing

While you may be a person who only sings in the shower, you can explore singing as a hobby. Singing regularly at karaoke can remove any inhibitions you may have and boost your confidence.

39. Jog your blues away

Early morning or late evening jog can chase the blues away and clear your head. Start by jogging for a short time and distance every day and gradually increase them over a period.

40. Become a gamer

Playing video games is a fun way to pass the time. Purchase a PlayStation if you have the budget, or download a few video games and get started. Then you can invite your friends over on the weekend and have gaming competitions.

41. Try sketching

You don’t have to be an artist to do sketches. Sketching can be a fun and relaxing activity for all. If your work or studies seem to be taking a toll on you, sketching can help you get away from all the worries for a while. Start by sketching some of your favorite childhood cartoons. Slowly, you can even advance to drawing and painting.

42. Learn the art of makeup

Want to look glamorous and pass the time? Learn the incredibly useful art of makeup. There are several video tutorials available that can help you learn the basics. You don’t need expensive cosmetics; even basic stuff can work wonders if used well.

43. Color to your heart’s content

Coloring is not just for children; even adults can enjoy it. You can escape the worries for a while and just focus on the task at hand. So, buy a coloring book and color freely without worrying about the borders.

44. Learn nail art

If you have a creative inclination, nail art can be a fun and useful pastime. Your friends will be pleased when you jazz up their nails, and with positive word of mouth, you might be able to make a career out of it.

protip_icon Did you know?
Community-based recreational activities and crafts can support recovery from mental health issues by boosting self-esteem. (2)

45. Try stand-up comedy

Do you have a great sense of humor and enjoy making people laugh? If the answer is yes, you can try stand-up comedy. Begin by performing in front of friends to build your confidence, and then try at the local clubs.

46. Try cosplay

Dressing up is not just reserved for Halloween. Become a cosplayer and have fun dressing up like your favorite movie or comic book characters. Going to conventions will allow you to bond with other cosplayers who have similar interests as you.

47. Learn a few magic tricks

It is exciting and fun to uncover the secret behind magic tricks. Use online videos to learn the tricks and then entertain your loved ones.

48. Take up acting

If you are interested in acting, enroll in acting classes or join a local theatre group in your area.

49. Try ice skating

Learning ice skating is a great way to master balance and coordination. In addition, you will have a lot of fun zooming around the ice rink, especially with a friend or a partner.

50. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a thrilling and adventurous hobby that women can participate in for an exciting rush of adrenaline. This activity involves leaping from a massive height while harnessed to an elastic cord, enjoying a thrilling free fall before rebounding.

51. Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact exercise regimen that can be used as a fun and satisfying hobby. Regular pilates practice provides a complete approach to health and fitness while also promoting stress alleviation and relaxation.

52. Barre

Barre is a fun and dynamic activity that mixes ballet, dancing, and strength training. This workout involves a ballet barre and short, delicate movements to target specific muscle areas. Whether you enjoy dancing or working out, barre is a great way to stay active, tone your body, and improve your overall health.

53. Walking

Walking is a simple yet delightful hobby that individuals of all ages and fitness levels may enjoy. It is an inexpensive and convenient approach to explore your surroundings, be active, and experience the therapeutic effects of nature.

54. Boxing

It is an excellent way to relieve stress, increase endurance, and set personal fitness goals. Whether you want to compete or enjoy good exercise, boxing is a unique and stimulating hobby that may help you keep in shape while teaching you vital self-defense skills.

55. Skateboarding

Skateboarding as a hobby improves coordination, balance, and overall fitness. It promotes self-expression through style and trick selection. It involves riding a skateboard, performing tricks, and navigating different terrains.

56. Weight-lifting

It is a broad and robust hobby that may help women feel capable, strong, and proud of their physical accomplishments. It has numerous advantages for women, including increased metabolism, bone density, and general fitness.

57. Longboarding

Women who appreciate adventure and an active lifestyle will find longboarding to be a fun and welcoming pastime. It involves riding a longer skateboard that is built for stability and cruising, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels.

58. Tennis

Tennis is a sport that requires mental agility, physical fitness, and strategic thinking. It has various advantages for both beginners and experienced players. It is a great sport for socializing, de-stressing, and engaging in friendly competition in addition to the physical benefits.

59. Rollerblading

Rollerblading involves skating on inline skates and is a fantastic way to keep active and explore your surroundings. Rollerblading is good for your cardiovascular system and helps tone your leg muscles. It’s a fun approach to improving fitness while enjoying the outdoors because it mixes the joy of movement with outdoor recreation.

60. Mosaics

Make attractive designs with little tiles, cut glass, or shattered ceramics. It involves arranging small, colorful tiles into intricate patterns to create stunning art pieces. On a smaller scale, you can even use paper.

61. Parasailing

Parasailing is an exciting adventure involving being pulled behind a boat while seated in a harness attached to a parachute. Exploring different sites to experience the elevated perspective that parasailing provides can be an exciting way to admire spectacular sights.

62. Snow skiing

Getting outside is always a good idea in the winter to beat the blues. Snow skiing is a fantastic way to accomplish this. Whether you prefer the swifter pace of downhill skiing or the exercise of cross-country skiing, it’s an enjoyable experience either way.

63. Sky diving

The idea of skydiving could be fascinating for people who are not afraid of heights. Although it’s a risky task, it can give you a fantastic adrenaline surge and a great sense of accomplishment.

64. Racing

If you enjoy driving fast on the road, consider having the flexibility to do so whenever you want. Racing requires precision, focus, and ability as you navigate challenging circuits and battle for victory.

65. Paragliding

Paragliding, like parasailing, is a means to glide through the air without a boat. The paraglider sits in a harness attached to a parachute-like wing and lifts off with a running start.

66. Dates with friends

When you are in your 20s and have left college, life can get pretty hectic. Setting up weekly or monthly dates with your friends is a good idea to stay in touch with them. Meeting your friends can also give you a much-needed break from the monotonous schedule of daily life.

67. Paintballing

Paintballing is a simulated combat game in which players use air-powered markers to blast paintballs at one other. This exciting activity boosts adrenaline while encouraging teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking.

68. Badminton

Badminton is a lively and social sport that women can fully enjoy. It combines physical training, mental agility, and strategic gameplay into one game. It has various advantages for both beginners and experienced players.

69. Sailing

Sailing is accomplished by harnessing the strength of the wind to steer sailboats and explore waterways. This activity combines adventure, a connection with nature, and the growth of sailing skills.

70. Jet skiing

Jet skiing is a thrilling aquatic sport that women may enjoy. It involves racing on open water in watercraft. As you navigate waves and feel the rush of acceleration, this thrilling activity delivers a sense of adventure and freedom.

Hobbies For Women Over 40

Typically, at this stage, women are busy balancing their career and family life and hardly get time for themselves. So, here are a few hobbies that will allow you to spend some quality time with yourself.

71. Try your hand at knitting

Do you want to create beautiful scarves and knitted tops from scratch? Try your hand at knitting. Knitting needs patience and concentration, but it is highly relaxing, and the result is worth the effort.

72. Make your own pickles

Store-bought pickles do not have the freshness of homemade ones, so why not try making them at home? They are fairly easy to make and will add a zing to your regular meals.

73. Practice yoga

As you age, your muscles become stiff and back problems start to crop up. Doing yoga can help you maintain flexibility and relieve back pain. Join a yoga studio in your area or use online videos to begin your yoga journey.

74. Start meditating

Meditation helps reduce stress and increase focus

Image: IStock

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and increase focus. You can start by meditating for a minute in the morning and at night and then slowly increase your time.

75. Enjoy swimming

Swimming is one of the best activities that you could indulge in. Start swimming at the nearest pool and enjoy a full-body workout. And besides the physical and mental benefits it offers, it also helps you make friends.

76. Learn embroidery

Create exquisite and intricate designs by learning the art of embroidery. Needlework boosts creativity and also teaches patience.

77. Try soap making

Have fun making soaps with the ingredients of your choice. You can choose organic ingredients and add fragrances of your choice.

78. Go fishing

After a hectic week at work, fishing can be a perfect activity for relaxation. You donot need many supplies, and it can be done alone or with a friend. The activity in itself is a great way to de-stress, and if you manage to catch any fish, it will boost your mood further.

79. Zumba

It is a dance-based training program that includes Latin and international music as well as dynamic choreography. Zumba is a fun way to keep active and improve cardiovascular health and coordination. It is appropriate for all fitness levels and promotes a sense of community and joy in movement.

80. Bowling

Going bowling is an excellent way to relax, socialize, and start feeling good about yourself. It will keep you fit by working the legs, arms, and core muscles. If you want to make new acquaintances, you can join a league where you can meet other women who wish to have fun and meet new people.

81. Joining a book club

Meeting up with a group of individuals with similar interests is also fascinating and enjoyable. Joining a book club can help you improve your teamwork skills, discover novel ideas, and open doors to new friendships.

82. Joining a carpentry class

Many women like woodworking as a pastime. This is an excellent hobby if you’re searching for something to do in your spare time or want to start making your furniture and other home items.

83. Study plants

Plant exploration can be a fascinating and fulfilling hobby for women. It involves becoming informed about various plant species, their growth patterns, and their roles in the environment. You can explore this passion through gardening, plant identification, or easy outdoor hikes.

84. Dog training

If you or someone you care about has a dog, training them can be a very rewarding hobby. Seeing a dog learn new tricks and skills after months of hard work is quite exciting.

85. Shopping

Shopping, when done mindfully, may be a pleasurable pastime for women. It’s not only about buying things, it’s about discovering one’s own personal style, discovering unique items, and relishing the excitement of finding excellent discounts.

86. Basketball

Basketball is widely played among women, whether you enjoy shooting hoops on your own or wish to join a team.  It is a fast-paced team activity that encourages physical fitness, agility, and teamwork.

87. Try new restaurants

Exploring new restaurants is about trying new cuisines, discovering local favorites, and having memorable dining experiences. Trying new restaurants, whether it’s a casual café or an upmarket bistro, is a great opportunity to savor wonderful food, create unforgettable moments with loved ones, and broaden your culinary horizons.

88. Archery

Archery improves balance, physical fitness, and mental clarity while also improving attention and patience. It provides the joy of hitting the bullseye and developing a skill as a hobby.

89. Archeology

Much of human history is hidden in the Earth’s strata, waiting to be unearthed. Furthermore, smaller archaeological digs are taking place all the time, with some accepting volunteers. If finding the mystery of the past fascinates you, then you can try this.

90. Rafting

Rafting may be just as challenging as you’d like to make it. You could go white water rafting or just relax while floating down a peaceful river on a tube.

91. Mushroom foraging

It can be exciting and challenging to go mushroom hunting for morels or chicken of the woods. You can explore forests and woodlands to identify, gather, and learn about diverse mushroom species. They can be difficult to detect or spot at times, which makes it all the more exciting to do.

92. Berry picking

Berry picking is a fun hobby for everyone who likes fruits. If you enjoy baking with fruit or making jam, it will inspire you to continue picking. It involves going into fields, gardens, or forests in search of ripe, luscious berries such as blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries.

Hobbies For Women Over 50

You may have completed 50 glorious years, but there are still many new things you can try for fun. So, read on to learn about a few hobbies that you can try after crossing the golden 50.

93. Arrange flowers

Being surrounded by flowers can lighten your spirit. Create beautiful bouquets and exquisite centerpieces that can add beauty to your home.

94. Get your hands dirty with pottery

Working with your hands and molding clay pots can be a highly relaxing activity. You can make pots of various sizes and shapes, paint them to jazz them up further, and use them as showpieces or exquisite gifts for loved ones.

95. Go bird watching

Bird watching is a calming and fun hobby that allows you to connect with nature. All you need is a binocular, a guide (to understand different species of birds), and bird feeders (if you want the birds to come into your backyard) to get started.

96. Enjoy stargazing

Find a fairly empty spot on clear nights and use astronomy apps to stare at the beautiful stars. Stargazing is peaceful and serves as an excellent reminder that we are just a tiny blip in the universe.

97. Join a choir

Joining a choir can get you further entrenched into the community. Singing in groups is fun and will give you an opportunity to expand your friend circle.

98. Start a movie club

Do you love watching movies? Gather all the movie lovers in your area and form a movie club. Prepare a list of movies to watch and get together every week. Then, watch those movies and discuss them over some snacks.

99. Learn and play card games

Card games with friends and family are a perfect way to pass the time. Schedule a specific time with your family or friends every week and enjoy card games. Learn new games and play for some prizes to keep things interesting.

100. Travel

Crossing your 50s does not mean you need to stop traveling. Pack your bags and cross off a few more places from your bucket list.

101. Become a collector

If you have a special appreciation of beautiful things and love shopping, become a collector. You don’t have to be wealthy–hit the flea markets, garage sales, or thrift stores and discover exquisite things at throw-away prices.

102. Play board games

Playing board games is a perfect way to pass the time over the lazy weekends and late evenings. Even if your friends are not available, play board games online with players across the world and form new connections.

103. Start gardening

Gardening exposes you to plenty of sunshine and breeze that can enhance your mood. Plant easy-to-grow plants such as tomatoes, basil, and sunflowers.

104. Sudoku

This number-based puzzle game tests your reasoning, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills. As a hobby, Sudoku provides a sense of accomplishment as you solve puzzles of increasing difficulty levels. Since you can go at your own pace, it’s the perfect approach to relax and challenge your mind.

105. Canal boating

This hobby offers a peaceful means to get away from everyday tasks, spend time with loved ones, and slowly take in the beauty of nature.

106. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding requires standing on a surfboard and propelling yourself with a single, long paddle. After you’ve achieved the balance, you can experience a unique sensation of calm tranquility.

107. Bivvying

Bivvying, also known as wild camping, requires only a sleeping bag or a small shelter. Many bivvy lovers only bring a sleeping bag, and most prefer to go alone. If you enjoy the great outdoors, it’s an enjoyable pastime, even though it could push you beyond your comfort zone.

108. Social media

Social media platforms offer a unique opportunity to interact with family, friends, and people with similar interests across the globe. It allows you to reconnect with old friends and discover new interests. Using social media, you can engage in meaningful relationships and build a sense of belonging to various communities.

109. Befriending

Befriending is more than a hobby; it’s a meaningful method to make a difference. Charities often look for volunteers to befriend older people, those with disabilities, and anyone lonely. Many people begin befriending to do good and continue because of their genuine ties with their new friends.

110. Digital art

Digital art consists of more than just taking and editing photographs. You can create masterpieces on your computer or tablet without buying drawing supplies. You’ll find this even more enjoyable if you are interested in art.

111. Collaging

You may not be the best painter, but you might be a fantastic collage artist. It’s an excellent way to get rid of outdated magazines that have accumulated in your basement and closets and create beautiful masterpieces.

112. Mentoring

Many young people could benefit from a strong, encouraging adult to assist them in navigating life and deciding what path they want to take. If you have those skills, you can think of becoming a mentor.

113. Model building

Model making involves both creative ability and skill with hands. They resemble complicated puzzles in some ways, making them an ideal leisure activity for women over 50 who enjoy activities that engage and enhance their mental powers.

114. Child care

Depending on your situation, child care might be a fulfilling hobby that allows you to take a break from your other responsibilities. It’s always interesting to see things through the perspective of a child, and you may love spending time with little munchkins.

Hobbies For Women Over 60

At this age, you may have more time on your hands. Here are a few hobbies that will give you a renewed purpose and keep life from becoming boring.

115. Teach

If you enjoy imparting knowledge to others, teaching may be a perfect hobby for you. You can teach something you are passionate about. It could be a subject or a skill such as a language or baking.

116. Take up quilting

Take up quilting as a stress reliever

Image: Shutterstock

Quilting is an engaging activity that can be a good stress reliever. Start with low-cost, pre-cut fabrics and stick to easy shapes.

117. View documentaries

If you are not much into books, viewing educational documentaries is a great medium to enhance your knowledge and pass the time. You can watch educational documentaries available on channels such as Discovery and National Geographic or stream as per your convenience on Netflix.

118. Start dog walking

Dog walking can be a perfect hobby at this age if you love dogs. The walk will help you get some fresh air and stay fit.

119. Experiment with baking

Baking can be an extremely soothing and rewarding hobby. Start by experimenting with some simple YouTube recipes. While you work on perfecting your technique, your loved ones can enjoy the delicious goodies you make.

120. Try your hand at writing

If you have a vivid imagination and a way with words, writing is a perfect hobby for you. You can start by journaling your daily life and then move on to writing movie/tv show reviews or fictional stories.

121. Explore genealogy

Tracing your ancestry will give you a perfect excuse to revive your bond with close relatives and start connecting with distant ones. You will learn history and interesting stories about your ancestors once you get a conversation going. There are excellent online sites available if you want to dive deeper.

122. Become a puzzle master

In addition to physical exercise, you need mental exercise to keep your mind sharp. Doing puzzles during your free time can help you achieve that. You can solve some jigsaw puzzles or improve your vocabulary by working on crossword puzzles.

123. Pick up origami

Learn origami and create remarkable shapes with just a small square paper at your disposal. It is a good exercise for the brain and can take your mind off things.

124. Investing

No rule says your activities have to be physical or crafty. Many women discover they have a knack for numbers and start investing. If you don’t have the money, don’t choose this option because it involves taking calculated risks with it.

125. Making jams and spreads

You should try making delicious jams and spreads if you’re a food-lover looking for a new interest. After all, nothing beats homemade jams and fruit spreads.

126. Pickleball

Pickleball can be played on a smaller court than tennis, making it easier on the joints and an excellent means to get some physical activity without putting too much strain on the body.

127. Expertise in organizing

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, but those who live in clean environments tend to have more peace of mind. Also, organizing homes brings a lot of pleasure for many people.

128. Looming

If you have the space, investing in an old-fashioned loom may result in hours of fun and beautiful blankets. If you don’t have much space, tabletop versions are also available.

129. Sewing

Sewing, whether by hand or machine, is a pleasant activity. Furthermore, sewing your shirts, curtains, and furniture covers is a creative activity that keeps one’s skills as sharp as a tack.

130. Sand art

Sand art is a creative hobby, from building sand castles to designing artwork with colored sand. It’s a calming and rewarding activity that blends creativity with a tactile sense of color and texture, making it an excellent choice for women looking for a hands-on and visually appealing hobby.

131. Take a class

You can never be too old to learn something new, so gaining knowledge is an excellent interest for ladies. Choose a topic about which you’ve always wanted to learn more about and look for in-person or online classes that will educate you more about it.

132. Observing the surroundings

You can do this hobby anywhere and at any time – in a park, café, street corner, or even from your own window. It provides amusement as well as an opportunity to explore the world around you. It may provide a fresh perspective and sense of calm in a fast-moving world.

133. Softball

It is a team sport that blends physical activity with strategic gameplay.  It offers a venue for friendly competition and teamwork in a local league or casual games with friends.

134. Paper quilling

In this activity, paper strips are rolled and shaped to produce complex patterns and shapes. This hobby promotes creativity, patience, and detail-oriented thinking. Paper quilling makes you feel accomplished as you create stunning paper art pieces, ranging from greeting cards to artwork.

Hobbies For Women To Do At Home

With the advent of the pandemic, people are stuck at home. Read on for a few hobbies that can be enjoyed from within the confines of your home.

135. Try your hand at photoshop

Photoshop can not only enhance your pictures but is also a useful skill to add to your resume. You can put your creativity to work, beautifying new images and restoring old photos.

136. Redecorate your home

Use your creativity and transform your living space

Image: Shutterstock

Use your creativity and transform your living space, one room at a time. Paint a wall, change up the décor or add some handmade showpieces and brighten up your home.

137. Learn tarot card reading

Peek into your exciting future by learning tarot card reading. Have fun exploring the meaning of each card using the guide provided or referring to online tutorials.

138. Explore painting

Explore your creative side by trying your hand at painting. Even if you are terrible at it, the act itself is therapeutic. It can help you forget your worries for a while and relax.

139. Create a scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve cherished memories. Take photographs and mementos of the special moments and stick them in a book. Donot forget to mention the date and write a short note on what made the day special.

140. Learn the art of mixing the perfect drink

If you love entertaining guests, being an expert at mixing drinks can earn you much appreciation. Make some classic cocktails or create your specialties.

141. Explore macrame

Instead of buying expensive wall hangings from the market, invest your free time in making them yourself. Macrame is easy to learn since only five basic knots are majorly used, and the end product looks beautiful.

142. Design cards

Be it birthdays or holidays, sending a card to someone conveys your best wishes beautifully. Instead of buying cards from the market, use card paper, stencils, markers, ribbons, and sequins to create handmade cards.

143. Felting

Felting is compressing wool or other fibers to create items or accessories. Felting can be done in various ways, including wet and dry felting.

144. Hand lettering

You will enjoy hand lettering if you love penmanship or calligraphy. It is a type of writing with many decorative styles used to make printables or signs.

145. Practicing faith

If you are religious, gathering for shared prayer, Bible study, or singing meaningful songs is a wonderful way to find peace of mind. It aids in putting things into perspective and reducing stress.

146. Flower pressing

Women can relax and enjoy themselves while engaging in the enjoyable and creative pastime of flower pressing.  You may make stunning pressed flower artwork, cards, and crafts by carefully drying and preserving foliage and flowers.

147. Surface designing

Surface design is an addictive pastime that may be accomplished with Photoshop or Illustrator. You can create patterns and other designs to put on fabric and then sell it online.

148. DIY home projects

Working on home decoration projects is satisfying. It’s gratifying to know that you can create or recycle your own accessories, rather than shelling out a lot of money for expensively made ones.

149. Wood burning

Wood burning is similar to drawing, except that you use a wood-burning tool instead of a pen. It’s a fun way to personalize any wooden object, such as a chopping board or trekking staff.

150. Leather crafting

Leather crafting is simply the use of leather as a medium for the creation of art. This is an excellent pick for women who prefer the look and feel of leather, as well as anyone who appreciates unique patterns.

151. Herb gardening

If you’re searching for a smaller gardening task, you should consider trying herb gardening. If you don’t want to go outside, plant herbs in little containers and place them on a sunny windowsill. It’s a simple and delightful way to get some greenery into your home while bringing new flavors to your culinary adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I spend on hobbies?

It is usually advised that you spend a minimum of 20% of your daily time indulging in your hobbies to help refresh your mind and energize you for the rest of the day.

2. Is it harmful to spend too much time on a hobby?

Yes. Spending too much time being occupied with your hobbies can have a negative impact on the other aspects and duties of your daily routine, and you might end up having less time to give to other activities.

3. Why do most women have no hobbies?

Most women do not have any hobbies because they are occupied with household chores and taking care of their family members for most of their time. However, it is not a good practice and should not be entertained in the household.

Hobbies are a great way to enhance your personality by indulging in something you love. These activities add value to your life and keep you productive. Therefore, you should develop as many hobbies as you want because there is no particular age to start doing things you love. These are popular hobbies for women you may like to explore. Try your hands on photography, vlogging, reading, hiking, and many other exciting hobbies. If you are artistic, then you can also try jewelry making and crafting. See which ones interest you the most. Once you discover the activity you love, your life will become more exciting and purposeful.

Infographic: Artistic Hobbies For Women To Try

A fulfilling hobby can help delight the mind while also letting one learn an interesting skill. Many people’s hobbies can evolve into their careers as well. While there are many hobbies to try, artistic hobbies can bring out your inner child. Check out the infographic below to learn about several arts and crafts-related hobbies that women of all ages can try.

creatively fun hobbies for women of all ages (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Hobbies like dancing, cycling, kickboxing, or swimming could help you stay active.
  • You may try unique activities like vlogging or stand-up comedy to keep life interesting.
  • To calm your adventurous soul, you may try rock climbing, scuba diving, and surfing.
  • Try hobbies like singing, stitching, cooking, and volunteering to brighten the day.
hobbies for women_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Elegant and feminine ladies, discover high value hobbies that will make you stand out! Learn how to make the most of your time and become the best version of yourself.

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