How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text: 29 Signs To Check

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The girl you have met has given you all positive signals and even texts you all day. You are wondering how to tell if a girl likes you over text. Though you like her, you don’t want to reveal before you know about her feelings. Perhaps her heart emojis express she is interested in you. But what about her sudden byes when texting? Such mixed signals could keep confusing you about her status. That’s when reading our post could help you as we bring you some apparent signs that help you decode her emotions. Read on and check if you come across these signs from your girl.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You, Over Text: 29 Signs

Trying to figure out whether a girl likes you or not can be exciting and confusing. Keep reading these signs to get an answer.

1. She replies instantly

If she responds to your texts instantly, it means she prioritizes you above everything else. If a girl replies to you within minutes of texting her, even if she has a million other things to do that day, it means she likes you. She will text you right away because she values you and does not want you to feel ignored.

2. She sends lengthy texts

A girl who isn’t interested in you will not waste her time sending you long messages. But, if a girl sends you lengthy text messages all the time, it means she’s thinking about you. When she likes you, she will devote more time and to you. The longer her text messages, the more she thinks about you. Furthermore, she tries to keep the conversation going, which is a sign that she enjoys texting you.

3. She uses plenty of emojis

Emojis are body language symbols that are popular in the texting lexicon. What emojis she uses reveals a lot about whether she likes you or not. For example, if she sends you laughing emojis, it’s a sign she likes you. On the other hand, she may have a crush on you if she sends you hearts, winks, or even more suggestive emojis or stickers.

4. She’s curious about your relationships

It is one of the most critical questions a girl will ask if she likes you. Most of the time, a girl who asks you about your relationship status is attracted to you. If she mentions that she broke up with her ex, it may indicate that she is willing to talk about relationships.

5. She shares her pictures

Does she share information with you, including some funny, even embarrassing childhood photographs? If so, she likes you and trusts you. She craves your attention and wants you to compliment her on her beauty. She is interested in you and wants your feedback if she sends you several pictures of different outfits.

6. She texts you first

Take note of who usually initiates the conversation and what kind of responses she gives you. If she texts first, it shows she is devoting time to stay in touch with you. She will text you frequently and will not hesitate to do so, which shows a good chance of being interested in you. Also, she may find reasons to text you and share information with you to talk more and get to know you.

7. She finds new conversing ways

She will try to introduce new topics when your conversations become stale and bland. She will continue to ask you questions as she is interested in learning more about you. If the girl texts you during difficult times or about serious issues in her life, especially if she allows herself to be emotionally vulnerable with you, that’s an important behavior that shows she trusts and respects you.

8. She compliments you

When a girl texts you with kind words, she is attempting to make you happy. She will often compliment and praise you. Pay attention to specific compliments, such as praising your actions in a particular situation or mentioning your fashion sense, etiquette, physique, or particular outfit.

9. She texts you late at night

She likes you if she texts late at night. She knows 2 am is an odd time, but she trusts and believes you, too, are interested in talking with her. It shows that she is unable to sleep and that you are on her mind at that hour.

10. She talks about herself

Does she discuss her past and future goals? If yes, she will go over the events of the day. She will inform you of any changes in her life, a promotion, a vacation, or even minor changes with her home life. When she talks about herself, it implies that she likes you and wants to get closer to you.

11. She wants to know your story

If a girl is interested in you, she will want to learn more about you. She will try to persuade you to tell her everything about your life. She enjoys hearing about your personal experiences and will ask questions that require more than “sure” or “ok” as answers. She is thinking about you when she asks about something important in your life and then texts you about it.

12. She uses nicknames

When a girl likes you, she might start to call you by a special, cute nickname she gives you to feel closer to you. So, if she gives you a nickname early on and continues to use it, it’s a sign she’s trying to flirt in a way that allows for closeness.

13. She pays attention to typos

She may pay close attention to the structure of her sentences and punctuation when texting. She will keep the conversation interesting by using exclamations to establish some emotional connection with you. If she apologizes for typos or sends a second message to correct a wrongly spelled word, it could signify that she wants you to think the best of her.

14. She teases you

Text messaging allows girls to be bold. If she likes you, she may send you flirtatious messages or even indulge in playful teasing that she might not otherwise use in person. If she teases or flirts with you, it’s a sign she’s interested. If you like her, tease her right back to show your interest.

15. She brings conversations to close

Nobody likes it when a conversation ends without a conclusion. So she will conclude the conversation with “talk to you later” or an emoji. And if she’s busy, she’ll let you know so you don’t misinterpret the temporary lack of texting.

16. She remembers you

Any text that shows she remembers you indicates that she likes you. For example, she may have been reminded of a fine dining restaurant you mentioned in an earlier conversation or a vacation spot you discussed.

17. She makes her vibes evident

If she likes you, she will keep texting exciting and playful messages. Her text messages will be friendly, engaging, empathetic, and considerate. Keep an eye out for these vibes when she texts you.

18. She laughs at your jokes

It can be daunting to make a girl laugh and involve her in a conversation. However, if she laughs at all your jokes, even the jokes that are not funny, it reflects she is interested in you. Take note of the LOLs or LMAOs she sends—the more, the merrier — she clearly enjoys conversing with you.

19. She sends funny memes

People like to share happiness and laughter with those they feel close to. So if this girl sends funny memes or videos and responds to your memes with the same enthusiasm, it shows she likes you.

20. She seeks your advice

If she calls you out of the blue to ask for assistance or advice on something, it means she values your opinion. She regards you as a person of sound judgment and trusts you to advise her.

21. She knows your likes and dislikes

If a girl is interested in you, she will want to know about your daily routine, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and even your sense of fashion. If your interests match hers, she may even ask you out to the theatre, a long drive, or bungee jumping.

22. She sends good morning and good night messages

When you are on her mind, she will send a good morning text message complete with gifs, images, and quotes. She interrupts her morning routine to let you know she was thinking of you. A girl who isn’t interested in you will not interrupt her morning or evening routine to send you a text message.

23. She expresses her feelings

When she expresses her innermost feelings and fears and inquires about yours, it’s a good sign that she likes you. If she likes and trusts you, she will be open with you by revealing her emotions.

24. She notices if you don’t text her

Girls notice when you stop texting them or don’t text them for more than a few days. When you don’t text her, she may ask you if everything is fine. It could be a clear indication that she misses your texts and hopes you continue. Furthermore, if a girl likes you, she will notice if your texting style changes.

25. She copies your texting style

When we like someone, we may subconsciously mimic their mannerisms. With texting you may find she useswords or sentence lengths similar to yours. This is a good sign that she likes you over text.

26. She checks your WhatApp profile status

If she checks your WhatApp profile picture or status and notices your update, she won’t waste time texting you to comment the moment you change or add anything.

27. She sends her favorite songs

She lets you know her preferences by sharing her favorite songs or TV shows. She sends you music to listen to see how your tastes align or not (Lovey-dovey romantic music is not the best). She may be trying to impress you with her tastes, as well as wanting to know how similar you two are.

28. She flirts with you

When she flirts with you frequently via text, you can assume she likes you very much, and is demonstrating that she is at ease, safe, and willing to talk with you.

29. She asks you out

Finally, the most obvious sign that a girl likes you is when she uses her text messages to invite you out. She could mention the movie she wanted to watch, the bar or restaurant she wanted to go to, or the party she wanted to attend. Even if it’s just a casual outing or asking you out for coffee, it demonstrates how comfortable she is feeling in wanting to hang out with you.

It is tricky to understand how to tell if a girl likes you over text. Decoding the right intentions has never been that simple. Thus, you need to observe the gestures and gain more knowledge to understand the hints that a girl is into you. It makes it easier to begin a close connection and hope for something more profound to come. Lastly, ensure that you don’t misinterpret someone who’s merely trying to be a nice person as flirting.

Infographic: Questions To Know Her Better

When you are in conversation with the girl that you like and feel that she likes you too, there might be times when you fall short of things that you could talk about. Check out this infographic, which will help you choose some interesting things to talk about with her and allow you to get to know her better.

icebreaker questions to talk to a girl [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Instant reply from a girl to your texts means she prioritizes you, and it may be a sign she likes you.
  • Girls may send lengthy texts to the one they like, and they are less likely to invest their time in someone they don’t like.
  • She may share some photographs of her childhood or some events if she craves your attention.

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