27 Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

If you struggle to figure out how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you are not alone. Many men find the wooing and proposing stages challenging. But before you ask her out, you need to examine your feelings. If you are smitten by her, love spending time with her or trying to find ways to show how much you adore her, you surely want to take your friendship to the next level.

However, to ask your friend to be your girlfriend, it is important to find the right setting and time, plan it wisely, and choose the correct words. If your efforts are heartfelt and genuine, they will certainly be acknowledged. Here we share some cute ways using which you can express your feelings. Read on and learn how to toast a girl to be your girlfriend.

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How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

1. Call her

If you don’t want to ask her to be your girlfriend in person, you can do it on a call. It is simple and pretty straightforward.

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To set the right mood on the call, play her favorite song in the background or any romantic song that can make your proposal more special.

2. Send a musical note

Whether you need to send her a particular tune or make a playlist, music is a great method to pass on your feelings. In the end, you may even record your voice, asking her to be your girlfriend. Expressing yourself in this way can make her feel entranced or enamored with you.

3. Do it old fashioned style

Confess your love with flowers and ask her to be your girlfriend

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Pick some colorful flowers and present them to her. She could be charmed and captivated by your sweet gesture. You can even ask your question on a note.

4. Give her a sweet treat

It can function admirably, particularly in case she is an admirer of food. A sweet and fresh treat by you can reflect “endeavor” into her inner mind, and she may consider answering your question.

5. Sing it

Many people may overlook this, thinking they cannot sing. Having ability in this field would unquestionably be a reward, however it’s anything but a necessity. The lady needs to witness your burning passion, effort and uniqueness. Asking her to be your girlfriend through a song is a decent way to express yourself.

6. Make a crossword puzzle

If you play the game together, disclose to her that you cannot track down a difficult riddle and need your assistance Putting effort to plan crossword riddles and asking your question can be viewed as heartfelt by your lady.

7. Light a few candles

Nothing says “I need to be heartfelt” more than lit candles. So, light a few candles, express your expectations, and set aflame the ardor. She would notice your creativity by the way you are asking her to be your girlfriend.

8. Put it in a fortune treat

It spells creativity and lots of effort. At the point when a lady sees that you put the greeting inside the fortune treat, she will be ecstatic.

9. Play her a tune

Express your feelings with music

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If you are an artist or have a tendency towards music, this should be an easy decision. Express your feelings and adoration through a romantic composition and leave your question at the end. She’ll see the value in your effort and will probably say yes to your proposition.

10. Make a pleasant setting

A pleasant setting attracts good vibes. Pick a calm place such as your terrace and decorate it with fairy lights and drapes. Adding soft music can fill the setting with delight and enchantment. Once the mood is set, you may ask your question.

11. Write her a letter

A handwritten letter to a young lady requesting her to be your girlfriend might seem like a passionate endeavor, but it can also be overwhelming. It takes fortitude to write your emotions down, and she will see the value in it.

12. Send her chocolates

Send her chocolates with a note

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If she loves chocolates, send her a box of her favorite ones. Along with a box, send her a note about what you feel for her.

13. Plan a scavenger hunt

Plan clues that she will unravel. You can do it at your home or in the park. At the point when she is at the last stage, ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend. It would be a unique way to do so.

14. Snapchat it

If you both use Snapchat a lot, you may send some witty messages or videos using filters and express your feelings to her. It will be a brand-new way to ask if she wants to be your girlfriend.

15. Write a sonnet

A genuine sonnet is a decent way to tell her about your desire to take things to another level and ask her to be your inamorata. You can show your creativity.

16. Leave her a gift

Send her a cute gift or something that she wanted to buy but did not. In any case, an insightful gift expands your odds of getting a positive reaction.

17. Use standard pick-up lines

It would appear that I’ve lost my number. Would I be able to get yours?” “I can be a good partner, would you like to try me?” Flirty pick-up lines can impress your lady, and she may say ‘yes.’

18. Let her pet work

Tie a note to her pet so that it will take your message to her.

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In case you’re adequately close to her pet, it is a decent choice. Connect a note to her pet, and it will take your message to her. It is a beautiful idea, and she is likely to react to your proposal emphatically.

19. Go with a casual conversation

No plans, no pick-up lines. You can have a casual discussion and ask her whenever you’re prepared.

protip_icon Quick tip
If you chose to propose outdoors, see to it that the place you pick isn’t noisy and crowded. A quiet place is best-suited for romantic proposals.

20. Plan a date

Plan, get ready, and execute. You figure out what the discussion will be, which questions you will ask first, and how to take the conversation to your important question.

21. Pose surprising inquiries

“Do you like me?” “What do you think about me?” It is a good way to question her and know what she thinks about you. When you find the right moment, you can bring up the important question for her.

22. Use humor

If you are crushing on her but too hesitant to ask, use humor and ask her indirectly if she likes you beyond friendship. Whether or not you get the right answer, you’ll know her emotions for you.

23. Send pictures

Pictures can work over text if you don’t want to sound too direct. Send her an image of something that reflects your feelings for her and lets her know that you want to be her boyfriend.

24. Write it somewhere she doesn’t anticipate

Use sand, snow, windows, or whatever you can get your hands on. It’s a sweet and heartfelt approach to ask a young lady. It would be far superior if you do it when she isn’t with you, so she can be astonished when she finds it. However, if you don’t find the opportunity to amaze her, do it before her.

25. Try the pizza way

Send your message with a delicious pizza.

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You can order her favorite pizza with extra topping and cheese. Write a note that says, “I would love to take you for an official date.

26. Make a graffiti

Be direct and use colorful chalks to write, “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” on a wall. She would be fascinated by your unique idea.

27. Take her to a music concert

Buy advance tickets to the concert of her favorite music band. After you enjoy the concert, propose to her and find her surprised reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a girl fall for me?

A girl wants to be respected, loved, and treated equally. Do not force her to accept your feelings. Engage her in quality conversations, and give her space. Avoid trying to control what she does, wears, or believes in. Always remember that she is unique and treat her alike.

2. How long should I talk to someone before dating?

Though the time for people to get to know each other varies, you should wait at least two months until you ask the other person for a date. You might decide to be exclusive with them sooner, but eight weeks is usually a reasonable timeline. The duration also depends on how often you talk to them—the more frequent the conversations, the better.

3. How to ask a girl to be my girlfriend online?

If you talk to your crush online, you can use witty pickup lines to ask them for an outing. However, girls always prefer straightforwardness, so pouring your heart out about how you feel about them and asking them to be your girlfriend sincerely can do the trick.

Knowing how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend could help you express your feelings to someone you have a crush on. You may have unique ways to impress her or convey your feelings. However, nothing can be clearer than openly telling her about your interest. It could help you avoid one-sided emotions and their pain. There is nothing wrong with expressing a genuine attraction to a girl. Hesitating to convey feelings and delaying may reduce your chances of knowing her.

Infographic: Points To Remember While Asking A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Asking the girl you like to be your girlfriend might be a nervous task. While you are in the process, there are certain points that you must remember to ensure that things go the right way and nothing becomes embarrassing. The following infographic provides such points. Read through them and save them for future reference.

tips for when asking a girl to be your girlfriend (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • When you like someone dearly, it can be nerve-wracking to express your feelings for them.
  • Some old-school and modern ways, such as penning down a lovely message or singing a romantic song, are sure to grab her attention.
  • Pick some unique and adorable ways to impress her and make her fall for you.

Are you wondering how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? Get tips on how to make the perfect proposal and make her say yes!

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