How To Deal With A Heightened Sense Of Smell During Pregnancy?

Heightened Sense Of Smell During Pregnancy

Nothing’s the same when you are pregnant. Everything changes – the way you look, the way you think, the way you eat, and the way you smell things!

You can suddenly smell things that remain elusive to others! Don’t worry, you haven’t suddenly developed a ‘smelling’ superpower!

A heightened sense of smell is one of the weirdest and the most common early pregnancy symptoms. If this newfound sense of smell is bothering you and you want to decode how this thing works, this article is what you need!

What Heightens The Sense Of Smell During Pregnancy?

Hormones! Yes, those nasty pregnancy hormones are the cause of your heightened sense of smell .The amped up estrogen and hCG levels in the body change the way your body perceives an odor.

Morning sickness, another common pregnancy symptom, is closely related to your heightened sense of smell. According to research, morning sickness is nature’s way of keeping you and your unborn baby safe from harmful pathogens .So, it can be said that your nose is working overtime to keep your pregnancy safe!

How To Deal With A Heightened Sense Of Smell During Pregnancy?

There’s not much you can do to prevent your nose from sniffing out all the unwanted smells. But that does not mean you have to spend each moment of your early pregnancy gagging!
Here are a few useful tips to help you deal with your super sense of smell:

1. Eat What Smells Good:

This good sense of smell during pregnancy will be a blessing in disguise for you.Now will be a great time to cook and eat foods that smell good. It will be a trial and error method, but you’ll get it sooner than later!

2. Let Fresh Air In:

If there is a particular food smell, which makes you throw up and you just cannot avoid cooking it, make sure you open the windows and let some fresh air come into your home. It will help get rid of musty odors too.

3. Make Cleanliness A Habit:

Wash your clothes often and keep your house clean to avoid dealing with any stinking objects.

4. Seek Out Good Smells:

All’s not bad with an amplified sense of smell! When the bad can smell worse, the good can smell amazing! So find out smells that make you feel better. Mint, lemon, ginger, and several other herbs can help you deal with nausea and make you feel better.

5. Wait It Out:

Finally, the best you can do is to wait until your pregnancy hormones settle down. Once your hormones find a rhythm, your sense of smell too will get back to normal.

Smells To Avoid During Pregnancy:

Since the sense of smell when pregnant is stronger you should avoid certain smells.If you want to prevent your magnified sense of smell from making you nauseous all the time, you need to avoid smells that don’t work for you. Obviously, it is not possible to simply ‘know’ the smell you’ll hate before you experience it. So, the next best thing is to avoid common smells that trigger nausea during pregnancy.

Here’s a list of smells you should avoid during pregnancy:

1. Cigarette Smoke:

Many pregnant women develop an aversion to cigarette smoke during pregnancy. If you have a smoker in the family, this will be a great opportunity to make him quit smoking!

2. Smelly Foods:

Avoid cooking smelly foods like fish, cheese, eggs, and beans. These are common culprits when it comes to triggering morning sickness.

3. Unhygienic And Stinking Places:

Some smells are simply unpleasant and can get you gagging, whether you are pregnant or not. So, avoid going near the garbage bins!

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4. Laundry Powder:

It is an unlikely culprit but can send you rushing to the bathroom! You obviously cannot forgo washing your clothes. But you can switch to odor free laundry powders!

Don’t worry! Your sense of smell will go back to normal sooner than you think. Until then, just rough it out and carry a scented handkerchief around with you!

So, what triggers your sense of smell this pregnancy? Do share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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