How Many Diapers Does A Baby Really Need In The First 3 Months?

How Many Diapers Does A Baby Really Need In The First 3 Months

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Parenting and motherhood are an incredibly beautiful journey. But with this amazing journey comes a great deal of responsibility. Babies are delicate and fragile. They need a caregiver to look after all their needs and wishes, including the most basic ones. Be it feeding, napping, or even pooping, every activity requires the supervision of their mommies.

Mothers are majorly concerned about their infants’ well-being. And, more often than not, it revolves around ensuring a proper meal for the little ones. This is followed by making sure that their bowel movements are regular too!

While it is a huge relief when a newborn has consistent bowel movements, it also means an additional duty for the new mother – of changing diapers frequently. And that brings an important question to every mommies’ mind – how many diapers does a newborn actually need in the initial three months?

Though you might have heard this a million times, it may still take a second to wrap your fingers around this one. Newborn babies might require almost thousands of diapers in the first few months. So many so that you will definitely feel tempted to rush to the nearest supermarket and stock your house with a few economy-sized boxes (since you might actually be needing that many anyway!).

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Most of you would have come across this fact in your pregnancy or parenting books – a baby will go through almost seven to twelve diapers in a day during the initial phase. But you would have still believed it to be quite impossible. Not to mention how tedious and exhausting it might get changing those many diapers in a day!

By now we are sure that you definitely know where this story is heading. Especially if you are a mother and have been through this process already. So, here it goes. All that is written in those books is not meant to be taken lightly. These books are absolutely right when they say that your newborn will go through so many of those diapers in the first few months!

We also did some basic calculations to determine how many diapers does one exactly need in the first three months. Obviously, it can vary a bit here and there. So, let’s assume that you might need seven diapers in a day. Then, in a week, you would need 49 diapers (as there are 7 days in a week). Each month has 4 weeks, so we multiply 49 with 4 to get the number of diapers you might need in a month, that is 196. Now, simply multiply 196 with 3 and you will know how many you need in the first three months. The golden number is 588 diapers! Isn’t this a lot?

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There are high chances that diapers might become your most sought-after product for a while, post delivery. So, choose a product that most appropriately suits your little one’s needs. Try to opt for a diaper that has a liner which helps keep the baby dry, thereby making him/her feel comfortable. During nighttime, go for nappies that can provide overnight protection (up to 12 hours at a minimum).

In fact, now there are nappies in the market which offer a wide variety of fancy features too. A few diapers provide a wetness indicator as well that changes color every time it is full. Thus, letting a mother know when the nappy needs to be changed. This is especially helpful in a scenario where you only have time to give a quick peek and determine whether your little one needs a diaper change.

The first few days at home following delivery can be a bit chaotic. The days are blurred with constant running around for your little one. Now that you know the number of diaper changes required in the first few months, look for nappies that fulfill all your tiny tot’s needs. And, stock your house with loads and loads of them. Good luck!

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