'How To Dad' YouTube Channel Demonstrates How To Hold A Baby

How To Dad

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Has it ever happened to you that a friend asked you to hold their baby but you found yourself totally clueless? If you’ve never had any experience with tiny tots, it can be really terrifying to even think of holding a newborn. There is a classic ‘keeping the baby as far away from you as you can’ pose, which acts as a clear indicator to identify those who have never had any experience holding a baby.

If you are not a parent yourself or have not had enough opportunities to be around babies, holding a one in a proper fashion can seem like rocket science. ‘How to’ or ‘how not to’ hold an infant can be a question of utmost importance once you have experienced a two-month-old squirming and sobbing in your arms. Trust us when we say that things can get pretty serious pretty fast!

Therefore, a popular YouTube channel, ‘How To Dad’, showcases hilarious videos meant to train such dads out there. From having a video on ‘How to teach a baby to roll on the floor’ to ‘How to know when to put a baby to bed’, this channel talks about all those day-to-day mundane things (at times, important; at other, not so much!).

Recently, they published a video that walked the viewers through different methods of holding a baby. The video has gone viral on the internet and has been shared numerous times, with a total viewership of approximately 2.7 million.

holding a baby

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The ‘instructional’ video starts with pointing out that there are various ways and methods to hold a baby. Then, the video breaks down each of these so-called different poses for its audience. One is the ‘Standard Shoulder Hold’, which is how most people hold their baby; this pose is pretty standard for all parents. Then, there is a ‘Reverse Standard Shoulder Hold’. In this, the father holds the baby in the same Standard Shoulder Pose but just rests the baby on the other arm.

Once these two poses have been explained, things become more and more complicated henceforth. The video then goes on to explain a position meant for those who need to pick something up while holding their baby. You’ve dropped your remote, no worries; keep this pose in mind.

Then, there is a ‘Baby Jesus’ position. And, also a ‘Double Baby Jesus’, which is essentially the same thing but with both arms. What you see in the picture below is the ‘Double Baby Jesus’. Now, we are sure you can easily imagine the former.

Baby Jesus

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Oh, then there is also a ‘Stinky Nappy Hold’! This is when your tiny tot has soiled himself/herself. You can picture this one; just imagine holding the baby while keeping him/her at a safe distance. The ridiculously hilarious list goes on and on, with methods such as Hiding Your Beer Belly, the Showing Off To The Other Daddies Superman, the Dance Partner, or even the one like Holding A Box Of Beers.

The video does try to make the situation light and fun. But, the heart of the matter is that handling a delicate being in one’s life can be petrifying for one and all. With most new parents having little to no prior experiences with infants, everyone struggles with parenting. And, every parent learns with time (and also with a few mistakes here and there!).

Whether it is learning how to change the nappies or how to hold a baby, everyone is as clueless as one can be. So, what is important is to take off the fear of dropping your baby from your mind. Stay as relaxed as possible when handling them. Try to make the best of every situation, take a deep breath, and have fun with your baby!

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