How To Choose An Appropriate "Last Name" Based On A First Name For Your Baby Boy?

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Have you ever considered giving a last name as a first name for your baby? Not yet? Then it is time to try this new naming trend that is fast becoming popular among parents. But, how to choose a last name? If you are clueless how to name your baby with the last name, here are some useful tips and interesting facts to get you started on how to choose a baby name with last name.

Hottest Trend:

As a famous saying goes” Normal Is Boring” is true to every word. Using last names as first names is the hottest trend these days. There are many parents who are looking for this unique option. By simply switching from first name to last name you are able to create uniqueness. Some believe this way of strange naming system would be absurd and your kids might be ridiculed in school and amongst peer, but believe it, that’s not the truth. In Fact there are many parents in the US who have already tried this and found their children are identified as unique. Naming last names as first names sounds totally fresh and unique.

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Last Name Significance:

A family name or often referred to as in Western contexts- last name is in general an integral part of an individual’s personal name, is passed on to children from one or both of their parents. Last names are commonly used in most cultures around the globe. Each culture has its own rules regarding usage and passing on to later generations. However, this practice is not common, with some cultures not using it at all. Majority of Slavic countries and in Greece, there are dissimilar last name for male and female members of the family. There was a time when usage of the last name was considered must as it gave more information about an individual’s identity. But, with changing times and disparity regarding its usage many parents opt to remove it forever.

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Last Names That Makes ‘New’ Names:

So, what made usage of last names for boys so popular in the US? Well, nobody seems to be certain, but some blame it on Tom Hank’s 1984 revolutionary film as the beginning. Take a glance at these trendy family names and you’ll find several unusual naming popping out.

Mason, Jackson, Cooper, Carson, Hunter, Carter, Landon, Brayden and Cameron are some popular examples of last names being used as first names for baby boys. These examples will help you know how to choose a new last name for your baby.

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