How To Avoid The Fear Of Childbirth And Take Control?

How To Avoid The Fear Of Childbirth And Take Control

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Many expecting mothers feel this really strong sense of fear whenever they think of childbirth. And, it is totally understandable. Moreover, stories from fellow moms who have had a tough time during their labor don’t really help. But one important thing to remember is that it is not always as scary as the picture is painted to be. It is just that a simple and smooth delivery doesn’t make for a very fascinating story. It is not that the stories aren’t real and legitimate, but it is just a very small part of the larger picture, which also comprises many sweet, happy moments. So, here we are going to be talking about how you can focus on the brighter side instead and gain some control over this fear. Here, we bring you some ways to do just that:

1. Preparing Yourself Emotionally


Try to make it a point to not listen to any more “horror labor stories” as you approach the due date. It is important to prepare yourself to be mentally and emotionally strong. And, it is harder to do that if you are exposed to “not so happy” stories all the time. It is quite crucial to have your mind and heart in the right place. So, don’t focus on the labor pain, but on the fact that you are going to soon be able to hold your little one in your arms.

2. Stay At Home For As Much Time As You Can


We know that this suggestion is a strange one. But, it might really help. If you reach the hospital too early, they might ask you to go back. Or, even worse, they may ask to you wait until you get into the active labor. You may want to avoid that as time goes by very slowly in the waiting room. And, home is obviously the most comfortable place on the earth, isn’t it? So, time yourself in such a way that you reach just a little before the beginning of your active labor.

3. Listen To Music

Listen To Music

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As we all know, music can have a strong soothing impact on one and all. So, pick your favorite music and compile all these songs to create your own ‘childbirth’ playlist. You can also choose some empowering music – the songs that make you feel much more confident. The primary purpose of your playlist should be its ability to lift up your spirits in a matter of a few seconds. You can also take it along with you to the hospital.

4. Meditate


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Meditation is yet another thing that has a significant soothing impact on one’s mind. So, take deep breathes and just meditate. Go to your happy place in your head and just enjoy that. Let it bring your nerves down as you slowly imagine all things calm and happy!

5. Let Your Body Do The Talking

Let Your Body Do The Talking

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You must always believe in your body once you enter into your labor. Trust in the fact that your body would know what to do. Of course, your doctor and nurse will help you out but only you know what is going on inside your body. So, listen to it and trust your gut. You are more in sync with the body than you can imagine.

6. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Don't Be Hard On Yourself

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Try not to be hard on yourself. While you want to have control over everything that goes on in your life, it is not always possible. There will be times when you feel that things are not in your hand. After all, the most important thing is to ensure that your little one arrives into the world easily.

Don’t let this fear engulf you and hold you back. So, try to be as optimistic as possible. And, enjoy and cherish the time until you get to hold your precious, little angel in your arms. Good luck, ladies!

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