How To Avail Safe Beauty Services At Home In The New Normal

After the worldwide spread of Coronavirus, we are looking at a new normal. There is a new reality emerging, and it involves social distancing and staying at home. Until a while ago, all activity was categorized into essential and non-essential, and we watched our favorite restaurants and salons shut down.

As more and more establishments are having to think on their feet, we are wondering how to continue our lives as we know it. Earlier, we never thought twice about getting a salon service (waxing, threading, pedicure, facial etc.), but now there is a serious health risk associated with it. More and more services have moved online, and most of us have shifted work from office to home. Perhaps, we can do the same for salon services. Have you ever thought about getting a safe, hygienic and pampering salon services delivered to your doorstep? Well, it’s now a reality.

While the whole world is struggling to discern what is safe and what isn’t, Salon at Home gives priority to safety and hygiene. Much like the art of beauty, safe salon experience is not child’s play. It requires care and attention to detail. Not many beauticians out there are equipped to provide these. That’s why Urban Company stands out among all options.

To ensure a safe salon experience, all Urban Company beauticians undergo a 7-day hygiene and safety training program as per WHO guidelines. All beauticians are subject

to mandatory health checks. Their daily temperature is recorded and shown to the customer on the app, along with their Aarogya Setu status before they begin their job.

In addition to that, all beauticians wear protective gears such as face shields, coveralls, masks, and gloves for maximum safety.

Not only that, The professionals only use single-use products and disposables as much as possible. All other equipment is sterilized on the spot in front of the customer. New low-contact techniques for waxing and threading have been implemented by Urban Company to provide maximum safety to the customers.

The times may be tough. That doesn’t mean you cannot look and feel your best. Granted, we don’t have many social events to attend or parties to go to. But looking our best does not warrant an occasion, and it is a practice that you should adhere to at all times.

The salons are beginning to reopen, but there is still a looming health risk. Why decide to expose yourself to it or wait it out when beauty services are only a click away? Urban Company offers safe, affordable salon services that match up to any walk-in salons.

If you are wondering how to get your glow back without exposing yourself to major health hazards, Salon at Home is your answer. You can book your session on the Urban Company app. The services are available across 18 cities in India. You can also view their transparent pricing details. The cost of your service will be fixed beforehand, so there will be no hidden charges or unpleasant surprises afterward.

What are the salon services that you can’t wait to book on Urban Company? Let us know in the comments below.