How To Draw A Crab: 10 Easy Steps To Follow

Did your child see a crab during your recent visit to the beach? Marine world is so beautiful that children just can’t resist getting drawn toward them. Drawing marine animals is one way of getting closer. Therefore, how to draw a crab should be your child’s next lesson in drawing.

Crabs are interesting marine animals and there are more than a thousand varieties in the world. Here is the MomJunction’s step-by-step guide to draw a simple crab.

You will need

  • A sketchbook, drawing paper or a chart paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener
  • Watercolors, nontoxic crayons or color pencils

How to draw a crab step by step?

Follow these simple steps to draw a crab:

Step 1: Draw an oval shape in the center of your drawing paper. It will be the body of the crab. Then sketch a zigzag pattern on the top of the oval, as shown in the illustration. This shows the specifics of the crab’s sharp body. Draw two small antennae and eyes at the top, on two sides of the crab’s body.

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Step 2: Draw the claws of the crab. To draw the beginning section of the claw, start by sketching two parallel lines starting from the left middle side of the body and giving it an upward angle, continue it to the top. Refer the illustration for the detailing and draw an open pincer at the top of the claw.

Step 3: Repeat step number 2 to draw the right claw of the crab.

Step 4: Draw the legs of your crab starting from the middle of the body. As shown in the picture, draw three horn-shaped structures. To make your crab more realistic, draw each leg in various imperfect shapes. Detail and angle them in different directions. Legs do not have pincers, hence follow the illustration carefully.

Step 5: Sketch the right legs of the crab, following step number 4 and detail them as specified in the image.

Step 6: Draw the bottom left leg starting from the bottom of the crab’s body. Make sure, the leg is angled inwards.

Step 7: As shown, draw the right bottom leg of your crab following the previous step.

Step 8: Refer to the illustration and sketch some lines and freckles on the body as shown. This brings a realistic look to the crab.

Step 9: Before you start coloring your crab, check the final figure and make changes if required.

Step 10: Color the crab in hues of orange and brown, and pincers in black.

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We hope your child enjoyed this crab drawing tutorial. The angles and hues might make the drawing look complicated but once the kid practices it, it is going to be easy for them.

What color did your child give to their crab? Let us know in the comments section below.

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