6 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Gas Problems In Infants

Gas Problems In Infants

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Does your infant tend to cry endlessly even when she is fed and rested? Do you find her burping frequently? Could your infant’s worries be caused due to discomfort caused by gas?

If your infant has been suffering from gas related problems, it means she is already in a lot of pain and discomfort. Read this article to know about some easy and effective home remedies that will help soothe her.

Home Remedies To Relieve Gas Problems In Infants:

The formation of gas in infants is a common and natural occurrence. Some parents do resort to options like gripe water and other, but these are not recommended at all and may cause side effects in some infants.

If your infant has been battling the same, you can help her out using these easy and effective home remedies:

1. Follow The Feed And Burp Rule: 

This is one of the best ways to ensure your baby does not have to suffer from gas buildup.

  • While you are feeding your baby, give her a break from feeding and pat her on the back. Try and do this after every five minutes or so.
  • You can gently tap your baby’s back to encourage burping if it takes time.
  • This will ensure that there is no gas formation in your baby by the time she finishes feeding.

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2. Sit And Feed:

This may be a little tiring for you, but feeding your infant while you are in the sitting position will bring down the chances of gas formation in your little one.

  • Sit straight and place a pillow on your lap.
  • Place your infant on the pillow in such a way that your infant’s head is a little elevated.
  • This will prevent gas buildup and prevent colic.

3. Use The Touch Therapy: 

Your infant will greatly benefit from your touch.

  • Make it a point to hold your infant in your arms as much as you can. Keep massaging her back and tummy gently through the day.
  • This will encourage her to burp or pass gas out of her body.
  • Before putting her to sleep, massage her stomach and pat her back. This will remove any traces of gas and help her sleep peacefully.

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4. Always Hold Your Infant In The Up Position: 

If your infant is suffering from gas, she will highly benefit by being held in an upright position.

  • Avoid holding her in your arms in a sleeping position.
  • Instead, hold her in such a way that her head rests on your shoulder and you can easily access her back.
  • Continue patting her back lightly even if she is asleep.

5. Distract And Stop The Crying:

The more your infant cries the more air she will swallow, leading to more gas formation.

  • Your aim should be to stop your infant’s crying as quickly as you can.
  • Distract her with various objects and sounds. If nothing helps, pick her up and give her a massage or take her for a walk. Rock your infant gently and sing a soothing lullaby.

Sometimes, your infant may be crying due to pain in the stomach as a result of gas formation. Help her lie down on her back and gently massage her tummy. Keep massaging her stomach in slow circular motions.

6. Avoid Eating Foods That Are Known To Cause Gas:

While you are breastfeeding, what you eat will also have an impact on gas formation in your infant.

  • Avoid eating foods like cabbage, broccoli and such that are known to cause gas.
  • Certain food items can also lead to food allergy, causing gas in you. This too can adversely affect your infant.

Speak to your gynecologist to know about the kind of foods you should avoid that will help prevent the formation of gas. In case you are on any medication, check with your doctor about it.

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Certain over the counter medications are available that are known to cure gas. But these are not at all recommended for infants. Alternatively, you should also refrain from giving your infant any oral home remedies that may be effective in treating gas problems in infants.

Follow certain changes in your feeding routine and the way you hold your infant. This can help your infant tremendously and bring down the formation of gas.

Hope you will try these remedies for gas problem in infants. Did your infant also face the problem of gas formation? If yes, tell other moms in the comments below how you helped your infant cope with it.

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