How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away: 12 Things To Know

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How does a man feel when a woman walks away? If you have left your partner, you may want to know if he is depressed or trying to move on or has already moved on. It’s natural to wonder how he is coping with the situation if you care about him.

When you were encountering differences and could not find a mutual path, then a mutual breakup wouldn’t be so hard to cope with. But if the breakup was unexpected or one-sided, it becomes difficult for the man to get over the phase. Let’s go through some scenarios to understand how your man could be feeling after you left him.

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away?

1. He might be confused

Breaking up with your man abruptly without any closure could puzzle him. Even if your reasons to break up are convincing, he may be confused and frustrated to understand why there isn’t any chance to mend things.

2. He might get possessive

If you have walked away from your man for another person, then there are chances that he might get possessive and insecure. It happens when he loves you, and you have had a functional relationship. Seeing you moving on with another person before he could get back on his feet might make him spiral.

3. He might try to get you back

When you start slipping from his hand, he may try harder to hold you. Some men like to chase and win over their girl. You may find him trying different ways to impress you and earn your trust again. For instance, if he wasn’t financially well, he would work harder to get a good job. If he loves you, he will do anything and fight to have you back in his life.

4. He may admire you even more

Some men realize the importance of their lady love only when they move away from them. Your man may understand your worth only after you broke up with him. He will figure out that you are an independent woman who doesn’t wait for anyone, for which he will admire you a lot. They may also idolize you or your relationship in ways that may not make sense. This can make it hard for them to move on and find another partner because they believe you were “soulmates.”

5. He may feel lonely

It’s natural for him to miss you and those romantic moments spent with you. But while missing you, he could contemplate and realize many things—he might realize his mistakes, ponder over what went wrong, or does nothing but miss your presence. He might also want to live alone for some time until he finds himself alright.

6. He may send you mixed signals

Sometimes, a man doesn’t understand what to do after a breakup. He will be trying to move on but is still stuck with your memories. He might want to get you back or forget your thoughts. That’s when he may send you mixed signals—sending you ‘miss you’ text, blocking your contact number, sending all your gifts back, or drunk dialing you.

7. He may be scared getting into a new relationship

A person who loves you finds it difficult to connect with someone else, even after your breakup. He may be scared of getting attached to someone and then breaking up. He might be afraid of finding himself in the same spot where you left him.

8. He might be missing you

Your man might not have realized what it was being with you until you left him. He could be missing the happiness and playfulness in life that he cannot experience with his friends or family. He must have taken you for granted but now understood that he depended on you. After the breakup, he might realize that he needs you.

9. He might be depressed

When your man finds that he is replaceable or has been replaced, he comprehends that other men are stronger or better than him. It might make him feel inferior. Such thoughts could be ruining his peace, putting him in depression.

10. He might feel guilty

You left him because he didn’t seem serious about your relationship. He even didn’t express his interest in getting married. Also, you sensed zero efforts from his side to maintain the relationship. He realized all of it only after you broke up. Now, he may be ready to accept his faults and might want to change himself to be with you.

11. He may play smart

If your man had a narcissistic personality, he wouldn’t show his true feelings. He could act smart and express he wasn’t interested in you, or the breakup didn’t matter much to him. It is a sign of not accepting the situation completely.

12. He could have moved on

If there was no love from his side or you both wanted to part away, he could move on easily. He may either be happy being single or have found a new partner. It shows he accepted the situation and is content with his present.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would someone walk away from someone they love?

There are multiple reasons why someone may feel the need to walk away. Some may no longer feel cared for or respected, they may find their partner not concerned about any future with them, while some could be constantly criticized or abused, their opinions no longer matter. In some cases, when the partner is attracted to someone else, they prefer to walk away.

2. Does walking away from a relationship work?

If your relationship is experiencing hiccups, then you need not walk away. Instead, you can give and take space, miss each other, and identify your true feelings. However, if your relationship has taken serious turns, and you see no light at the end of the tunnel, walking away could save you from a toxic future.

Walking away from a man could be for various reasons, which can be favorable or unfavorable. The reactions and emotions vary based on the relationship and the reason for its end. If you felt insecure or unhappy being with him, then your decision to break up was right. So, move on for a better future. Though it could be difficult for you to forget those moments, it is wise to leave them behind.

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