21 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy Out

You love the way he talks and smiles. His looks, walking style, and attitude work like magic on you. And now all you want is to spend time with him but don’t know how to ask a guy out. Sounds sad, right? No, it isn’t when we have got you covered.

Here we bring you a list of unique and interesting ways to ask a guy out. Following these tips and tricks might feel difficult initially, but they are simple and effective. So, corner the fear of rejection or losing a friend you have started developing feelings for. Just wear your confidence to take your secret or not-so-secret admiration to the next level.

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21 Ways To Ask A Guy Out

It may seem difficult initially, but it is simple to ask a guy out. Here are a few ways that make it easy for you.

An anonymous single mother writes about how she decided to ask men out after she and her friends decided to try out a Facebook group’s ‘September is Take A Man Out On A Date month’ challenge. She says, “While it’s a bit of a mouthful, I and some friends tried this last year. It was so much fun that we’ve done it two more times since and are planning another one for the end of the month. And you know what? While some of us have been turned down, and asking someone even for a lighthearted evening with friends can still be nerve-wracking, the feedback from all involved has only been positive.

“Okay, so it’s been hard to do, but the dates have been really fun. And more than worth it. Our dates were simple, the good part was each other’s company. We didn’t quite make September, so we started in October… Some of us were turned down, but we rebounded and asked someone else. There was a risk that we might ask out a guy who doesn’t want to be asked out by a woman, but as far as we could tell, that didn’t happen… We got to know our dates and everyone else out on the date better than we would have. It wasn’t necessarily a group of people who would have ended up being thrown together under different circumstances, which made it fun (i).”

If you are looking for practical tips to ask a guy out, here are a few ways to make it easy for you.

1. Text innocent messages

Asking in person can be scary for some, so why not ask him over a sweet text. You can send him cryptic or incomplete messages such as:

I think I’m in love and you know this person very well.
I think we were a couple in our last birth because we are too compatible.
Let’s go out….oops nevermind.
You know I like yo……yogurt?

2. Send cute notes

You can try something cute like pasting post-its secretly on his desk or someplace where only he can see and spark the romance. You can write ‘I like you,’ ‘Looking good, my handsome’ or something you wish to tell him. Then text him saying you left something for him to read. He might feel excited and impressed by your sweet attempt.

3. Write a sweet poem

If you have strong feelings for this guy, pursue them in the form of poetry. It does not have to be the best poem. Even a silly verse expressing your feelings for him will do. Conclude it by asking him to reply through an e-mail or by meeting you at a particular place at a specific time.

4. Seek his help

Don’t look desperate for a date
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A simple way of asking him out is by seeking his help with something you think he would do well. Once done, offer him a treat at a coffee house or invite him to dinner or lunch at your favorite restaurant. Make sure you don’t look desperate for a date.

5. Tell him you are hungry

In case you share a good camaraderie with him, walk up to him and express your hunger. Tell him you hate eating by yourself or that you wish to try the new restaurant. If he joins you, you have your date. Talk to him and get to know him more before revealing your feelings.

protip_icon Point to consider
You can try asking if he is busy on a certain day or week. If he says an instant no, ask him out for coffee or a movie! But if he says he’s busy more than a couple of times, he is probably not interested.

6. Ask for a gift

When he wishes you on a festive day or your birthday, cutely ask him for a gift. He might feel flustered at first but if he asks you what you want, tell him you want to go on a date with him as his girlfriend.

7. Offer him an ‘extra ticket’

Find out about a game or event of his interest and tell him you have an extra ticket for it. If he accompanies you, you’ve got your date.

8. Hang out casually

Tell him what you feel for him at the right time
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If you think the guy likes you, ask him to hang out with you. You can invite him out to a food joint or a coffee shop for a conversation. When you feel the time’s right, tell him what you feel for him.

9. Try using a pick-up line

Not all women use pick-up lines, so using one on him may come as a surprise. It’s okay if the line is silly. Your aim should be to make him smile and ask him to go out with you.

10. Find out any common interests

The guy you like could be into guitars or books. If you two share common interests, it can make a good conversation. You will also have his undivided attention, and he will warm up to you before you share your interest in him.

11. Be funny

You may be good friends with him, and you often hang out together. Try telling him your feelings in a light and funny way. If he takes you seriously, that’s your chance to seize it. If not, let it be a joke to avoid any awkwardness between you.

12. Flirt with him

Gauge the situation before confessing your feelings
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You can flirt with him by asking questions such as ‘do you have a girlfriend’ or ‘would you like to have a girlfriend?’ Based on his response, try to gauge the situation. If you get a positive reply, go ahead and tell him you like him.

13. Ask a friend to introduce you

In case the guy is not directly approachable, try to find out common friends. Ask them to mediate and introduce you to him. Before meeting him, prep yourself up by asking about his interests, likes, and dislikes.

14. Play a fun game

Find out what he feels about you by asking him a set of questions as a part of a game. Start by asking casual questions and then go ahead and ask about the kind of girl he likes. If you feel he is giving positive answers, ask him out on a date.

protip_icon Point to consider
Although the initial thrill may seem uber-exciting, think twice before asking him out. Be sure about your feelings and whether he is the one for you!

15. Ask a friend to be your ‘wing woman’

If you cannot approach him directly, ask your friend to do it for you. Your best friend may not feel nervous approaching a guy and play a cupid. She can tell him it would be great if you two could talk and know each other.

16. Place a note in his book or CD

Pen down your feelings, how to ask a guy out
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Borrow a book or a CD from him and when you return it, place a note inside it. Write your feelings for him and mention that it is okay if he does not share the same feelings that you feel for him.

17. Research about his passion

Find out what interests him the most and use it as a pretext to talk to him. For instance, if he likes guitars, you can approach him for guitar lessons. If he offers to teach you, you get a chance to spend more time with him before confessing your feelings.

18. Ask for a group date

If asking him out on a date alone seems uncomfortable, try planning a group date. You can even get yourself invited to a group outing where he would be joining. Once together, strike a conversation and try not to leave his side. You can easily talk to him in the company of your friends, and if he does not show interest, you can safely move on to speak to other friends.

19. Trick him into asking you out

Guys like to save the day for someone. So, if you tell him that you have been wanting to visit the new bowling alley or restaurant but haven’t been able to find someone to go with, chances are he might offer to take you.

20. Offer him an escape

Suppose you are in a group and you find him bored or disinterested, offer to take him to a better party or place where you know he might enjoy. Once you are outside, take him to a nice quiet place and tell him you wanted to spend time alone with him.

21. Be upfront

Ask him out directly
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Sometimes, being upfront works. If you have been in touch with this guy for a while, and you think he likes you too but is too shy to ask you out, be confident and ask him out directly. He might be pleasantly surprised by your gesture and might be more than happy to oblige.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Ask A Guy Out

It can be brave and empowering to ask a guy out, but you should go into it with the right attitude and plan. Avoid making common mistakes to get a positive response and a possible date.

  • Keep things simple; making things too hard can cause extra stress.
  • To determine his interest, watch his body language and how he responds to your conversations.
  • Make what you want to do clear so no one gets confused about whether it’s a date or a relaxed get-together.
  • It is best to ask him in a private or relaxed place instead of in front of other people so that he can respond to it without feeling any pressure.
  • Pick a date idea that will be enjoyable for both of you.
  • Do not change who you are; being real is essential for nurturing a relationship.
  • Do not take it personally if he tells you that he’s not interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When not to ask a guy out?

You should not ask a guy out when:

  • He has just gotten out of a serious relationship
  • He already has someone he likes
  • He is in a committed relationship
  • He’s not sincere with his actions and words and is only flirting with you to boost his ego

2. Do guys want girls to ask them out?

Although some guys may disagree with the idea of girls making the first move, it is believed that most guys find it attractive and hot when girls are confident enough to ask them out.

3. What are the benefits of asking a guy out?

Asking a guy out allows you to assert yourself and control your dating life rather than waiting for someone else to make the first move. By asking a guy out, you eliminate the uncertainty and ambiguity that often comes with waiting for him to make a move. Asking someone out can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

4. What are the chances of a guy saying yes when a girl asks him out?

The chances of a guy saying yes when a girl asks him out vary depending on several factors, including the individuals involved, their preferences, circumstances, and how the invitation is presented. It’s important to remember that people are unique, and their responses cannot be predicted completely.

5. Are there any potential risks to asking a guy out?

Like with all other social interactions, asking a guy carries the risk of bringing some unpleasant experiences, such as the guy not being interested in you and declining your proposal, which may lead to heartbreak.

6. How can I build my confidence to ask a guy out?

Building confidence to ask a guy out can be a little nerve-wracking, but with the right mindset and preparation, you can boost your confidence and go for it. Focus on the positives, remind yourself why you are worth it, and focus on your strengths. Prepare well in advance, take baby steps, and seek support from your friends. Practice self-care and know your worth to gain the much-needed confidence to ask a guy out.

8. Is there an ideal time or place to ask a guy out?

While there isn’t a universally perfect time or place to ask a guy out, it’s helpful to consider a few factors that can increase the chances of a positive response. You can opt for a place that makes you both feel comfortable and have a conversation without distractions. Look for a time when the guy will likely be in a good mood and receptive to your approach. Take into account the guy’s personality and interests when selecting a location or activity for the date.

9. What should I do if a guy turns me down after I ask him out?

It can be disappointing and hurtful when someone turns you down after you ask them out. However, it’s important to remember that rejection is a normal part of life and doesn’t reflect your worth or value. Remember that one rejection does not define your future romantic prospects.

10. What should I consider before asking a guy out?

Before asking a guy out, ensure a level of mutual interest or attraction between you. Also, consider whether you share common interests, values, and goals, and make sure the guy is available and emotionally ready for a new relationship.

11. What are the common mistakes women make when asking a guy out?

When asking a guy out, women can sometimes make certain mistakes that can hinder their chances of success. Spending too much time analyzing situations may lead to missed opportunities. Sometimes women become too subtle, which reduces the chances of a positive response. The fear of rejection and not having the self-confidence to initiate may avoid asking a guy out.

It may be difficult to ask a guy out but keep your cool. You may be on pins and needles waiting for his response or sweating bullets before approaching him, but your attitude and demeanor should not reflect this. All of the advice on “how to ask a guy out” listed above can assist you in doing so. Approach him confidently, tell him you’re hungry, and hang out casually, or you can also ask a friend to play ‘cupid’ for you. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go as planned. Shake it off and keep looking for the right guy.

Infographic: How Should You Plan For A Date With Your Man?

Now that you have convinced him to come with you, you must also ensure you make the most of it. You can plan a date with a time schedule to ensure everything goes smoothly. This infographic includes a complete schedule for a potential date. But remember to have fun and not enforce it with military-style discipline!

how should you plan for a date with your man (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Initially, the thought of asking a guy out can be nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, there are certain adorable ways to make this task simple and appealing.
  • Be sure to know his interests and choose the right time and place to try some cute ways to ask him out.
  • You may try introducing yourself through a common friend or even communicate your feelings directly.
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Feeling nervous about asking out that special someone? Check out this video for tips on how to ask a guy out.

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