12 Incredibly Romantic Ways To Date Your Spouse

Married couples tend to fall into a mundane routine. But regular dating can help you avoid it. But why and how to date your spouse if you get busy with your career and other responsibilities? Dating is one of the best ways to keep the romance alive and express your love for your partner. It can also help you spend time with them while making beautiful memories.

Here, we bring you some best ways to date your spouse and keep the romantic flame in your life burning. so, take time out for your partner, no matter how busy you are, to make your relationships last longer.

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How To Date Your Spouse: 12 Romantic Ways

1. Go on a staycation

You can take your spouse on a staycation where you both will get a chance to unwind and relax. A weekend getaway will give you ample time for some quality communication. This could be a fun date idea, especially if you have tight schedules and face a scarcity of time. Also, a staycation will allow you to have alone time with your spouse, even if it’s just for a day. When science teacher and blogger mom Alilie “Lilly” wanted to surprise her husband on his birthday, she planned a staycation for her family. She says, “Months before his birthday, I sneakily tossed him the idea of staycation at a nice hotel. And each time I brought out the idea, I always got a “NO”. In spite of his dislike of the idea, I still opted for booking an en-suite room at Baitong Hotel and Resort for his birthday staycation. Overall, we enjoyed our little staycation – it was absolutely fantastic, relaxing and refreshing – and most of all, my husband was over the moon by the surprise. We will definitely go back there again to enjoy the place (i).”

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You may consider a hotel close to where you first met or a room overseeing the spot to up the romance quotient.

2. Turn errands into dates

Run errands together, How to date your spouse

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This could be fun if you’re pressed for time and have a lot of errands to run. While running errands itself is a beautiful way to spend time together, you can also stop for lunch at a nearby restaurant to spend some quality time together. This will help you relax with your partner and talk about life, your relationship, or plan for your future. It is also a way to support your partner to complete daily chores.

3. Take to stargazing

Night gazing is another interesting date idea. You can camp out in your backyard or terrace, lie down in the open and gaze at the stars, and recollect all the beautiful memories spent together.

4. Plan a romantic dinner

Plan a romantic candlelight dinner

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A romantic candlelight dinner is not only to celebrate a special day but is also a great way to spend quality time with your partner. You get to taste delicious food in the company of the most special person in your life and listen to some soulful music.

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Choose a table in a cozy corner, away from the crowd and artificial lights, for maximum effect of the candle’s light and background music.

5. Pamper them at a spa

Gift your spouse an exotic spa treatment. Going for a relaxing massage with the love of your life can be exciting, as it relaxes your mind and body. The lit candles and spa music will help you calm down and relieve both from the stress of daily routine and round-the-clock schedules.

6. Play couple games

Play couple games, How to date your spouse

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One of the most interesting and engaging ways to date your spouse is by playing offline and online couple games. You may also try offline games for couples such as Romantic Scrabble, Never Have I Ever, and Picture Game to improve your bond. As punishment for the loser of the game, you can ask for a hug or kiss.

7. Cook for them

The adage ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ is equally applicable for the wife. So, cook your spouse’s favorite dish and feed them, and you can also have some wine together to spice up the romantic quotient. Even if the dish does not turn out as expected, you can still have a good laugh together. This gesture will make their day and will be a testament to your love, care, and affection. Post dinner you can even go for a walk together.

8. Take dancing lessons

Take ballroom dance classes

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This is one of the most fun date ideas that may instantly get you into a romantic mood. Hit the floor with your love, take ballroom dance classes or try any other style. Dancing together is a beautiful way to have fun and stay fit.

9. Hit the road

Just grab your keys and go on a long drive with your spouse. It’s a thrilling adventure to head to an unknown place. It is one of the best ways to snap out of the humdrum of your routine. Don’t forget to grab some snacks to binge on while spending quality time together.

protip_icon Do remember
Prepare to experience some difficult moments together. Anyone can become irritated while traveling because of a delayed flight or last-minute hotel cancellations.

10. Watch a web series/movie

Watch a complete web series

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Surprise your partner by planning a movie night where you can watch a complete web series on one of the OTT platforms or have a movie marathon. Compromise on the choice of movie to make your partner happy. Grab a bowl of popcorn and other snacks, and get cozy with your partner as you revel in watching these movies.

11. Karaoke night

Sing your hearts out at a karaoke bar with your partner. Whether you choose solos or duets, it’s a fun and lively way to enjoy each other’s company. Consider turning it into a double date for an even more entertaining experience.

12. Go camping

You may plan a weekend camping trip with your beloved and unwind in the lap of nature by watching the sunrise or sunset. Choose a picturesque location, such as a hill area or your favorite beach. This activity is perfect for couples who love adventurers and outdoor activities. A change from routine will deepen your connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 222 rule dating?

The 222 or 2/2/2 rule of dating refers to going on a date every two weeks, spending a weekend away once in two months, and having a holiday for one week every two years. This rule can help you keep the spark in the relationship alive.

2. Why should you never stop dating your partner?

Marriage is a journey, not a destination; it takes lifelong efforts from both partners to maintain the “happily ever after.” Dating your spouse reminds you why it all started in the first place. It will prevent you from falling into the trap of taking each other for granted. Finding time for each other will make you feel valued, loved, and appreciated.

3. How often should I go on a date with my spouse?

The frequency of dates with your spouse can vary depending on personal preferences and circumstances. Nonetheless, aiming for a date at least once a month or establishing a rhythm that suits both partners can assist in prioritizing quality time and strengthening the bond between the couple.

4. How can I create a romantic atmosphere for my date at home?

To create a romantic atmosphere for a date at home, emphasize three key elements: soft lighting, romantic music, and a special meal. Use candles or dimmed lights to set a cozy ambiance, add a pleasant fragrance, play romantic melodies in the background, prepare a delicious meal, and serve it on a beautifully decorated table.

5. What are some common mistakes couples make on date night, and how can they avoid them?

Common date night mistakes include excessive phone use, discussing stressful topics, lack of active listening, and not being mentally present. Couples can avoid these by setting phone-free zones, choosing positive conversation topics, actively listening without interruptions, and minimizing distractions.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, so why not make every moment of it interesting. Planning time out or vacation together shows your caring side. Plan your next date now if you enjoyed reading these fun date ideas. Regular dating with your spouse can promote intimacy, keep the relationship young and romantic. So, make sure you go on dates often and express your love toward them, as honesty, trust, and transparency are keys to a successful relationship.

Infographic: Romantic Ideas For A Date With Your Spouse

While loyalty, trust, bonding, understanding, and companionship are essential in a marriage, keeping the romance alive is equally vital. The infographic below presents interesting ideas for planning a romantic date with your partner. Share these ideas with your spouse and choose the one you two love the most.

romantic date ideas to keep the spark alive in your marriage (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Takeaways

  • Going on dates can help keep the spark alive in a relationship.
  • Plan some dates together, and keep some as a surprise for your partner.
  • Staycations, candlelit dinners, road trips, and romantic movie nights are some classic date ideas.
  • Mix and match different ideas to create your ideal date that suits your preferences.

Here are the secrets to sustain the spark and keep your romance alive! Explore these exciting tips on how to date your spouse, allowing your relationship to flourish with creativity and fun!

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