400+ Best Compliments For A Guy To Bring Smile On His Face

Not every girl knows how to compliment a guy using the right words of expression. Being admired or complimented can positively affect anyone, be it a woman or a man. While complimenting women has been a part of common courtesy in societies, men often get sidelined. As a result, they rarely receive compliments for their good deeds or achievements. So, if you’ve been thinking about showering your partner, friends, or any other acquaintance with some pleasant words of encouragement, reading our post can help you. We bring you some tips and ways to compliment a guy and bring a smile to his face.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Giving Compliments

Follow these useful tips while complimenting a man to make him feel good.

  1. Be genuine and sincere: Make sure you are honest with your compliments because a fake compliment can be a complete turn-off. Recognize the strengths of the man.
  1. Mention something specific: Though there are various generic compliments to give a guy, try to be more specific.
  1. Appreciate his skills:  If there is something particular that he puts his efforts into, focus on it and compliment him.
  1. Highlight the effect he has on you: If you compliment your husband or boyfriend, express how he makes you feel. It will bring a smile to his face.
  1. Notice what others missed: To make your compliment extra special, make sure that you highlight something no one has ever considered.
  1. Compliment in person: It is always better to compliment someone face to face as you can see the reaction. While praise over text messages might be effective, doing so in person can be a good surprise.

Heather Grey, a mindset and performance coach, attended a mixed martial arts class under a trainer she opined was a ‘tough guy.’ She wanted to compliment him for enabling her to see herself in a new light and recognize her capabilities. She says, “Four weeks after first realizing that I owed this man my gratitude, I finally said- ‘I just wanted to say thank you. Because of your class, I see myself differently. It’s changed how I see myself and what I am capable of.’ He held his hand to his heart, humbled, grateful, and dare I say it-shy. He offered his sincere gratitude, and in one moment, I knew. I had made his day, maybe even his week (i).”

  1. Be spontaneous: Surprise him with your compliments when he expects them the least but make sure that you are truthful.
  1. Strike a balance:It is essential to control the number of compliments you give. Too many compliments can seem disingenuous, and too little can make him feel you don’t care.

400+ Compliments For Guys

With this extensive collection of compliments for men, tell him how much you appreciate and admire him with the words that will take his heart away.

Compliment a guy on his personality

Here are some of the unique compliments for a man to appreciate his personality.

  1. Here are some of the unique compliments for a man to appreciate his personality.
  2. Your scent always attracts me towards you.
  3. You have impeccable communication skills.
  4. I like your hair. They are as well-behaved as you are.
  5. Your perseverance is a virtue and I appreciate it a lot.
  6. You are the best team player I have ever come across.
  7. I like how you put forward your fact-based opinions.
  8. Your positivity always makes me smile.
  9. You have an undisputed style that never fails to impress.
  10. Your eyes are so expressive. They keep telling me how much you love me.
  11. I’d be the happiest if you never left my side.
  12. You work hard and it inspires me.
  13. I cannot remember even a single day when you were not dressed right.
  14. You are a hardworking and honorable guy, and I appreciate it.
  15. I cannot control myself from noticing how good you look.
  16. I like how you can handle potentially turbulent situations.
  17. Your way of communicating with others is so effortless and effective.
  18. I like how you show curiosity about so many things around you.
  19. You are a wonderful listener.
  20. Whenever I see you, I realize I have fallen for the most handsome man.
I have fallen for the most handsome man

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  1. You truly inspire me to be fit and fabulous.
  2. You have an irresistible smile, and I cannot keep calm.
  3. Your sense of humor is great.
  4. You are like the cool breeze on a hot summer day.
  5. Nobody can “not” like you once they meet you.
  6. I feel you look way more handsome than any actor.
  7. You have a unique style, and it is impressive.
  8. You are confident yet humble.
  9. I love how resilient you are.
  10. You can make friends so easily with your genuine and authentic self.
  11. You take good care of your body.
  12. Your good looks always steal my heart.
  13. I cannot resist myself when you are around because you are so handsome.
  14. I love your smile.
  15. I feel so positive and upbeat around you.
  16. You do everything with so much sincerity. I love it.
  17. You have a wonderful personality, and I can say so because you have affected me. I hold you in high esteem.
  18. You have a fantastic capability of making people feel comfortable.
  19. You have a silliness that brightens my hectic days.
  20. I find your persistence and never-give attitude awe-inspiring.
  21. You never run out of ideas to impress me.
  22. You have the power to make me lose my words.
  23. I wish I had your ability to motivate people so easily.
  24. Your dedication to growing yourself professionally is admirable.
  25. I like how you are always open to learning new things.
  26. I don’t notice anyone when you are around because I am busy admiring you.
  27. You are one charming personality I know.
  28. Your sense of optimism keeps blooming like the sweetest flower.
  29. The humility you have is a refreshing quality.
  30. You are seriously a treat to my eyes.
  31. I cannot put into words the effect you have on me. I keep staring at you when you speak. It feels so perfect.
  32. I feel great every time you are with me.
  33. I feel honored when you share your feelings with me.
  34. I bet you are a great role model for many.
  35. You are the perfect example of tall, dark, and handsome.
  36. Sometimes, I wonder why I took so long to fall for you. I’m glad to meet a kind-hearted person.
  37. I like the way you laugh.
  38. You are adventurous and I like it.
  39. I like that you have a creative mind.
  40. You are one of my most impeccable friends.
  41. When you hold my hand, I feel like a queen.
  42. Your personality can make anyone nervous.
  43. I have a good laugh whenever I am with you.
  44. You are so considerate of the needs of others around you.
  45. You are elegant in a way that I cannot put into words.
  46. Your style and approach are truly unmatched.
  47. You are so encouraging and inspiring.
  48. It seems like you have an innate knowledge of making people near you feel safe.
  49. You have a heart of gold and a body of steel.
  50. It is so easy for you to win against anyone because you have a magical effect on the people around you.
  51. You give so much attention to details it’s amazing.
  52. With just one smile of yours, you can make me lose my focus.
  53. I haven’t met someone as incredibly kind as you.
  54. You are the most secure man I’ve ever come across; one who isn’t afraid to show his emotions.
  55. I accomplished nothing big today. But when I thought of you, it felt good.

Compliment a guy on his looks over text

Complimenting a man over a text can be a little challenging as you cannot make eye contact with him and see his expressions. Here are some heartfelt compliments for a guy to appreciate his looks.

  1. Your broad shoulders make me feel so safe.
  2. You have such positive body language that no one can resist your charm.
  3. You are a donut in a world full of bagels.
  4. You have the power to make even the best of the models go jealous.
  5. Your smile is my favorite curve on your body.
  6. How can you always look so handsome every day?
  7. I find it difficult to resist your fit body and clean face cut.
  8. Damn! You’ve been working out, and it really shows.
  9. I would love to stay in your strong, comforting arms all day.
  10. You have flawless skin.
  11. Your height perfectly complements me because I can hear your heartbeat when we hug.
  12. Your sense of style is simply amazing.
  13. You have a cheerful personality that feels like a blessing to me.
  14. I love your firm and well-toned arms
  15. Black is the color that makes you look hotter.
  16. You have the body of an athlete.
  17. You make me inch closer toward you without a word.
  18. I like the way you smile and blink when we meet.
  19. You look no less than a model.
  20. I love your eyes and the way they look at me.
  21. Morning handsome! You will have an amazing day today.
  22. The brightest colors remind me of your cheeks when you blush.
  23. You are charmingly handsome.
  24. You have a fantastic sense of style.
  25. You look incredibly dapper.
  26. I can’t help but stare at your lips when you talk to me.
  27. I love the way you scrunch your nose when you pinch my cheeks.
  28. Formal shirts look amazing on you.
  29. Your beard suits adds to your rugged handsomeness.
  30. Your sharp and attractive jawline can pierce my heart.
  31. I love running my fingers through your messy hair.
  32. You looked in great shape last night.
  33. You looked like a treat yesterday.
  34. You look irresistibly hot today.
  35. I am missing your handsome face.
  36. This clean-shaven look perfectly shows off your chiseled face.
  37. Your eyes are so beautiful that I don’t want to look anywhere else.
  38. You have a sweet smile.
  39. It’s amazing how photogenic you are!
  40. I just want you to keep hugging me with that strong embrace.
  41. I don’t think you’ve ever had a bad hair day.
protip_icon Quick tip
You look hotter than Tom Cruise. Are you related to Zac Efron? Does Brad Pitt ask you for gym advice? Try these compliments to floor him or bring a smile to his face.
  1. You are not only good-looking but also have a heart of gold. I think that is commendable.
  2. It’s been a month since I’ve seen my handsome man.
  3. I am too shy to say…you look so handsome every day.
  4. The plaid shirt you wore today suited you.
  5. You look double handsome when you dress in formals.
  6. I admire your taste in clothes.
  7. You know how to carry yourself, no matter how you are dressed.
  8. You look like an actor in this haircut..
  9. You have got a charming smile with dimples.
  10. I love the way you carry yourself with sophistication.
  11. I think your stubble looks so good.
  12. You look so good…each day, every day.
  13. I love your style, but I don’t like other women staring at you.
  14. You are the strongest and toughest man I have ever known.
  15. You have the most impressive posture.
  16. It should be illegal for someone to be so good-looking!
  17. You don’t dress fancy, still you make me fall for you.
  18. I adore those dimples on you when you smile.
  19. You look like a male Vogue model.
"I admire your taste in clothes, compliment for a guy "

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Short and sweet compliments for guys

Keep it short with perfect simple compliments that bring joy. Below are some compliments for boys and men you can use any day

  1. Don’t change.
  2. That’s an intoxicating smile.
  3. I admire that you give people a second chance.
  4. Your captivating presence lights up the entire room.
  5. Loving you is so easy.
  6. Your laughter makes me feel alive.
  7. You are handsome beyond words.
  8. You’re the most understanding person.
  9. I admire your intelligence.
  10. You are a charismatic man.
  11. I love how I can cry and laugh in your arms.
  12. You are so huggable.
  13. I feel so safe with you.
  14. You make me feel overjoyed.
  15. You have an incredible physique.
  16. You are rugged and handsome.
  17. You are a hunk.
  18. I can’t pretty much figure anything out. The only exception is you.
  19. Your looks are intoxicating.
  20. You are so desirable.
  21. I love the effort you put into our relationship.
  22. You have the lead role in all of my dreams.

Sweet compliments for guys

Complimenting a guy with these beautiful compliments will make him feel special and loved.

  1. Spending time with you makes any day a special one for me.
  2. I love the surprise kisses you plant on my cheeks.
  3. You are a lovely gift to everyone around.
  4. You deserve a hug from me right now.
  5. There is something about you that makes me fall in love with you repeatedly.
  6. When you hold my hand in front of your friends, I love it.
  7. You have casted some magic spell on me as I am always happy when I am with you.
  8. I love it when I realize that you’re all that I need.
  9. I feel so grateful to have known you.
  10. You sometimes hypnotize me!
  11. I rejoice every second that I spend with you.
  12. When you are around, I cannot stop blushing.
  13. You are my prince charming and my partner in crime.
  14. You know you should be proud of yourself.
  15. I just keep thinking about you when I am away from you.
  16. You know how to put a smile on my face.
  17. You are so attractive that I just can’t stay away from you.
  18. Your compassion is like a balm to all those who witness it.
  19. You’re beautiful inside out.
  20. You are not just my biggest strength but also my weakness.
  21. You are unbelievably adorable.
  22. You are courageous like a lion.
  23. You are so helpful and kind, I wish you would realize that too.
  24. I always get butterflies when you are around.
  25. When you give me attention, I feel I am the most special person on this planet. Kudos to you for being so understanding.
  26. You take the best care of not only yourself but also of me.
  27. I love how you take out time to talk to me even when you are extremely busy.
  28. You make me go weak in the knees.
  29. You are the one responsible for making me go crazy.
  30. Your smile always captures my attention.
  31. You maintain a work-life balance with an unmatched ease.
  32. You are a living proof of chivalry not being dead.
  33. I can stay in your arms forever and ever. It makes me feel warm.
  34. When you have your arms around me, I feel secure.
  35. I feel so fortunate to have you in my life.
I feel so fortunate to have you in my life.

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  1. You can win any conversation with me if you smile.
  2. It is so easy to get lost in your blue eyes.
  3. You have been the best blessing from God.
  4. You are so knowledgeable about so many things.
  5. The way you make everyone feel included is amazing.
  6. You are the kind of gentleman I always dreamt of having as my man.
  7. You know how to impress me every time. You are a champ!
  8. You are handsome and intelligent. The best combination I have!
  9. I am impressed by the way you move on the dance floor.
  10. My favorite thing…YOU!
  11. You have no idea what effect you have on me.
  12. Your love has made me a strong and confident person.
  13. Being with you always makes my day special.
  14. Your walk is a sight to behold!
  15. I always feel super relaxed and on top of the world after talking to you.
  16. When you are around, it feels like I am living in my dream world as everything is so perfect.
  17. What makes you perfect is the fact you are completely imperfect.
  18. I like how you are so expert at solving problems quickly.
  19. You are a wonderful and emotionally strong person.
  20. Your beautiful smile makes me feel that the best things in the world are free.
  21. Though I cannot remember my dreams, I know you are always a part of them.
  22. For me, you are the corner piece of the jigsaw puzzle as I am lost without you.

Funny compliments for guys

Make your man laugh with hilarious compliments. We bring you some funny compliments for guys that promise a good laugh.

  1. It is not easy to be the real me, and that’s why I need you.
  2. I would hang out with you even if you don’t shower for days.
  3. You are as sweet and wonderful as a cake.
  4. You are the one only who matches my craziness levels.
  5. You’re so hilarious, you can make the grumpiest cat smile.
  6. You have the best comedic timing.
  7. I think you are the one responsible for all the global warming.
  8. After food, you are my most favorite.
  9. It might feel corny, but you are simply a-maize-ing!
  10. Thanks for accepting the weird me in your life. Now let’s celebrate.
  11. I find your jokes the smartest of all.
  12. I think you hold a Ph.D. in sarcasm and wit.
  13. You are almost as delicious as a cake.
  14. You have no idea how lucky you are to have me in your life.
  15. You are the only person with whom I can have a conversation about the most stupid thing in this world.
  16. Looking like an idiot with you is so funny.
  17. You give terrible advice. Despite that, I love you the most.
  18. You are like a fine wine that gets better and better with time.
  19. You are so adorable that you can easily get away with a murder.
  20. You are irritable and also likable at the same time.
  21. I am not very easy to be with. That’s exactly why I need you.
  22. I need you because I’m not the crazy one when I’m with you.
  23. When I am with you, I look less weird.
  24. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will always rate you 11.
  25. Your jokes are so cheesy. They are like dairy products.
  26. Your humor is all I need to make my day feel extraordinary.
  27. You are the human form of sweatpants for me because you make me feel so comfortable.
  28. You are even more fun than a pool filled with the most colorful balls.
  29. Sometimes, I wonder if sarcasm is your innate quality or you have mastered it with time.
  30. Besides pizza, you are my favorite.
  31. You are more fun and entertaining than bubble wrap.
  32. You are so fit because you keep running inside my head.
  33. Humor isn’t a currency. If it were, you would have been a billionaire.
  34. I am as addicted to you as people are addicted to their phones.
  35. Even if you are cloned, you’d still be one of a kind!
  36. I just wonder if I am extra active or you are extra lazy.
  37. Sometimes, I feel that you got plastic surgery done to look that handsome.
  38. There’s ordinary, and then there’s someone like you.

Flirty compliments for guys

Flirting with a man you love is another way of expressing your love to him. Shared below are some amazing flirty compliments for guys.

  1. This year onwards, you will be an important part of all my prayers and wishes.
  2. Who cuts your hair? I really love it.
  3. You look irresistible in those shades.
  4. At night when I lay down, all I think of is your eyes.
  5. Just smile once and you can make any regular day a special one for me.
  6. Your positivity always makes me do good things. For instance, you made me fall in love with you!
  7. I admit I will never be able to resist your charms.
  8. I cannot stop smiling when you are around because you make me happy inside out.
  9. I can’t believe I’m actually dating you.
  10. Forget butterflies. I feel the entire zoo when you look at me.
  11. I blush when you look at me because you make me nervous and lost.
  12. You know how to make life fun, and that is the most irresistible trait I’ve witnessed.
  13. I find your passion for life and your strong principles really attractive.
  14. You always tell me I am lost. It is your effect on me.
  15. Your voice makes me a little wobbly.
  16. Have you noticed people checking you out today?
  17. It is so difficult to take my eyes off you because you are irresistibly handsome.
  18. I sometimes wonder how lucky I am that you have fallen for me.
  19. You make me skip a heartbeat every time you smile at me.
  20. I may roll my eyes sometimes but secretly I admire even the corniest jokes from your mouth.
  21. No one makes me feel as beautiful as you do.
  22. I am always confused because I don’t know whether I should keep admiring your beauty or shower you with kisses.
  23. Your voice is incredibly soothing to all my senses.
  24. You have been running in my head all day.
  25. I have just realized that flirting with you makes my days awesome.
  26. I love chocolate cake but I love it more when it is on your face.
  27. You are someone who has casted a magic spell on me because I cannot even think right when you are around.
  28. I will keep you forever embedded in my soul.
  29. Please don’t doubt how amazing you are.
  30. My life has become more exciting with you in it.
  31. Falling in love with you was a coincidence but you making me nervous in love is certainly intentional.
  32. You smell really good. Would you sit beside me?
  33. Can I hold your hand and get lost in your eyes?
  34. You are my prince charming and I am loving this fairy tale.
  35. I would travel any distance to end my day in your arms.
  36. I think I am intoxicated by your love and I am loving it.
I am intoxicated by your love

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  1. I don’t like it when you go away because I don’t like the distance between us.
  2. Your eyes always lock mine.
  3. You are my special man. I will always believe in you.
  4. One look from you makes my day so good.
  5. The way you look at me makes me conscious.
  6. You look so ideal right now. I want to remember it forever.
  7. You are in excellent shape right now.
  8. Your charm is so exquisite that I keep falling in love with you.
  9. You know how to make a woman feel loved.
  10. If you like my name, you should hear my number.
  11. I don’t feel anything less than a queen when I am with you.
  12. You look extra fine and extra handsome today.
  13. I can tell you’ve been working out pretty religiously.
  14. You are the one who rules my heart.
  15. I wish you could stay in my heart and never leave.
  16. I can’t figure out why you’re so attractive.
  17. I keep thinking about the next time I’ll be with you.
  18. Your intelligence mesmerizes me and makes me nervous.
  19. You are so adorable that I cannot stop loving you even when I am mad at you.
  20. Sometimes all I can do is stare at you.
  21. I want to spend time with you with nobody in sight.
  22. I hate math because I don’t like working with numbers, but I’m very interested in yours.
  23. It is difficult to figure out why to fall in love with you because there is no reason not to fall for you.
  24. Someone like you cannot be single for long.
  25. My eyes shine from your sweetness.
  26. Whenever I meet you, I think you look better than before.
  27. The best thing about being your girlfriend is that I can flirt with you for no reason.
  28. Your presence has changed my life’s trajectory for the better.
  29. You are a marvelous gift to me.
  30. You came and conquered my heart, and I did not even realize I was lost in your charm.
  31. The kind of effect you have on me is something that I cannot express in words.
  32. I find you unbelievably sensual.
  33. I love that you are a part of my life story.
  34. You may not be perfect, but you are perfect for me.
  35. It is the power of your love that makes me so weak.
  36. Finding true love is not easy, and that’s why it took me so long to find you.
  37. Every word that you say sounds like music to me.
  38. You aren’t only handsome. You’re incredibly and irresistibly handsome.
  39. The more I talk to you, the more amazing I feel.
  40. You are the reason for the glow on my face.

Good compliments for guys

True and heartfelt compliments are always appreciated. Flatter your man and make him feel loved with good compliments for guys that make a worthy share.

  1. I revere you with all my heart.
  2. You are one of the most brilliant persons I have ever come across.
  3. Your smile holds me captive.
  4. You take care of me in the most considerate way.
  5. It is so easy to like you as you are my man with few needs.
  6. Your simplicity is your biggest strength.
  7. You are my go-to person for advice.
  8. There is never a dull moment with you.
  9. There is something attractive about your personality.
  10. Your empathy is one of your most attractive qualities.
  11. Your words always make my heart happy.
  12. I am in love with your integrity and honesty.
  13. It is interesting to know someone whose priorities are so clear.
  14. Spending time with you always makes me happy.
  15. When you are talking, I just want to listen to you.
  16. I like how contemplative and thoughtful you are.
  17. Your ideas always make my life better.
  18. It is difficult not to get affected when you are around.
  19. I’ll feel happy to simply sit and listen to you.
  20. You made me rediscover myself.
  21. Your presence always brings happiness.
  22. You are always humble and grounded, and that makes you so special.
  23. Though you have achieved great success, you are a simple soul.
  24. I like how you never force your opinions on anyone.
  25. Your enthusiasm is infectious.
  26. You have the potential to achieve anything in life.
  27. You have always faced challenges with utmost strength.
  28. I find your passion for life contagious.
  29. I feel like you are a great leader who is empathetic and generous.
  30. You are a strong and hard-working soul.
  31. You are not just good-looking but also a good man inside out.
  32. Is it odd that your way of thinking turns me on?
  33. You are adept at making me see the glass half full.
  34. Everyone enjoys your company because you mingle with everyone.
  35. You’re like my pocketful of daydreams.
  36. You are full of enthusiasm and energy. I salute your verve.
  37. You are not only intelligent but also smart.
  38. I find you genuinely caring and adorable.
  39. I keep thinking about how great you looked last night.
  40. Your taste in music is exceptional.
  41. A small chat with you elevates my mood.
  42. You are a fantastic friend and partner.
  43. You take the lead on things effortlessly.
  44. You are always full of interesting ideas.
  45. I learned ‘not to give up’ from you.
  46. If there is one word that defines you right, it is “exceptional.”
  47. It feels like we speak the same language of emotions.
  48. You are the most perfect gentleman.
  49. You are so affectionate and thoughtful.
  50. You know how to rock the dance floor.
  51. I know that with you, I can manage every difficult day without losing my cool.
  52. I wish I could be as self-motivated and awesome as you are.
  53. One can never get bored when you are around.
  54. Your patience and flexibility make me feel at ease.
  55. People gravitate toward you because you give off cool vibes.
  56. You add spark to my life.
  57. You have no idea, but you inspire me in so many ways.
  58. You are funny, confident, and smart.
  59. You have an interesting perspective on diverse things.
  60. I always feel so comfortable in your company.
  61. You have a unique sense of humor.
You have a unique sense of humor

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  1. I am fortunate that you chose me.
  2. I wish God would choose you as my man in every birth.
  3. I feel excited at the thought of meeting you again.
  4. You understand me so easily.
  5. Your intelligence has always impressed me.
  6. Having an optimistic approach in life is the best quality you have.
  7. You are not just a dreamer but also an achiever.
  8. There is so much to learn from you.
  9. You are so authentic and approachable.
  10. You are warm-hearted and hospitable.
  11. You are always an easy person to be with.
  12. You always know how to dress up well for different occasions.
  13. I am constantly impressed by your varying capabilities.
  14. You know how to make people feel special.
  15. There is so much positivity that you have brought into my life.
  16. The number of talents you have simply amazes me!
  17. Your great taste in art always fascinates me.
  18. I know I can count on you because you are one of the most dependable and reliable people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do guys like being complimented?

Yes, men value compliments. They also need to be recognized and appreciated. Compliments have a big impact on them. You can acknowledge a guy’s presence and everything admirable about him by complimenting him.

2. Why should I compliment my man?

Complimenting your guy will result in a stronger emotional connection and greater understanding. He will feel loved and valued.

3. What compliment do guys like the most?

The compliments on their abilities, intelligence, skill, voice, passion, sense of style, or anything else will gratify them, and they will appreciate your admiration.

How to compliment a guy is a common confusion among most of the girls but being truthful and not going overboard are important. Make sure your emotions and words are in check while trying to impress your man over text or face-to-face. Highlight the standout features in his personality, behavior, or nature and ensure your compliment sounds organic and heartfelt rather than generic. So, go ahead and choose the best compliment from our compilation and bring a big bright smile to your guy’s face.

Infographic: Advantages Of Giving Compliments For You

While giving compliments can make the other person feel loved and valued, it also holds certain benefits for you. Check out the infographic and learn why you should often shower him with genuine praises to improve your well-being and the relationship.

advantages of giving compliments for you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • While complimenting a guy, be genuine and appreciable.
  • Pick some of his most-loved personality traits and tell them how they impress you.
  • A funny, lovable compliment or even one appealing word over a text is enough to make him smile instantly.

Can you capture someone’s heart with just a few well-chosen compliments? Explore the incredible influence of words and master the art of leveraging them to your advantage to create a genuine connection with any guy.

Personal Experience: Source

i. Why was complimenting a ‘tough guy’ so tough?.

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